Thor vs Mewtwo

Suggested by Big Red Thor is a powerful Avenger and is certainly one of their strongest members. That being said, he won’t be able to keep up with Mewtwo’s speed. Mewtwo was already one of the strongest Pokemon in the entire franchise before he got Mega Mode. With that, Mewtwo is hands down the strongest Pokemon in all of history. His raw power is nothing to sneeze at, but his speed is really the important thing here. Thor simply won’t be able to land any meaningful blows on Mewtwo and the Pokemon’s attacks will start to add up. It is simply a fight that Thor cannot win. Mewtwo wins.

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  1. I see there are two idiots among us.

    Ok for one mewtwo’s arsenal is more vast but really does not have the power neccesary to beat thor.
    Hell thor is far stronger in terms of power.
    Sure mewtwo has been able to teleport an entire lake but thor can take on world breaker hulk who can destroy a universe 60 times over.

    Now in terms of speed you may think mewtwo has the advantage as both you two idiots mentioned.
    But hell thor really beats mewtwo in speed as well.

    and if you think mewtwo could just wipe thor’s memory or control his mind, thor has resistance to both mind erasing and controlling attacks.
    Besides thor is far more experienced then mewtwo, cause he has been fighting for centuries.
    Plus with mjonir, thor can just absorb all of mewtwo’s long ranged attacks and hell also drain mewtwo’s energy with mjolnir too.

    Now keep in mind im reffering to COMIC BOOK THOR for this one
    Not cartoon thor, not movie thor, comic book thor
    can cartoon thor beat mewtwo? maybe, it depends, i say maybe cause the cartoon version or thor as well as others like iron man and the hulk are so inconsistent in the cartoons.
    Can movie thor beat mewtwo? probably, i mean i dont think mewtwo can even last 10 seconds agiants thanos , at least thor put up a good fight even if he was not in his prime.

    • Ha, you like that? That’s what Mewtwo would say as he speedblitzes. So we’ve gotta get some things into perspective here. First, Hulk destroying a universe 60 times over was hyperbole. He’s barely more than a multi planet buster even in that form. Thor has a lot of power though for sure as I’ve always stacked him above Hulk. That said, Mewtwo would be peppering him with shadow balls the whole time and it’s hard to escape from that.

      As for speed, Mewtwo was fighting Genesect on even pacing and that Pokemon was crazy. I can buy into the mind control part as I never put much stock into that ability anyway.

      Thor would have to be careful trying to block Mewtwo’s attacks or his hammer would just shatter like when he fought against Hela. Of course I do agree that comic book Thor is the strongest version of him except for EMH Thor, but even so, Mewtwo still has the speed for this. Thor has great reaction times but isn’t used to really running after an opponent like this. Mewtwo shoudl be able to keep the upper hand and I would put Mewtwo above Thanos as well.

      • Even if thor was just a multiplanet buster that still puts him leagues above mewtwo’s lake teleportation feat. Thor hits harder then any pokemon you can think of, though maybe arcues could be a exception, but it depends. and besides what the hell is the point of using ranged attacks when your opponent can suck them all up. and no mewtwo does not have the power needed to destroy mjlonir and plus, thats movie thor’s mjolnir, not comic book thor’s. even still, hela is the goddes of death and posses a shit ton of physical strength. plus there are theory’s saying she was able to break it cause odin died moments before she destroyed it.

        Next while genesect is fast, its not light speed, and thor is all about the light speed attacks, specifically comic book thor, cartoon thor and movie thor are nerfed cause they need the show and film to be interesting. and thor’s travel speed is also much faster.
        Without the power
        and arsenal neccesary.
        Thor can deal with mewtwo quickly.

        And also side note your an idiot for putting mewtwo above thanos.
        Thanos can survive star level attacks even without his armour and infinity gauntlet while mewtwo can barely take city level attacks.
        And if you think mewtwo can just overpower thanos cause scarlet witch who is also a telekinesis user did before, no, scarlet surpasses mewtwo’s telekinesis by a long shot, and even then its the movie versions of them, comic book versions of them are far stronger.
        Hell the infinity gauntlet can bend all of mewtwo’s attacks back at him.
        Can reverse time if things go wrong
        Or hell the legendary snap can erase mewtwo from the fight.

