Sailor Moon vs Madoka Kaname

All right, it’s time to start off the set of battles between the Magical Girls from Madoka Magica and the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is known as the ultimate magical girl show and is did for Shojo what DBZ did for Shonen. It’s a legendary series, but I say that it’s time to pass the gauntlet to the new and improved show. That being said, we’re not talking about which show is better, but which team has the stronger fighters. So without further ado, here we go!

maxresdefault (1)
Sailor Moon is the proud leader of the Sailor Scouts and her Eternal form is quite powerful. She’s essentially cosmic in nature by the end, but likewise, Madoka became Madokami by the end of the series and can literally do anything with her power. She became a very concept and rewrote the universe. Both of these characters are powerful, but I’d argue that Madoka’s abilities greatly exceed those of Sailor Moon and as a normal fighter before the cosmic versions, Madoka seemed to be much quicker and her lasers would incinerate Sailor Moon. Madoka Kaname wins.

6 thoughts on “Sailor Moon vs Madoka Kaname

  1. You are actually talking about the anime. In the manga, she is sailor cosmos, who can bend the laws of reality, travel through the whole universe without effort, can fight for many years without stopping. She is also immortal as she revive herself with the silver crystal.

    • Sailor Moon did look better in the anime than the manga but in both of them she doesn’t have the kind of speed and attack power that would be needed to take down Madoka. Madoka can pepper her with attacks at short range while evading counters

  2. Maybe Kaname would win a fight but I prefer the Sailor Moon series.
    There’s two anime capable of instilling positive values on an impressionable teen girl: Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Sailor Moon. One is a soul crushingly numb grimdark fest with questionable values, unconvincing characters, and tells women to submit to men unquestionably. The other is Sailor Moon.

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