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Gohan vs Cell

Gohan is one of the legendary Z Fighters and he had a climatic battle with Cell back in the day. Since that time, Gohan has mastered his Ultimate Mode and I’m sure that he’ll be unlocking Super Saiyan God as well someday. Cell is one of the strongest villains that the Z Fighters have ever faced and he would be able to give Gohan a good fight. Unfortunately, he has not received enough power ups to keep him ahead of Gohan and he’ll have to take the loss. Gohan wins.

9 thoughts on “Gohan vs Cell”

  1. Unlocking super saiyan god? There is no unlocking ssj god. Unlike the other super saiyan transformations, ssj god does require one to reach a certain level of power. All you need is 5 kind hearted saiyans to join hands and give all their power to one saiyan and presto, you have ssj god. So any living, kind hearted saiyans can become it. Except for vegeta. He isn’t kind hearted.

    1. That used to be the case, but perhaps not anymore. Have you seen the pictures of Super Saiyan God Gohan in the new Xenoverse game? It’s not confirmed to be Gohan, but it’s almost 100% certain. There are likely circumstances involved of course, but I’m sure that you can unlock the form with rage like the others

  2. We still don’t know if the new character is gohan or some other character, but even if it is gohan, it doesn’t change the fact that you need five kind hearted saiyans to become ssj god. With rage, you can only go 1,2 3, or 4, but not god. You can’t make such assumptions and say that it’s true.

    1. Well, I didn’t state it as a fact. I just said that I’m sure he’ll unlock it someday. Whether it is currently possible or not, I’m sure that he can do it without 5 Saiyans. Every rule can be bypassed in anime (or just about any rule) so I could see this one being twisted. I agree that it is not definitely Gohan, but it likely is. Still, I wouldn’t mind if it was a totally new Saiyan

  3. I wouldn’t say that anime can bypass any rule. Yeah, some might bypass real life rules like the laws of physics. But rules that were made within the anime are different story. Zatch bell and Kiyo can only use strong spells if the battle gets worse. Otherwise, they’d win every fight in seconds, and no one wants to see a whole anime series that lasts a couple series.

    1. True, but it’s like how Bulma built a machine that forced Vegeta to achieve Super Saiyan 4. It’s possible that Future Gohan obtained some technology that could transform him into God Mode. Or perhaps he just used some kind of dna injection to give him 5 different Saiyan genes so that he could do it on his own. Of course, until such a thing happens if ever, it is definitely impossible without 5 clear saiyans

  4. Update: Recently on the official dragon ball z games Facebook page, they’ve revealed a few clues as to who the mystery character is. One clue is that this character survived the destruction of planet vegeta and seems to have some sort of connection to trunks and yamcha. It has also been revealed that this character can go super saiyan meaning that his red colored hair is unlikely to be a ssj god transformation and is likely to just be his normal hair color. It is also unlikely that this character is gohan from the future since it’s been hinted that he was from planet vegeta.

    1. True, and the new info is certainly interesting. I suppose that the hair color wasn’t exactly the same as a god transformation, but I’ll be a little sad if it’s a totally new character. Only a little sad of course since it’s good to introduce new fighters into the multiverse. Hopefully this character is an excellent fighter and it’s definitely looking like he isn’t Gohan. Ah well, I may have pegged him wrong this time

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