      • I would definitely put Mewtwo above Thanos, he scales above all Marvel characters. The reason I’m so confident in his strength is because of his combat speed. I have yet to see any comic book fighter battle at the level he and Mew were going at it in the movie. Thor is very strong, but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the speed and his hammer couldn’t block the Shadow Balls for very long.

        Then you have Thanos who I have as being a bit weaker than Thor. He does have great defenses but again the attacks would keep peppering him into oblivion. The main issue that both Thor and Thanos face is that they would not be able to land any convincing blows against Mewtwo. Mewtwo would always just stay one step ahead of them and his speed ensures that this will never change. He’s just way too powerful and resourceful.

  2. I keep seeing you overestimate characters powers by far too much, like fr i can tell shitly you fucking hate the dc and marvel universes cause people keep hitting you with the truth.

    Why the fuck does combat speed matter.
    just cause your fast does not mean you win.
    sure mewtwo is fast and in the movie he does dish out some speed feats, but what gives you the impression that mewtwo has the power needed to bring thanos or thor down? at best he teleported a lake, while thor and thanos have wiped out armies, and thor’s hammer is not blocking shadow balls, he is absorbign them with mjolnir, cause he can do that, and like i said thor can just will the energy out of someone. Like mewtwo is not even light speed and yet both thanos and thor had light speed combat feats in the comics before, heres the thing

    You look into the animations of a certain show and you thinkt to yourself that since their are cool animations and there going really fast and its really cool. but when you look at the combat speed feats in comics your like meh, it does not show enough proof. like what the hell are you
    mewtwo has never even shown lightning fast speed feats either, why the hell can you say his speed can beat thanos and thor if he has never shown lightning fast speed while thor and thanos have?
    plus you think thanos and thor are just gonna stand there as they get pummled with shadow balls or aura spheres? if it was thanos he would probably turn those shadow balls into somethign else and fire it towards mewtwo, or hell creates sheilds to block the attack. and if it was thor he would just absorb them with mjolnir. or use lightning to counter it. Like hell, a hit from thor’s hammer is gonna leave quite a dent on mewtwo. hell even more if its with thanos.
    mewtwo is not a god, while these 2 are.
    and when it comes to stats, mewtwo’s defense and special defenses are the lowest, sure his speed is pretty decent but never has it been light speed fast, unlike thanos and thor who have had light speed clashes before.

    • Look, lets say I am 12, that doesn’t take away from my master debating skills. You’re right that feats shown in animation will always trump comics. That’s because in comics you have to go by images and without a transition it’s a little harder to spot check everyone. You still can of course but in animation you will be at your strongest. That’s what it means to be at your best. So the advantage often goes to anime characters for that reason. I do want to get the record straight and say that I do like Marvel and DC characters though. They’re a lot of fun even if they can’t keep up with the big leaguers.

      Mewtwo turned into a ball of light while fighting Mew. They were both likely FTL at that point. Thanos and Thor won’t have a choice in the matter. They’re going to be getting thrown around like an old sack of potatoes the whole time and won’t have any real way to defend themselves. They’re outnumbered and outgunned. When you’re losing out in both of those options then there isn’t much of a chance of victory here.

      Combat speed is important because at the end of the day it is the single most important stat in any fight. Without that you are getting absolutely devastated by everybody in your way. It’s just how these things work out and don’t forget that Mewtwo shook the entire planet with his weather and did so casually. Throw in mega evolution and that’s a wrap

      • Your far from a master debater, a master debater does not judge characters skill based off how good looking the animations are. just cause anime has more cool animates then a simple comic does not make them superior, in fact it makes the person saying it sound stupid.

        First of all mewtwo, that ball of light is not light speed, you may think its light speed cause its a ball of light but its mostly some kind of battering ram barrier that mew and mewtwo created. even so, if it was ftl then what gives you the reason to think that its gonna kill thor? or hell thanos, thanos has created barriers himself and has taken star level attacks, yet your saying mewtwo hitting thanos several times is gonna kill him? combat speed in your eyes is complete bullshit
        your just basing characters off on how fast they move during fights without giving a actual record to how fast it really is. just cause thor and thanos have not had cool flashy fats effects in an animation does not mean they lose.

