Bass vs Man of Miracles

The Man of Miracles may seem like it would be a guy, but is actually an it. The MAN of Miracles is above gender and stuff…he still can’t beat Bass though! Bass just needs a solid punch to knock the fight out of the Man of Miracles. Maybe he’ll be back to fight again someday. Bass wins.

102 thoughts on “Bass vs Man of Miracles

  1. Lol gunshots aren’t killing an omnipotent being. An omnipotent can do ANYTHING they want. So basically Man of miracles would win being an omnipotent. Not only that but being stronger than an omnipotent is like saying Bass is “beyond omnipotence.”

  2. Lol *sigh*. You don’t seem to understand the definition of omnipotence. Man of miracles is the Supreme Being of Image comics. He is omnipotent. Truly omnipotent. I’ve read your other posts. You keep saying “Bass wins.” “He can use his get ability to get their powers.” Bass is really cool, but that doesn’t mean he can copy any power he wants.

  3. Bass has never displayed any universe busting feat. He’s definitely not taking down any omnipotent being who could blink Bass out of existence. And also speed won’t help you or save you from a being who is omnipotent. Man of miracles is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscience. So Bass would never be able to escape Man of miracles.

  4. Lol, the point is that dreager1 keeps saying “Bass wins. He’s got the necessary speed and power to take him down.” Man of miracles is omnipotent. IIRC, there was a scan that said he was all of creation.

  5. Why don’t you side with one of these stories:

    A) Bass believed he was the strongest being in the entire Omniverse. He stood in the Megamanverse after he defeated Mega Man. “I’m am the strongest being in all of existence and no one shall truly defeat me!”, Bass yelled. Bass then suddenly saw a strange portal land in front of him. Out came Man of Miracles, who was here to prove Bass was not the strongest being. “I am the Man of Miracles!”, the Supreme Being of Image exclaimed. Bass immediately attempted to attack the entity. “NONSENSE!”, Bass shouted. “I defeated Megaman, I’ll destroy you!”

    Man of Miracles immediately attempted to attack Bass, although Bass dodged him. Man of Miracles launched a multiverse busting attack at Bass. Bass had MFTL+ reactions, and barely managed to move out of the way. The attack completely annihilated the MegaMan Multiverse. “You are a fool!”, Man of Miracles said from a distance. Bass launched a Dark Arm Blade at Man of Miracles. The entity stood unharmed. Bss unleashed Darkness Overload on Man of Miracles. Man of Miracles still stood unharmed. “Fool!” Man of Miracles gathered as much energy and power as he could and launched the attack that was a combination of all his power. The attack caused the entire Omniverse to collapse. Bass was wiped out in the explosion. All the universes,multiverses,megaverses,realms,dimensions and everything as destroyed by the attack be Man of Miracles.

    “I Won!”, Man of Miracles yelled victoriously. “Time to challenge TOAA…”

    Story B) Bass was the strongest being in the Omniverse, he believed. He immediatley saw a portal land in front of him. It was the Man of Miarcles. He was here to prove that Bass wasn’t the strongest being in existence. Bass launched a Dark Arm Blade at Man of Miracles. Man of Mirackes didn’t moved. “Stand out of my way as I precede to destroy all of existence!”, Bass said, as he threatened the entity. Man of Miracles threatened him back. “You have no idea of what I’m capable of.” Man of Miracles teleported over to Bass.

    Bass launched most of his power at the entity. The entire MegaMan Multiverse was destroyed in the attack. Man of Miracles had no scratch on him. He knew he could end this quick. “I shall destroy you!”, Man of Miracles shouted viciously. He launched his most powerful attack, an attack so powerful. However, Bass was able to use the Get Ability to copy the attack and launch it at Man of Miracles before the Image entity could launch it. The attack caused a Time Event Collapse that triggered the end of the Omniverse. Every universe, multiverse, megaverse and everything in existence was destroyed by this attack.

    As the dust cleared, Man of Miracles was gone. It seemed the attack had destroyed him.


    Tell me which story you’d go for.

  6. Well, I could write a story about where Man of Miracles fights TOAA or where Bass fights TOAA depending on which story you went for ( Man of Miracles vs TOAA would kinda be pointless since you went for story B but oh well.)

    • Stories about Bass owning everyone are always fun to read so I’d enjoy reading such a story.Even if it’s about other characters it’ll be cool to see. Have you ever considered being a writer and having a blog for it or something like that?

  7. @Dreager1 Actually, yes. Anyways, here’s the two stories.

