King Dedede vs Pikachu

Dedede Pikachu
Pikachu has immense speed at his disposal and he’s one of the stronger creatures out there. He has the speed of Rainbow Dash and the power of the Hulk. King Dedede may have an impressive hammer, but it won’t be enough to stop this thunder mouse. Pikachu has a lot of battle experience and it definitely pays off. Pikachu wins.

16 thoughts on “King Dedede vs Pikachu

    • Pikachu is physically, mentally, spiritually, and virtually stronger than King Dedede. King Dedede’s strength is impressive for Kirby world, but not when you bring Pikachu into this! Pikachu could likely take on guys at composite Bowser’s level of power!

      • Agreed! Pikachu once took on the Legendary Palkia back in tye day and went to a facility specifically built for containing electric power… aaaand blew it up. Plus, strenth isn’t the only thing that matters. Pikachu defenitly has better speed, agility, and reflexes. He also has a wide array of attacks, including but not limited to:
        Tail whip, thunder shock, growl, thunder wave, quick attack, double team, thunderbolt, slam, agility, discharge, bestow, endure, reversal, Thunder punch, thunder, light-screen, and the famous Volt tackle from X and Y. Dende does have his hammer, but with double team, Dende would see multiple Pikachu’s making it almost impossible to hit, even if he had the speed to do it. This battle would be decided quickly.

      • Definitely, Pikachu is a complete powerhouse! He’s one of the main reasons why I love the anime so much. It’s great to follow his battles and see him improve. Pikachu really doesn’t have any limits and he continues to learn more attacks.

  1. If Kirby can move at speeds that far surpass light, and then Dedede can tag him, we can conclude that Dedede is at least FTL+ in speed. Pikachu can move at the speed of sound with Double Team, but we have yet to see him move at a level that is beyond light. Overall, King Dedede has the speed advantage all around. Kirby tanks attacks that could destroy planets, yet Dedede can still harm him, making Dedede at least planet level attack power. The most we’ve seen Pikachu destroy is a mountain top, which is a pretty good feat, but not enough to defeat Dedede with. If we compare their attack power levels, Dedede wins hands down. Pikachu can put up a good fight, but I don’t see him winning any time soon. Macho Dedede could end this fight pretty fast.
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

    • Dedede just hits him through gameplay mechanics, same with the rest. Dedede is a cool character of course, but ultimately I don’t think he has enough speed to keep up with Pikachu at all. The Electric mouse is simply too quick

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