        Like if you look in every debate that other peopel do, there basing them off of feats, not fucking combat speed. besides speed is not everything, just cause your fats does not mean you have good power or durability. Thor has kept up with people with FTL reactio and speed so he can macth mewtwo easily, not to mention thor is far too durable for mewtwo to handle. As for the storm, what the hell is mewtwo meant to do with that storm huh? besides even so, while mewtwo has a planetary storm, Thor has a cosmic storm, and that cosmic storm is legit inside of mjolnir. meanign thor can simply control mewtwo’s storms with mjolnir. plus like i said he can absorb and redirect energy attacks like mewto’s shadow balls. not to mention mjolnir can turn thor invisible and intangible, hell even travel through time and bring people back to life, that hammer is far more stronger then what you saw in the cartoons and movies. plus thor has another weapon he can use called jarnbjorn, and mewto cant detsroy it cause its legit unbreakable.
        plus thor has a killer move called godblast, which can kill galactus, and once you say mewtwo can beat galactus, every person within a 200k radius would try to find your location and kill you if you said that.
        besides thor could take on sentry and sentry can match world breaker hulk, who can destroy a universe 120 times over, not even arceus has managed that.
        hell thor has tanked beams that destroy his atoms,
        and whilemega mewtwo is strong, thor too has a super form called warriors madness, this increases his already universe destroying power by tenfold

        just how the fuck is mewtwo supposed to beat thor when he cant even managed a continent level attack, meanwhile thor over here can destroy a universe 120 times over
        fight an army for over a month straight
        has a weapon that legit can absorb all of mewtwo’s ranged attacks
        as well as make him intangible and invisible
        and defeated ares, who can fight within a span of plank time, aka the shortest amount of time we can imagine.
        think of plank time like this
        there are as many plank times in a second, as there are grains of sand on earth, and not just one earth 10 billion of them.
        and i made a mistake with thor destroying a universe 120 times over, i meant he can destroy the marvel universe 120 times over, which is MUCH bigger then the pokemon universe and our own

      • I gotta defend myself here though. They call me a master debater since I’ve been doing this for so many years. I’ve debated just about everything in the past and I just keep getting better. That’s the scary part, I learn new techniques each time.

        I do think Mewtwo would beat Galactus though. I’ve been debating for close to a year how Greninja would beat Galactus and it’s a very similar matchup. Mewtwo has the speed to take this.

        Now for the combat speed, I talk about it a lot because I consider it to be very important. You need combat speed if you want to be able to win the big fights and that’s why it’s the most important attribute of them all. Without combat speed you can’t overcome deficits in the other stats like power. Thor does have a lot of great abilities like Mjolnir and the god blast but he won’t be able to land those hits on Mewtwo. Mewtwo is just too fast and would manage to stay a step ahead as always. Thor’s best bet here is to get Mewtwo off balance and try to hit him while he’s distracted but that’s not going to be easy either. Lets face it, this is Mewtwo’s match to win or lose, nobody’s about to stop him.

  3. Dude im pretty sure a regular person who watches or talks about debate matches would know that a fuckign ninja frog would lose to a god that threatens the infinite multiverse. How tf does greninja and mewtwo meant to go up agiants a god thats fucking bigger then the planet earth.

    Second of all, why combat speed, just say fucking normal speed, normal speed and combat speed are the same, if you say reaction speed or movement speed then its reasonable.
    speed is not everything.
    I said this so many times, just cause your faster does not always mean your tougher and stronger and posses good abilities. Besides i already explained that thor can match ares in speed and ares can move in plank time, meanwhile your stupid ass has not even shown how fast mewtwo is, even if mewtwo was lightning fast thor would still be faster. so i want proof, proof of mewtwo actually being faster then plank time.

    • Here’s the link to the fight:

      Check it out, you may be surprised at some of the good points I’m bringing up in there. This is no ordinary frog, Greninja is incredibly powerful and I would make the case that he can casually planet bust based on how he hits the ground.

      Combat speed is much better than normal speed though. It has more uses and ultimately it’s what you really want if you want to win the fight.

      I will agree that speed doesn’t always win fights but if you are faster than your opponent and your hits can damage him then I would say you’re probably winning 9 times out of 10.

