Game Records

Super Mario Maker Stats and Records

It’s stats time! They will likely be changing a lot as I’m still playing the game, but I may as well have the post up. I’ll just update it from time to time.

Play Time 141h
Stages Uploaded 7
Stars 84
2/10 Medals
100 Mario Challenge Easy Mode 13 Clears
100 Mario Challenge Normal Mode 0 Clears
100 Mario Challenge Hard Mode 0 Clears
Courses Played 388
Total Plays 1225
Lives lost 952

Uploaded Stages Stats

Spiny Jump 11 Stars 32 Plays. Clear Rate 4.34%. 9/207 successes
Stay High and Dry! 12 Stars 27 Plays. Clear Rate 21.91%. 16/73 successes
Shortcuts are for the casuals B) 13 Stars 37 Plays. Clear Rate 3.28%. 9/274 successes
Bigger is better? Don’t Fall!!!! 10 Stars 24 Plays. Clear Rate 22.22%. 6/27 successes
Traps AHOY! Go for the weapon! 10 Stars 34 Plays. Clear Rate 2.97%. 8/269 successes
Fight fire with fire!! 9 Stars 37 Plays. Clear Rate 2.39%. 4/167 successes
Terry!!! 15 Stars 55 Plays. Clear Rate 9.23%. 29/314 successes

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