Sonic vs One Above All

Suggested by Anonymous The One Above All doesn’t mess around. I think I speak for everyone when I say that he has had a controversial history. People either think that he is incredibly powerful and can wipe out a whole multiverse of that he is about as strong as an old man who can fly. I’m in the latter group to be honest so don’t expect much from the guy in this round. Sonic will just run rings around him and use his hand to hand prowess to overwhelm the guy. TOAA can see what is coming but he simply can’t dodge it. Sonic wins.

42 thoughts on “Sonic vs One Above All

  1. “An old man who can fly.” Lol here we go again with that. He’s only taken that form when talking to Peter and the Fantastic Four. He recreated a universe and given a fraction of his power to the HOTU. He wasn’t an old man there.

      • You don’t take the most popular form. You take the strongest form because that’s the proper way of debating. It’s like your logic of the solar system busting feat of Cell makes him powerful enough to bust the Omniverse but no he can’t since because something is intense doesn’t make it that way.

      • That’s true, I do use the strongest form for the actual fight. The only difference though is that TOAA is a little younger in his best form. It doesn’t help all that much

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