      All right I’ll get you some speed feats showing why Mewtwo’s speed is completely insane

      • I could not fucking believe what i saw in that fight
        i feel so bad for the dude there who had to deal with your bullshit.
        Greninja has not fucking accomplished light speed feats nor anything planetary, meanwhile galactus here is eating planets.

        combat speed is legit the fucking same as normal speed. your acting like its a fucking extra skill when in reality its the same fucking thing.

        and dude if your not strong or powerful enough to hurt the guy then what your doign is pointless and it wont get you anywhere, besides mewtwo cant dodge forever, hell agiants thor you should pray that mewtwo survives at least 5 strikes from his hammer.

        And btw if i dont get a speed feat thats faster then plank time or hell light speed then i win

      • Greninja has incredible feats though. He just keeps on going and I explained why he would stomp Galactus. It’s all about the fundamentals and his core abilities that the other fighters just can’t keep up with. Trust me on this one, it would be a very long day for Galactus.

        As for combat speed, nah it’s different. Put it this way, Naruto is massively FTL in combat speed but in normal speed we still see him run through the village like normal even in a serious situation. He isn’t able to cross the planet in an instant or anything like that guy.

        I’ve got you covered on the speed feats. Check this out:

        Mewtwo flying so fast he turns into light.

        Flying so fast there are after images and he’s dodging lasers.

        In general I recommend watching the Mewtwo vs Genesect film. It’s got all the best feats in one place there. It was incredible!

  4. God danm you put 0 effort into your research, for one, if your a guy who eats planets daily, and your a ninja frog who gets beaten by the evil version of puff the magic dragon. i dont think its hard to say who tf would win.
    When you say combat speed. your thinking how fast there moving during fights, but your like nah to every other speed feat teh character show. besides thor has already shown ftl speed feats during combat before so idk why the hell you keep talking, i already said to you he could.

    As for the proof you showed me, im just dissapointed.
    Idk which is worse for the first one
    the fact that mewtwo has not even reached lightning fast speed with him traveling.
    or the fact that you think that he was turning into a beam of light.
    Man was not moving at light speed at the time, hell, the mega mewtwo brinign genesect to space feat was much more faster.

    as for the second one, yes i have watched the movie, no shit, mewtwo my fav pokemon no shit im gonna watch the movie, and i have, when i was little.
    but like you said, its a laser feat. and a laser feat is not even close to plank time. did you even try to figure out what the hell plank time even is?
    long story short you failed ot bring me evidence of mewtwo being faster then plank time.

    • Something i also forgot to mention was that thor was just far more durable and had the means to outlast mewtwo, cause he is the same guy that fought an army for over a month straight. meaning mewtwo would not be able to maintain his speed nor strength for as long as thor can

      • Mewtwo won’t need to maintain his speed and strength for that long though because he would be putting Thor down. Thor is durable but not durable enough to the point where he could no sell Mewtwo’s attacks. He would be eating several Shadow Balls here and they all deal massive amounts of damage. What is Thor going to do to try and stay out of his way?

    • No I thought my research was real good. Sure Galactus eats planets but Greninja has super speed and a lot of attack power. He is always moving fastr than the casual fighter and would be putting Galactus away.

      Combat speed is important. Lets take Thor as a good example since you brought him up. He often gets hit by Iron man or other villains who aren’t that fast. He is able to tank the blows no doubt about that but isn’t fast enough to just dodge them. That’s still really good but not enough to deal with someone like Mewtwo who just doesn’t get hit. He uses his speed the right way and always is able to dodge the attacks. The Mewtwo taking Genesect to space feat was amazing so I’ll agree with you there.

      Plank time is just faster than the speed of gravity it takes for a plank to hit the ground when you’ve taken the weight off of it right? That’s slower than what I showed for Mewtwo here so I think that’s pretty much set. Mewtwo is just in a completely different league and it’s not even close.

      • The last paragraph has me rolling, it was so stupid, i cannot believe your this lazy.

        First off i already explained thor can absorb ranged attacks with mjolnir. and second, thor has taken star to universe level attacks and survived, what is mewtwo’s shadow balls a universal attack?

        Second fo all, galactus is bigger then the earth itself, greninja would just be an ant. how is speed meant to stop something that is larger then you 100x over and prob more. galactus would just eat up earth along with the thousands of greninja and pokemon that inhabit it.

        First off your saying iron man is not fast which is untrue, iron man can recat down to the picosecond thanks to friday. and other villans have been capable of the same.

