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Alien vs One Above All

aliendrone (1)
This is a tribute to the Alien movie. Xenomorphs are definitely deadly and not even the One Above All would be able to defeat one. The Alien would be far too quick and one good slash would be able to take the One Above All down in an instant. The One Above All just doesn’t have a chance in this round. Alien wins.

10 thoughts on “Alien vs One Above All”

      1. Wow you have nothing to prove that alien wins, you’re an idiot. One Above All fans are NOT overhyping him. YOU guys are the overhypers here. TOAA beats the stuffing out of Alien without even trying. That is a fact. Accept it

      2. I can’t accept that because TOAA has no good feats. At least Alien has some super strength and his acid blood. One Above All has none of that.

  1. The One Above All is outmatched here. The Xenomorphs have taken down people far more powerful than The One Above All without any difficulty and are capable of taking down planets! The One Above All can fly and breathe in space, but Xenomorphs are simply way more intimidating than The One Above All.

    1. Agreed, The One Above All is definitely not ready to take down a creature this fierce. Aliens become really potent in large numbers but even just one would crush him here

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