Mr Freeze vs Elsa

Suggested by Kaiju115 Elsa has grown more accustomed to using her abilities and did a fair job of stopping her attackers considering that she had no prior training. That being said, Mr Freeze is very experienced with his freeze gun and would have a tactical advantage over Elsa. A Frozen sequel could potentially change things as a mild power up is all that Elsa would need, but at the moment she simply isn’t ready to handle such a veteran. Mr Freeze wins.

3 thoughts on “Mr Freeze vs Elsa

  1. I have to disagree. Mr. Freeze can only freeze things with his gun. Elsa’s powers are based more in magic then science and has more control over it. She’s shown being able to make bridges and castles out of ice quickly and with ease and she’s able to bring ice monsters to life. Elsa wins.

    • Elsa’s power being natural is definitely a nice bonus for her, but she still doesn’t have a whole lot of combat experience. Mr. Freeze has been taking people down for ages and his suit gives him a pretty good resistance to ice. Elsa has that resistance as well, but she was having some trouble against the gunmen in the film. She’s certainly grown more confidence over the years so it would be a better fight. I think if we ever get a Frozen 2 then this could easily change since we’ll be able to really see her skills

  2. Depends on the Mr. Freeze.
    This fight’s conditions: Freeze
    Post-Crisis: Freeze
    DCAU: Dunno, maybe a little in Elsa’s favor.
    Original film series(Schumacher era): Elsa twists Freeze’s head off and goes home. Unless it’s a duel of Elsa singing Let it go and Freeze’s ice puns in which case double KO from both parties fainting.

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