Cell vs Broly

This is a pretty big battle that has been debated for ages. Broly has a lot of raw power, but otherwise, his hand to hand isn’t nearly as specialized as Cell’s. I think Cell has the edge here. His hand to hand and battle experience are far superior to Broly’s. Cell wins.

Update, with Super Saiyan 3 and his Super version Broly takes this. Broly wins.

24 thoughts on “Cell vs Broly

      • Broly got LSSJ3 in Raging Blast.

        I do agree that Super Perfect Cell is far too powerful for Broly at this point. His larger array of techniques plus his speed give him the edge

  1. Cell could barely match an ssj2’s power. he has no chance against an ssj3 (ssj2x1000) let alone an LSSJ3 (maybe even SSJ3x1,000)
    the math and calculations dont favor in Cell’s side.

  2. alright, fine. how about, perfect android 19 (i think. it looked like the boy android from the pair of androids that trunks came back to the past to warn about.)
    vs cell.
    and power is power. the more you have, the stronger you are.

  3. definatally! Goku stood no chance against Broly when he defeated him. in fact, i remember this conversation.
    “ugh! why dont you just quit!?”
    “hah… guess i never really learned how.”
    then he was nailed by an unnamed blast.
    definatally, heart is at least 40% of the fight. 40% being power and the other 20% being abilities.
    like, there could be a power source 10x greater than Gogeta SSJ100, but it could lack the ability to even move! so i completely agree with you.
    Broly=Golden Giant Ape
    Cell=Humanoid SSJ4
    my outcome of this match has changed. Cell’s power level surpassed 4x Broly’s. not only is Cell matching his power, but his abilities surpass Broly’s.

  4. Cell is a little bit weaker then Broly. The fight would be hard for Broly but he still wins. sorta…
    Heres my opinion SSJ>>>LSSJ>> SSJ2.

  5. Broly has The True form of a super saiyan, well half of it. He’s like SSJ 2 bur a little bit weaker. And i think Broly would win this fight.

    • Yeah, definitely not quite SSJ2, but Broly gets as close as you can considering that he didn’t even get much time to battle. His power level would be crazy if he got to train

  6. Obviously Broly. Cell may be able to beat SSJ2 Goku but Broly has been able to humiliate Goku in SSJG in the Dragon ball super movie and with his super saiyan form makes him more powerful that SSJB Goku! SSJ legendary Broly is more powerful than Beerus and can even take a punishment from Gogeta SSJB so its clearly that he wins.

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