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Pizza Delivery Boy Review

This is a game that I’ve been playing for a very long time. I have to give the game a lot of credit for being a very long title. I bought the game for 3-4 bucks back during my Wii spending spree. It sat on the backburner for a while and I’d play some levels here and there. Finally, I buckled down and got the last few levels out of the way. The game is better in doses and you will get a little tired of it by the end, but you will also have a nice feeling of satisfaction. It’s leagues better than some of the other Wii titles that I’ve played in the past, but there are still some things keeping it from being better.

The game starts off with a bang as two great pizza chefs become rich. Unfortunately, the fame goes to their head and they become mean so the town decides to teach them a lesson. They rip apart their cookbooks and spread the recipes across 3-5 different cities. The pizza boys become broke and are forced to sell off their many stores until only one is left. They decide to hire a Pizza Delivery Boy so that they can regain a connection to the neighborhood. You develop bonds with the civilians as you deliver the pizzas and gradually you earn enough money to start buying the shops back. You must continue to do this until you are a pizza monopoly once more and you can prove that you are the greatest delivery boy of them all. It won’t be easy, but few things are!

The “cutscenes” are really just stills with dialogue slapped onto them, but I am still glad they are there. Having an actual plot gives the game some depth. You get a cutscene every time you level up your reputation or move to another town. The Chef will also make a comment or two every time you finish a daily task. The graphics are fairly good. The main character’s smirk is always pretty intense. In game, the graphics are good enough for you to tell what is going on at all times. The town is rather simplistic, but it still looks better than you might have guessed from a low budget Wii game.

Unfortunately, the soundtrack is not quite as good as the visuals. There are only 2-3 actual themes and they all get rather irritating by the end. They’re just a little too loud and in your face the whole time. I’d like something a little more subtle and relaxing. On the other hand, I’d like a nice fast paced theme when making a pizza pie for the 500th time. It can get a little tedious so a change in music could end up making a world of difference if you ask me.

There is no replay value in the game so don’t look forward to that. Once you unlock the final level, the game even tells you to watch out because you cannot go back. After you beat the game, you will never be able to make another pizza pie or head out to play another mission. You can only replay the Pizza Boy of the Year tournament match and that’s it. So, make the most of the game while you can because after you beat it, there is not turning back. That’s why it all depends on the main gameplay so lets launch into that right now.

The game runs on a daily system. Day 1 is always delivery day. You have to decorate the pizza pies with toppings and then drive around as you deliver them. Actually making the pies is very easy and you will always finish with a lot of time to spare. The game is lenient with where you put the toppings so you will always get some kind of credit for it. A perfect placing is worth more so you should try to be as close as possible. Cooking the pizzas is easily my least favorite part of the game. It’s too easy and even when the controls are working it is not all that engaging. Maybe doing it a few times wouldn’t be so bad, but it gets old very quickly.

The second half of day 1 is riding around in your scooter as you deliver the pies. This part is a lot more fun and the controls actually aren’t half bad. You will gain new abilities as you play through the game like doing a wheelie or bunny hopping. This makes travelling a lot easier and more convenient and you can feel the progress the whole time. You will get better vehicles until you finally get your own Pizza Car. The car is probably a little too fast for its own good, but it does feel like a nice achievement when you pull it off.

Day 2 is about fulfilling a task for the citizens. This can range from delivering newspapers to wowing critics with blind pizza assembling. Day 2 is infinitely more fun than Day 1 as you just launch into the task and you also earn money, reputation, and pages from the cook book. It’s as if Day 1 is filler and then Day 2 is when the plot kicks in. I’d say that this is the best way to think about it at any rate. Since you need money to unlock the next towns, you’ll always be looking forward to Day 2. If the whole game was day 2, then this title would surely be a 7. Unfortunately, the repetition of day 1 is the problem here. This game wouldn’t have taken nearly as long as it did if the game was more enjoyable. Lets face it, that’s how you can tell a good game from an underwhelming one. It’s the very definition of a 6 for me as a 6 is a good game that has one or two things keeping it back from being a normal fun title. A 6 has the potential to be a 7, but just doesn’t live up to it.

