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Samus vs Ike

Samus Ike
Ike is a very powerful swordsman and one could even say that his abilities rival those of the legendary Roy. He could definitely match Samus when it comes to raw power, but Samus has an immense advantage when it comes to speed and her long range abilities are also lethal. Ike could hold out for a while and it would be a fun battle, but the victor would never be in doubt. Samus’ skills are rivaled by very few Smash fighters at this point. Samus wins.


4 thoughts on “Samus vs Ike”

      1. if we are talking about smash i agree but if it is ike in home territory where he can use nihil(gets rid of all non physical attacks)then ike.

      2. Nihil sounds pretty powerful, but it would still be hard to stop Samus in a fist fight thanks to the super speed that her armor grants her. I think it would be a pretty fun battle!

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