Voldemort vs Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a pretty good magician. He’s the boy who lived, yet came to die…..according to Voldemort anyway! Harry Potter has a lot of magical abilities and is a pretty good beam spammer, but Voldemort is the man who changed a pretty not threating name (Tom Riddle) into an epic name. (Voldemort!)

These two are definitely archenemies and we always knew that one would stand and one would fall. That’s just how it is with these 2. There can only be one winner after all! I’m going with Voldemort because of his superior battle experience and magic techniques. Voldemort wins.

16 thoughts on “Voldemort vs Harry Potter

  1. I definitely agree. With the increased experience, magical knowledge and sheer ruthlessness Voldemort would have a significant advantage in a duel. However, as the Olympics is showing even new comers to the field can win Gold if they can only hold their nerve, and if there is one thing Harry is good at it’s being able to hold his nerve while under pressure.

    • True, I doubt Harry would crack under pressure. After all he did pretty good during their final showdown! Harry’s definitely a powerful fighter, but Voldemort has too many edges. Of course if it gets a sequel series, Harry will most likely surpass Voldemort. After all these years of (hopefully) training he may be the strongest magician ever! (In Potterworld)

  2. Good point. The Elder Wand recognized Harry as its true master and that’s why it rebounded at Voldemort. It wasn’t Harry’s skill that won. Maybe Harry from the play Cursed Child could’ve won but I don’t count that play as canon.

    • By the time of the play I agree that Harry could end up being superior since he’s probably had more time to train and such, but it didn’t really give us much time to actually see that. I’d certainly love to see a sequel movie adapt that though and with an extra fight scene I could see Harry coming out on top

  3. Yeah, The only reason Harry beat Voldemort in the final book is because he destroyed all 7 horcruxes and voldemort was distracted knowing they were destroyed. If he wasn’t as distracted he could of won. Voldemort would take this round in tons of ways. Could you do Voldemort vs Darth Sidious next? They are both dark lords with tons of magical experience!

    • Definitely, Voldemort’s got stronger spells and more experience which really goes a long way here. I’ll definitely add the Voldemort vs Darth Sidious battle to the vault

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