        And dont act like mewtwo never gets hit, in the movie there have been times where the dude was shot down by the same lasers once and fell to the ground, and that was when he was mega evolved.

        and for the last time, im just fucking speechless, that is not what i mean by plank time. here is the definition of planck time, (this whole time i spelled it wrong, its spelled planck time)
        “Planck time is roughly 10−44 seconds. However, to date, the smallest time interval that was measured was 10−21 seconds, a “zeptosecond.” One Planck time is the time it would take a photon travelling at the speed of light to cross a distance equal to one Planck length.”

        and btw, there are as many planck times as there are many grains of sand on earth, thats how fast thor can move and react, or hell 10 billion earths in thor’s real case.

      • Thor has taken those attacks but it’s a big difference from taking an attack and then taking a ton of them. Mewtwo can legitimately spam these moves and at that point there is no way to stop him. Mjolnir has been broken several times in the past after all.

        As for Greninja, it’s a good thing that he’s so small. Galactus will have a hard time targeting him and will be on the defensive throughout. What this means is that Greninja can really just deal with him at will. There will be no way to escape his hard hitting attacks at all. Galactus will just have to come to terms with the fact that he is completely doomed here and that’s not an easy thing to live with. It would be a true game over moment here.

        Iron Man has good reaction times but I wouldn’t say he was super fast though. As for Mewtwo getting hit, he has gotten hit for sure but by super fast lasers like you mentioned. no shame in that.

        As for planck time, okay that’s interesting. So that’s pretty fast for sure but I would argue that’s not combat speed since we see Thor getting wrecked by the Wrecking Crew, none of them really have any good speed feats. So Mewtwo just has to zip around and keep pelting him with hits. Thor will not be getting up after that, the attacks would deal far too much damage

  5. Dude do you fucking think thor is just gonna stand there and get hit, for one he has taken much more attacks then a couple of shadow balls, two, the dude is FAR more of an expirenced fighter then mewtwo, 3 he fought an army for over a month straight, im pretty sure a couple of shadow balls are not taht big of a deal, and 4, what gennerally makes you think mewtwo posses the strength to destroy mjolnir, like just cause it can be broken does not mean you posses the power to destroy it.

    greninja’s attacks would be nothing but bug bites to galactus, and plus the dude can just eat the whole planet if he cant find greninja. greninja cant survive in space so he gonna die either way if galactus pulls up.

    as for mewtwo dodging lasers, yeah sure its expected he gets hit, but your the same guythat says he does not get it, and besides mewtwo is not dodging lasers in this fight, rn he is trying to dodge a fucking god of thunder who can move 200 quadrillion times faster then him. this god is faster then the lasers he has fought.

    And dude, wtf do you mean its not combat speed. thats the precise calculation for how fast ares is fucking moving. and thor keeps up with this dudes speed.
    besides what makes you think thor dodging multiple attackks from ares is not combat speed, but fucking mewtwo dodging a few lasers is?

    • It’s not that Thor will stand there but he won’t be fast enough to dodge or defend himself. That’s what will really get him into a lot of hot water here. No matter how much he tries to run, evade, and dodge, it just won’t be enough. Mewtwo’s speed is absolutely crazy.

      Mewtwo could destroy Mjolnir because his shadow balls are pure power. Mjolnir has been shown to exceed its limit when attacked directly and that’s what Mewtwo would do here. His Shadow Ball can be spammed and the hits would quickly start to add up until there’s just nothing that the guy can do.

      As for Greninja, his attacks also deal a lot of damage. It comes back to the point on how Galactus wouldn’t be fast or strong enough to dodge the attacks. So he would have to keep on eating them until he goes down and that’s where things get dicey for him. At that point there’s just no way he could stay in the game or survive long enough to do much of anything. Great durability is not enough for a fight like this because the hits add up.

      Mewtwo dodging lasers is more impressive than dodging Thor. Have you seen all of the villains who constantly out speed Thor and just keep on landing attacks? This Avenger would be completely out of luck here. Ares isn’t very fast either so that’s not a very impressive feat for Thor.

      • Dude i already said thor can move as fast as planck time so idk why you keep saying mewtwo is faster tbh. mewtwo has dodged a laser, and hell we dont knwo if genesects laser is a legit laser or its a light speed laser.

        mewtwo cannot destroy mjolnir simply because he does not posses the power needed too. Shadow balls are just another classic projectile. why do you think its strong enough to destroy mjolnir. its never shown that much strength compared to others who have actually broken mjolnir.