Overall, The Pizza Delivery Boy definitely appears to have had a higher budget than some of the other Wii games that I’ve played, but the extreme amounts of repetition and recycled cutscene animations expose it. The developers seem to have taken as many shortcuts as they could and I wonder how many people actually played this game through to its entirety. Each town has 24 days within it since there are 12 tasks and every other day is a delivery day. I had to do the full 24 days for the first two towns and was able to unlock the final town after the first 18 of Town 3. That’s still a lot of levels and a whole lot of pizza. You’ll be making up to 7 orders by the end of each town and you’ll just be tired of making it. I never get tired of eating pizza, but making it is evidently a different story. I recommend this game to you if you’ve ever been curious about a pizza delivery boy game. That being said, it’s best to play this along with another game and then take turns every day or so. It’ll keep the repetition from getting to you. Otherwise, you may as well play a game that’s a lot more enjoyable like Sonic Colors.

Overall 6/10

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Deca Sports Review

91106_front (1)
I’ve played a lot of Wii games and lately, most of them don’t seem to be that good. Luckily, this one’s a winner. Deca Sports may have only been a few dollars to purchase, but the 10 games inside of it are definitely very good. Trust me, I’ve played a lot of Wii Sport games and most of them suffer from bad controls. This game is not like the rest and may just be the best Wii Sports game out there. I dare say that it may even be better than Wii Sports…maybe. It’s a close battle between the two.

Let’s go through each of the 10 games. First we have a Snowboard game. I love the fact that a sports arrangement game has a better snowboarding game than a game called Wii Ski and Snowboard. A little ironic isn’t it? The Skiing minigame has you going at high speeds, which is already an improvement over the other title and it’s a blast. You have to outrace everyone else, which is self explanatory, but this game really set the collection off on a high note. The next game was Archery. This one was pretty fun and the gameplay was a little different compared to what you may expect. You have to accurately shoot an arrow across a large space and it’ll test how well you can hold the remote without shaking. Definitely a nice test and it felt rather fair.

Badminton was a little dicey. It’s really hard to aim your shots and spiking is also difficult, which can lead to some really long points. It’s just hard to do anything in this game and while Badminton should have been one of my favorite games, it was probably the worst one. Still not a bad minigame, but I do think that the mechanics were handled poorly this time. After that was Basketball, definitely a solid game. You have to try and score baskets, but the opponents won’t make it easy. The game is simple to pick up and play, but still feels like it has some depth to it, which makes for a very compelling minigame. This is another one to write home about folks!

Beach Volleyball is fairly solid. You have to rely on your partner a lot though due to the nature of the game, which can make the games stretch out a bit since the computer doesn’t like to get too aggressive. Still, the actual game is fairly fun. Curling is another game that I’m not crazy about. It’s not so much the gameplay as the actual game that I’ve never enjoyed all that much. This will automatically have to be one of the weaker ones if you ask me. At least this game is relaxing though.

Figure Skating is next on the list and it’s an all right minigame. You have to follow the motions and skate on the glowing circles. That’s simple enough and the game is easy to get into. It’s not as competitive as some of the others, but you can still try to get some high scores while playing. Soccer is a lot of fun as you would expect. Try to score your goals before the other team does! The physics are a lot like Basketball’s, which makes for another fun experience.

Kart Racing is certainly a dynamite minigame and you really get to test your limits as you drive through the stage. It’s a blast and another well done minigame to add to the collection. The array of games was really well picked for this title. Who’d have thought that you’d have Basketball, Karts, and Soccer? Finally, there was a Motorcycle event. That was another fun one although the controls were a little iffy this time. Your vehicle would move very quickly which was great, but it was super hard to turn, which made things a little iffy.

