Ichigo vs Grimmjow

Ichigo made it to 75-0 which is a very impressive feat, but now it’s time to face Grimmjow! Ichigo and Grimmjow fought 3 times back in the day. Each fight showed that both of these guys are at the top of their game and aren’t to be underestimated. Ichigo’s gotten much stronger since there last battle, but will it be enough?

I’m not so sure. Grimmjow’s speed is extremely impressive. Likewise with his defense and raw power. Stopping his Cero is tough and Ichigo won’t be able to speedblitz him like he does for other opponents. Of course Ichigo has his own special abilities.

His bankai and Getsuga Tenshou are extremely formidable and his speed is also legendary. This time it won’t be enough. Grimmjow takes Ichigo down in this round, but Ichigo’s not usually the type to stay down. He’ll be back..you can count on it! Grimmjow wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Ichigo has too many extra forms. He would crush Grimmjow in a rematch. Ichigo wins.

2 thoughts on “Ichigo vs Grimmjow

  1. No. Just no. You’ve seen later in the series, you know, after Ichigo has beaten both Grimmjow and people way stronger than him. This is the point where me and the high above rule have a major disagreement

    • Yeah, the high above rule can make things get dicey. Of course we don’t know the limits of Grimmjow’s powers after all this time. It’s (slightly) possible that he’s ultimately tough now 🙂

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