Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Stats and Records

Stats time!

21/50 Trophies
Droids Destroyed as Jedi 1315
Droids Destroyed as Clone 669
Falls 112
Challenges 3
Deaths 141
Destroyed Battle Droids 1270
Destroyed Super Battle Droids 363
Destroyed Destroyer Droid 48
Destroyed Spider Droid 68
Destroyed Crab Droid 36
Destroyed Chameleon Droid 85
Destroyed Sabotage Droid 76
Destroyed Magna Guard 28
Destroyed Vulture Guard 5
Destroyed Octuptarra Droid 4
Jumps 1848
Droid Jumps 85
Actor Jumps 4
Boost Jumps 17
Melee Attacks 1370
Rounds Fired 4768
Grenades 83
Rockets 41
Force Points 152160
Run Distance 46495
Hover Distance 551


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