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Yami Yugi vs One Above All

Suggested by Anonymous With the Yugioh film coming closer, it makes sense that Yami would return to the fray. While he is not completely confirmed to show up in the film, I am certainly banking on it! The One Above All has a lot of hype to hide behind, but I somehow don’t think that his omnipotence would help all that much in a duel. Yami has the heart of the cards on his side as well as a lot of tried and true strategies for success. Good luck to the One Above All trying to overcome that! Yami Yugi wins.

26 thoughts on “Yami Yugi vs One Above All”

  1. Do You Play The Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game, Or Do You Only Watch The Anime Shows And Movies? Just Wanted To Know What Kind Of Deck You Use If You Play It.

      1. Um.. Flame Wingman Is An Elemental Hero, Not A Number Card Like Number 39 Utopia, Or Number 17 Leviathan Dragon. But Flame Wingman Is My Favorite Elemental Hero Too, Along With Elemental Hero Steam Healer.

      1. That Depends, Because Kaiba Was Only An Antagonist In Season 0, While The Rest Of The Show He’s An Anti Hero, So I Guess That Leaves Marik And Don Thousand. Mine Would Probably Be Master Dartz. Don Thousand Is A Great Choice Though.

      2. I Liked Don Thousand Quite A Bit When I Was Watching Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. I Still Can’t Get Enough Of That Show, I’ve Already Seen It Twice Now.

  2. How about
    Yami Yugi Vs Master Roshi
    Yami Yugi Vs Oolong
    Yami Yugi Vs Chichi
    Yami Yugi Vs General Blue
    Yami Yugi Vs Tao Paipai
    Yami Yugi Vs Iron Man
    Yami Yugi Vs The Hulk
    Yami Yugi Vs Ant-man
    Yami Yugi Vs Captain America
    Yami Yugi Vs The Sentry
    Yami Yugi Vs The Impossible Man
    Yami Yugi Vs Chaz Princeton
    Yami Yugi Vs Play Maker (Yusaku Fujiki)
    Thanks a bunch.
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

    1. Sure, I’ll add these to the vault. Definitely a lot of Yami Yugi battles! However currently you still show up as an anonymous poster. To prevent your requests from getting thrown in with the rest of the anonymous ones can you comment again with some kind of account. Whether it be through WP or Twitter then you would get your own section in the vault and the battles would show up quicker.

  3. Have you seen “Avengers Infinity War” yet? I’ve heard many good things about it.
    #Thanosdemandsyoursilence #hype #bestmarvelmovie
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

    1. Yeah, I finally saw it so I’m definitely going to get the review up pretty soon. It was really good. Not the absolute best Marvel film, but certainly top 5 and they did a good job of making the stakes quite high

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