    1.) Man of Miracles had defeated Bass. However, the Omniverse was destroyed in the process. Until another entity showed up. It was TOAA. TOAA then recreated the Omniverse and everything in existence. Man of Miracles questioned the entity. “Why are you here,TOAA?”, MoM asked. “I am here to challenge you…”, TOAA replied. He then took the form of an abstract in a white cloak. “Let’s see who really is the strongest being in all of existence…”

    TOAA formed an energy sphere in front of him that was a combination of all energy attacks in all of creation. Then he launched his attack at his opponent. The attack had destroyed about half of the Omniverse. Man of Miracles was sent flying across the other half of the Omniverse. But the Image entity wasn’t giving up yet. He formed an attack of his own, a probability manipulation attack. The attack destroyed the Lovecraft Multiverse. TOAA stood, unharmed. He manipulated his size, growing to the size of creation. He then fired the concept of death at his opponent. However, Man of Miracles knew he was almost unkillable. He dodged the massive power impact. But TOAA wasn’t taking chances. He then unleashed his most powerful form of manipulation yet, Omnipotence. It was the concept of Omnipotence, the ability to do whatever you want. When TOAA unleashed this massive power, the side effect of it was horrifying. Man of Miracles was completely annihilated, and the rest of the Omniverse was completely destroyed. TOAA looked on.

    “What have I done?! I must undo everything I caused!”, TOAA yelled.

    He recreated the Omniverse again, and the Man of Miracles. He then revived Bass.

    Ending of Man of Miracles vs TOAA if you went for Story A. I’ll try to make Story B in which Bass fights TOAA

    • Good feats by TOAA there, but I like how he panicked quite a bit at the end. I guess his Omnipotence wasn’t enough to predict how things would turn out. I agree that he should be able to wreck the Man of Miracles in a conceptual fight though. Reviving Bass was probably a fatal mistake for him.

  8. And here’s Bass vs TOAA. Note that it will continue from Story B, not from the one in which TOAA revives him.

    Bass had just defeated Man of Miracles and was going to reign supreme. However, it was revealed he had gloated too much, as he was going to be given the fight of his life. Suddenly, a dimensional rift appeared in front of him. It was TOAA. He stepped out and in front of Bass. To Bass, the being was wearing a white cloak and holding a strange purple orb. He stood 6 ft 5 in from Bass’s view. “I am The One Above All!”, the Supreme Being exclaimed. Bass was astonished at what he saw. Maybe this guy could give him a fight. “I AM BASS, THE STRONGEST BEING IN ALL OF EXISTENCE!!!”, Bass shouted insanely. He prepared to fight the Marvel entity.

    Before they began to fight, TOAA recreated the Omniverse and Man of Miracles. Before Man of Miracles could react, TOAA banished him back to the Image Multiverse so he couldn’t interfere. TOAA then turned his attention back to Bass. Bass tightened his muscles ad strength. “Let’s see what your made of…”

    TOAA collected his Apocalyptic-Force Blast and threw it at Bass. Bass somehow manage to form a shield around him and reflected the attack. The blast was sent flying back to TOAA, who stood unharmed. However, the side effect caused the Omniverse to collapse on itself. Bass stood, and prepared to fire another attack. But TOAA made a quick move. He fired a laser beam from his eyes and took the form of a yellow-gleaming human, the form he took when he was talking to Spider-Man. The laser beams hit Bass with such force that Bass was sent flying. TOAA then fashioned a weapon of his own, a weapon known as the Glory. The two then battled in the Glory, TOAA knew that the Glory would have to replace it’s wielded with the winner of the fight, or else the Omniverse would fall apart. But the Omniverse was already gone, so that would mean everything else that was still there, non-existence would end. Bass had no idea what to do, but quickly realized ha had the Get Ability. He quickly replicated TOAA’s powers before he could use them. TOAA barely noticed that Bass now had his powers, as TOAA was concerned about what would happen if the Glory didn’t replace it’s wielder. Bass realized this was his chance. He fired all of the powers he replicated from TOAA at his opponent. TOAA was completely unharmed from them, except for this last one. Bass launched the most powerful attack in history of all of existence, am attack that would completely obliterate everything, an attack capable of destroying TOAA. Bass fired this final attack and last ditch effort to annihilate TOAA.

    TOAA then looked at his body. He realized that he was so distracted that his body was distenegrating by this Omniverse-busting attack. The attack destroyed the Glory… and TOAA.

    “I REMAIN THE STEONGEST BEING IN ALL OF CREATION!!!”, Bass said, as he believed he would remain the strongest being in existence, which was now true.

  9. Believe me guys. This dude is a troll looking for attention. He knows man of miracle wins without even trying but for him to say bass wins, he’s trying to create more and more comment for attention. lol

  10. This one is a bit of a no brainer. Man of Miracles is another featless being that has no feats to go off of while Bass does. Bass can break planets within seconds and can destroy all of media if he really wants to. This is something people like Man of Miracles could never dream of doing. Bass stomps.

  11. So an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent being vs Bass. Yet Bass wins.

    Right if I even say that Man Of Miracles wins because he can control everything. You’re just going to say Bass will still win.

    So if you’re so certain on Bass winning then show me evidence of him surviving any omni-anything being and if you’re gonna say omni-anything can’t destroy. Just look up the definition. You will see.

    Bass has no feats that put him above that and I’m talking about CANNON Bass So show me a bit of evidence that puts him above that.

    Oh and if you say “I did look up omni-anything and doesn’t change anything” you proved that you don’t bother to look up any feats.

    • I’m talking about the real Bass, aka EXE. Man Of Miracles has never shown himself capable of dealing out any damage comparable to the Hub Blast and Bass tanked that with ease. Show me a scan of Miracle Man doing something like that

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