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Link vs Dante

I like Link a lot, but I have to admit that he’s thoroughly outmatched by Dante. Dante outranks Link in every single combat area that matters. Power and Speed. He could run around Link a bunch of times and Link would never be able to tag him. A few good punches from Dante would also end the fight in the blink of an eye. I’m afraid that Link’s array of weapons will not be enough to win this time. Dante wins.

The link to the original image by Riklaionel is below.

Dante vs Link Nintendo vs Capcom


6 thoughts on “Link vs Dante”

    1. Most of the time. Capcom tends to be much stronger since they have titles like Mega Man and Street Fighter. Nintendo’s heavy hitters are definitely Metroid and LoZ, but for the most part, most of their franchises are rather weak. Just look at Mario and Pikmin.

      1. I always figured it was the opposite. Mario isn’t weak at all. Oh and Street Fighter only goes so high because of Asura’s Wrath. Agree to disagree?

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