        Hell like i said, thor can just use mjolnir to will out the energy out of mewtwo.

        Another thing is why tf does speed matter when galactus can just eat the planet up along wiht greninja, where is greninja meant to go now after the planet is eaten? he would just die in space if he tried to escape the planet all together. and greninja’s attacks would be pretty much nothign to galactus, galactus is a being who threatens the infinite multiverse, i dont think greninja has that level of power

        People who have out spe or kept up with thor comes from two factors,

        One your focusing on both movie and cartoon thor, and those two versions were more nerfed then sasuke and naruto in the boruto anime. but comic book thor, the one i have been fucking talking about this entire time you moron, has done more shit that you cant even compare it to the movie and cartoon version.

        And dude once agian, planck time is WAY faster then laser dodging. so why tf would you say ares is not that fast dumbass

      • Ares isn’t that fast though. The whole planck time thing is a lot more impressive but bringing up Ares is pretty much an anti feat. All you’re doing by bringing him up is making me feel like Thor’s not ready for this kind of fight. You would not see Mewtwo struggling at all against someone like Ares because the speed difference is much too vast. It’s like a whole universe of difference between these fighters. You’re comparing Ares against one of the world’s strongest Pokemon of all time? No sir!

        I would actually argue that EMH animated Thor is his strongest portrayal out of al the Thors. He was able to catch the big gravitational blast from Graviton without a sweat. I’d like to see the others try that.

        Mewtwo’s shadow ball was able to deal damage to Mew and lets not forget that he also murdered Ash. Thor won’t be able to absorb that much energy, he would blow up like Yakon. No you need something more than power absorption here. You need unlimited power of an insane degree and not just anyone can pull that off. It’s just too difficult.

        As for Greninja, he would be spamming Galactus with power blows constantly with such ferocity that the big guy would go down before he could take down the planet. Greninja has been shown to make holes in the very ground itself and he’s taken on many powerful Pokemon before. Galactus doesn’t want any of that smoke.

  6. When i brang up ares, ares was the guy who moves as fast as Planck time. And thor kept up with ares in battle. And key word being think, you think bringing up ares is an anti feat but in reality its legit another feat that gives thor more wins. and ares was stated to be one of the strongest gods out there, ares would destroy mewtwo without even trying.

    Comic book thor is the strongest no debate, that blast was nothing close to his comic book self facing off agiants world breaker hulk who can destroy a universe 200x over.

    No shit mewtwo’s shadow ball damaged mew cause for one shadow ball is a ghost tpe move and mew is a psychic type, psychic is weak to ghost types and two there both equally matched cause mewtwo is the off spring of mew or the clone of mew. And bringing up mewtwo killling ash is porb just another desperate attempt to get mewtwo to win, Killing ash, a regular human, is no big feat.

    And no dude thor’s absorption does not have a limit. besides he does not just have to absorb all of mewtwo’s attacks he can dodge some and shoot lightning at them too.

    and im not gonna explain the last part with greninja cause your too stupid to understand, like far too stupid, there was a guy who was trying to explain to you how galactus beats greninja and i feel so bad for him cause he had to deal with talking to a idiot, its obviously a big troll and a lie to piss people off.

    • Ares? Planck time may not be as impressive as you’re thinking then because that guy is slow. He’s always a power type that gets rocked by everybody in his way. I wouldn’t consider him to be one of the more impressive guys that Thor has gone up against. You’d have better luck using Hyperion or Sentry to grab the feats here. Mewtwo would solo these guys.

      Comic book Thor is strong and all but I haven’t seen anything to suggest that he’s as fast as EMH Thor with his combat speed or that he can defend himself as well. Power without speed is just not worth it.

      I admit that destroying Ash isn’t the most impressive thing out there but I thought it was worth noting. Either way the important thing to remember here is that Mewtwo was absolutely giving Mew the hands. Type advantage or not, it showed that he had a whole lot of power. Mewtwo can block Thor’s lightning with his own psychic abilities so that’s not going to really be helping Thor there much at all. He’s going to be on the defensive a whole lot.