All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better roster of games than this! I played the League, which lets you try out each game once, but there is some extra replay value to be found here. You can play tournaments of just 1 game so that you can become the champion for each title. Alternately, you can also try to beat challenges for each game, which will make you a stronger player. The games themselves are actually a lot of fun and even more so if you have people to play them with. That’s ultimately what you’re looking for from a party game like this one.

I like the graphics for the title. Naturally, they are hardly groundbreaking and don’t test the limits of the Wii, but that’s fine. It’s still easy to identify everything that is happening on screen and that is certainly the important part right? The soundtrack is also very forgettable. That’s a little unfortunate as a good soundtrack can really make everything better. That being said, it does have a very inspirational song that plays on the main menu so that’s one good song. One is better than none after all and I also like the theme for looking at the records. I probably liked some other themes, but just forgot about them.

It’s no surprise that Deca Sports got some sequels. If they keep up this level of quality, then they are definitely games that I’ll keep an eye on. I’m sure that the price is very low so who knows…maybe you’ll see a review for those titles on the site someday! The sequels will be under a lot of pressure to be quite as good as this one though so it’ll be fun to see if they can live up to the hype or buckle beneath it.

Overall, Deca Sports is a title that everyone should have on the Wii. When you consider the extremely cheap price that the title goes for..it’s a steal! No matter who you are, I’m confident that you will enjoy at least 5 of these games. Most of the games are unique and a whole lot of fun to play. 10 good games is better than 30 iffy ones (Like certain other Wii Party games) and this game has withstood the test of time. Online play would be great for this game, but when a local party game is This good, it can stand on its own without such things. Hopefully the next Wii games that I play are as good, but it’s unlikely.

Overall 7/10

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Pokemon Shuffle Review

Pokemon Shuffle is a game that I didn’t anticipate playing…ever. I typically don’t play freemium games all that often. They are certainly interesting and I can appreciate why companies would develop these games, but they didn’t seem to be for me. I prefer physical games for my collection, but naturally something like this is digital. Well, if I can’t get the game physically, then I’m definitely fine with a digital version I suppose. There are definitely some classic titles to get electronically someday, but as long as there are dozens of physical options to choose from, I don’t see myself being tempted by them anytime soon. Pokemon Shuffle may not be the next Pac Man or Super Mario Bros, but it’s actually very fun.

For the gameplay, I assume that you are familiar with Tetris? In this game, you must match identical blocks together by dragging them across the screen to take the place of another block. You score points for matching three or more in a line, (No diagonal lines in this one) an L shape, or a cross. Each Pokemon square has a different ability so you will want to know what it is and make the most of it. The Pokemon that you fight in each level are the ones that you will be adding to your team if you beat them quickly enough to secure the capture. The more turns you have left over, the greater the chance that you will catch the Pokemon. After the tutorial, you’ll likely be all set with a few good Pokemon all set and raring to go. Each Pokemon has a level to play and there are currently 240 levels I believe, with more being added all the time. As of this writing, I’ve beaten about 60 of them. The levels get harder as you go along of course.

I haven’t had to grind yet, but that area is quickly approaching, which means that I’ll probably start slowing down in this game. I do have a lot of fun with it, but there are currently a lot of games on the backburner so when I do get a chance to play a game, it should probably be something else. Still, if you have time, you’ll definitely enjoy the gameplay. Again, it’s similar to Pac Man in the sense that you are doing something over and over again, but it still manages to be fun. Playing Pokemon Shuffle requires you to really think about what you are doing and to brace yourself. One wrong move and you may have doomed yourself.

There is certainly a cost to losing as you lose a heart every time you attempt a level. You start out with 5 hearts and once you lose them all, you have to wait 30 minutes to get another one. This is where the pay to win aspect of the game comes at you. You can buy hearts to save yourself the trouble of waiting and the money will certainly add up very quickly. In the game, you earn jewels (Which is what you’re actually buying with your real money) and then you trade them for hearts and coins. You’ll typically get a jewel every 10-15 levels so they are pretty sparse.