      Nah, Greninja beats Galactus. I see that you saw his comments but did you see mine? I was going in with all the evidence and everything! I wasn’t holding back, I just took it as far as I could and showed why Greninja is an existential threat to the multiverse. Or at the very least he’s planetary level but if Galactus dying does trigger the end of everything then the former still holds true

      • You underestimate ares greatly, im not suprised cause you underestimate every character in marvel and dc history if their up againts an anime character, im not saying the marvel and dc universe is stronger then the anime verse thats not the point.
        Planck time is actually the lowest reaction time in the irl world. its faster then light and the laser feats mewtwo had, keeping in mind we dont knwo if genesects techno blast laser is actually laser fast speed or if its light speed, based on what it was shown it really did not seem like a light nor laser feta but im gonna assume it is because planck time outspeeds it way better.

        Once agian combat speed same as normal speed L+ratio

        im far too lazy to explain just how stupid you are and its obvious this whole thing is a troll.
        There are debaters out there who just suck at debating and you even said debating is your job?
        No one is gonna pay you to find out which character can beat the other character.

        Its crazy to think there are human beings out there who think mewtwo can beat somebody who can destroy a universe 200x over. and can move 200 quadrillion times faster then the purple cat. hell thats prob not even the correct calculations its prob even more faster.

      • Ares isn’t that tough though. Are we talking about the same guy? This dude??

        Nooooo, man trust me you’re getting lost in the sauce here. This guy’s not too tough. Now I’m not saying that DC and Marvel are weak but they’re not nearly as powerful as the anime verse. That’s just the way that all the balls bounce. Thor’s fought a lot of faster and stronger guys in the past but fighting Ares is not a good feat. Give me the Genesect blasts any day. We don’t know if it’s light speed or not but it certainly looked really fast so it’s probably better than plank speed.

        Combat speed is different than normal speed though so I have to return that L. Put it this way, I can run to the deli in under 5 minutes but in a fight I can’t move that fast. It’s all about perspective and chronic sleeping.

        Debating is my job though. I’ve run this site for 10 years and this is how I make my income. Look at the views. I do this not just as a hobby or as my passion but because it’s the right thing to do. I be taking names and showing people what’s up.

        Mewtwo absolutely solos. You have to remember than moving that fast isn’t impressive unless it’s in a combat context. Likewise, destroying the universe is no good if you aren’t fast enough to hit the target.

  7. Dude its specifically said ares can move at planck time speeds, planck time speeds are faster then laser feats by a HUGE amount. to you he is not fast cause he is shown in a fucking comic book and not a anime show. Even science itself backs up that planck time is faster then lasers.

    your deli thing just proved my point agian, if someone is able to run to a deli market in under 5 minutes, (of course depending on how far this deli market is) then there likely really fast and have alot of stamina to do so, therfore in a fight they would accel in speed.
    and once agian dude, ares and thor fought each other and it was stated during their fight that he was battling thor at planck time speeds.

    Debating is not a actual real job, no one is actually gonna pay people to do this shit for ten years, hell your doing a shit job anyway so you might as well be fired.

    besides like i said, you have not proven how strong mewtwo is so therfore i wont believe he has the strength needed to take down thor, thor is someone who can fight army’s for over a month straight and can destroy a universe 200x over, since mewtwo cant macth thor’s speed, if he cant match his endurance and strength either, its gg

    • Dude this guy?

      He’s not even a bullet timer. Ares has never been a fast fighter like that. He just gets wrecked constantly in the comics and nobody takes him seriously. Even in the shows he never looks all that tough. I’m not saying that he’s weak but give me the Mewtwo speed feats any day of the week and I’m going with that. It’s the best way to go about this.

      My deli example supports my point though. Just because you can run there in 5 minutes doesn’t mean that you’ll be dodging someone’s punches in a fight. It’s why not every track and field star is a great boxer. It’s a different set of skills.

      I’ve been getting paid to be a debater for years through ad revenue man. I’m a professional debater and I’d say that my track record speaks for itself. They call me the GOAT of debating and I don’t take that title lightly. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire as they say. So when you see a big debate brewing, odds are that I’ll be there to drop the facts.

      Thor has great feats but Mewtwo shook the entire planet and broke an island by powering up. He has the raw power to hit Thor and the speed to stay one step ahead of him at all times. It’s why he is the strongest Pokemon to ever live, or at least one of them

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