Naturally, I’ll never pay money for something like this. The only game where I currently buy DLC is Super Smash Bros and I don’t really see that changing anytime soon. Most DLC just isn’t worth it and I prefer to just turn off Pokemon Shuffle for a few hours before going back to it. This heart system actually encourages you to take a lot of breaks while playing, which is certainly fun.

Aside from the story missions, there are challenge ones and even some online bonuses. Each week you will get some limited stage choices like playing an extra EXP level or a coin one. They’re pretty interesting. At the moment, the online ones are definitely too tough for my team to beat, but maybe once I’m further in the game. Your Pokemon level up through the levels, which increases the damage your squares deal to the opponent when matched. So far, this really doesn’t make a difference at all, but it’ll probably be more evident later on. Right now, the only thing that really matters is ensuring that you have the type advantage. Trust me, that’ll carry you a very long way.

The graphics aren’t bad. There’s only been one real cutscene in the game so far, which would be the tutorial as a reporter helps you learn the ropes. The only dialogue since then has been a few black silhouettes for the trainers that you conquer. This is a game that would have a tough time trying to look great, but it won’t look bad either. The animations are clear and that’s really what counts. There’s not much of a soundtrack to be found here as it’s very pleasant and soft, which is likely supposed to encourage your playing through it. I would have liked some big boss themes to be honest, but I suppose that this’ll do.

There’s a lot of replay value in this game as you can replay levels to truly try to catch all of the Pokemon. That being said, the heart system does really hurt this part of the game and actually damages the title as a whole. It’s safe to say that this could have been an 8 star game, but the fact that you can only play 3-5 levels at a time before giving the game a break is definitely not cool. It stops you from replaying levels because you simply don’t want to waste the hearts and be forced to give the game another long break. That’s really the only negative in this game. The rest of Pokemon Shuffle is just a blast through and through, but this is a big downer. It’s why Freemium games typically have their limits as the pay to win system will always get you in the end.

Overall, Considering that the game is free, this is truly a steal. Pokemon Shuffle is a great way to pass some time by and you can play it for hours without getting bored, assuming that you have enough hearts for that. I will definitely encourage you not to succumb to the game and buy hearts, but to just power through it the long, but free way. I also downloaded Pokemon Rumble Blast so I’ll be giving that a whirl at some point, but I can safely say that it’ll have a tough time beating this title. Pokemon Shuffle easily exceeded my expectations before I started the game and it has set the bar very high for freemium games.

Overall 7/10

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Super Mario Maker Stats and Records

It’s stats time! They will likely be changing a lot as I’m still playing the game, but I may as well have the post up. I’ll just update it from time to time.

Play Time 141h
Stages Uploaded 7
Stars 84
2/10 Medals
100 Mario Challenge Easy Mode 13 Clears
100 Mario Challenge Normal Mode 0 Clears
100 Mario Challenge Hard Mode 0 Clears
Courses Played 388
Total Plays 1225
Lives lost 952

Uploaded Stages Stats

Spiny Jump 11 Stars 32 Plays. Clear Rate 4.34%. 9/207 successes
Stay High and Dry! 12 Stars 27 Plays. Clear Rate 21.91%. 16/73 successes
Shortcuts are for the casuals B) 13 Stars 37 Plays. Clear Rate 3.28%. 9/274 successes
Bigger is better? Don’t Fall!!!! 10 Stars 24 Plays. Clear Rate 22.22%. 6/27 successes
Traps AHOY! Go for the weapon! 10 Stars 34 Plays. Clear Rate 2.97%. 8/269 successes
Fight fire with fire!! 9 Stars 37 Plays. Clear Rate 2.39%. 4/167 successes
Terry!!! 15 Stars 55 Plays. Clear Rate 9.23%. 29/314 successes