Howard Aguello vs One Above All

Suggested by Destroyer Howard may have taken more than a few losses so far but he is more than a match for someone like The One Above All. TOAA can’t stand up to bullets very well and he isn’t quick enough to evade them. Despite his fearsome reputation the One Above All has yet to prove anything really. It’s curtains for him and he desperately needs a power up. Howard Aguello wins.


12 thoughts on “Howard Aguello vs One Above All

  1. If The One Above All does not have enough proof to be classified as a fighter, why do you have so many threads dedicated to him? If you know he doesn’t have accomplishments that meet your standards, why pit him against anyone? It makes so sense to me. Wouldn’t it be more fair to exclude fighters that don’t meet your… unique expectations rather than setting them up for fights and wait for them to accomplish something before adding them to you hierarchy?

    Also…”Ine Above All”?

    You couldn’t be bothered to proof your work?

    • Well, he’s a fan favorite. If you notice in the first line, this isn’t even a fight of mine, but rather it was requested by someone else. He ca still fight as he defeated Nemo a while ago I believe. His stats are that of an old man’s so it’s not as if he is completely powerless. Plus, I’d be waiting many years for him to get feats because I don’t believe he ever will. He’s just coasting on his reputation.

      Good catch, it’s fixed now. I probably fell asleep while writing the post since it was so lopsided

      • Stats of an old man?

        The One Above All has taken the form of pure energy. He/She is not restricted to remain in the form of an elderly person. You merely assume his capabilities are restricted to this degree because your perception is vain. You lack the vision necessary to find hidden layers. You judge everything based on the aesthetics and formulate your own statistics based on your own perspective of a character rather than the lore presented by the given medium. If you believe the One Above All will never be registered with any accomplishments that satisfy these criteria, why is he/she even in a fight? Clearly you know he/she is not a fighter seen as how you have referenced an instance where he/she fought the child of a clown fish. That alone shows you have little to no faith in him/her.

        Even if these fights were asked of by other viewers, it is up to you to decide if it is worth the backlash. You should be able to determine if a character is considered eligible to participate regardless of who requests them. For instance, you could say a character needs to have bested a skilled individual in combat using their powers and/or special abilities. It would also help to provide a statistical analysis to determine their level of power BEFORE you decide the verdict. If they can’t fight, don’t include them. It’s as simple as that.

        Therefore, both Nemo AND the One Above All should not be listed as fighters. They clearly do not possess the requirements necessary to do battle based on the essential properties you believe each fighter must bring to the table. If you know they have never once achieved anything that can bolster their statistics on your blog, why put them in a battle? Why not just remove characters if they have shown little to no skills in combat? I view that as the mature thing to do. It’s not fair to force them to into a battle you’ve engineered them to lose.

        Also… I thought you couldn’t edit your posts.

      • Well, pure energy isn’t going to help since you need some substance. If he took on a good tangible form then that could help. Like if he was a middle aged man made of energy or something like that. I can’t just write TOAA off just because I think he’ll never get any skills because maybe he will someday. I have no faith in TOAA, but his fans do. If someone requests a fight with two eligible fighters, I’m not going to deny it just because I’m worried of what others think or have gotten nervous about it. I don’t include characters who literally can’t fight, but TOAA can still limp over to an opponent and throw a punch. He’s extremely weak, but not completely powerless. I do my best to give a nice analysis during the match summary though.

        As the saying goes, there is always someone stronger and someone weaker. If I started excluding fighters, it would be hard to know where to stop. Best to keep them in and let them duke it out. I’m sure you could find many opponents weaker than these two if necessary and you could give them a good record.

        Nah, it’s easy. I even overturn matches if something changes or new evidence is brought up. For actual edits like that I post a notice within the match stating the date when the match was overturned though.

      • Then what’s the point?

        If you’re setting the One Above All to lose whenever an actual fight takes place, why even bother doing it for his fans? You are obviously setting it up to lead to the least favorable outcome out of spite. In fact, based on your rants in the past, you don’t believe the One Above all can even throw a punch. If limping over an opponent (one that can actually perform in battle) is the best you can give him, you should know good and well that he will never win. You’ve already made the point that he is “featless” or at least can be registered as such on your blog. As it would seem, you have also contradicted your own past statements as well. You have been doing nothing but making numerous negative implications as a way of making the One Above All the most powerless entity of all time. If this is in fact true, you know for a fact that he is not eligible to fight anything stronger than 6-year-old child. Any fight you develop where the One Above All is required to do battle with anything strong enough to lift two pounds will result in his demise. There’s no point in making fights where the other fighter isn’t even a fighter.

        Additionally, I’m not saying you should exclude fighters. I’m saying you should exclude any characters that are NOT fighters. Nemo and the One Above All fall under that category in your case. If they lack the physiological requirements to engage in battle, they should not enter at all.

      • It’s not out of spite though, it’s just that I think he’s incredibly weak. TOAA can throw a punch, but just barely and it will be so slow and telegraphed that any half decent opponent should be able to dodge with ease. TOAA is a thinker not a fighter. Taking him out of the blog now would be way too late and it would also be sad for his fans who look forward to throwing him a bone once in a while. As long as a character can think, move, or fight in some way then they are eligible to be fighters. As I said, there is always someone weaker so it’s not as if TOAA is the absolute weakest fighter on the blog. He’s just one of the weaker ones. I try to give my viewers full power over the fights in the sense that they can request almost anything so it doesn’t make sense to limit it just because TOAA is absorbing a lot of losses. It’s regrettable, but it’s how it has to be.

      • Also, the One Above All did appear as a man of energy.

        In fact, he appeared as a young man AND woman made of energy.

      • That, or he was just made out of light.

        I honestly can’t tell with the illustration.

        Light, energy, swamp gas–it was never explicitly explained what he was made of during that comic.

        I don’t really have a right to make such a potentially inaccurate assessment based on aesthetics alone.

        Either way, it still bolsters how ill-prepared he is in a battle of combat related accomplishments.

        That isn’t to say he’s weak. He just doesn’t have accomplishments that are spoon-fed to less… experienced researchers.

        I think you should definitely heed my idea of only including fighters that have shown the capacity to earn such a title in your battles.

        It ensures that other visitors don’t accuse the fights of being “spite treads”.

        *Spite Threads: Exceedingly one-sided hypothetical battles made for the sake of asserting discontent towards a weaker, yet very popular, fictional character; typically associated with social media.*

      • TOAA being light helps a bit as he would be around middle aged then which is an improvement, but it’s a little iffy. If he was made of gas, then it doesn’t help at all and knowing TOAA that could certainly be the case. People can accuse the matches of being spite threads, but they’d be off base since it was a request. They have to hold the L and work towards improving his record instead of finding loopholes

  2. It is not how it has to be. You are the one in control of this.

    DReager1, fictional battles are meant to be though provoking and exciting. There is nothing exciting or thought provoking about making a character who has never done so much as attack anyone or anything enter a combat scenario they won’t survive two seconds in. Like you said, any attempt the One Above All intends to make in order the cause harm will be easily avoidable and an eligible fighter needs to be able to think, move, or fight. The One Above All has only shown to have the capacity to perform the first two actions. Do any of the battles you have simulated provoke any amount of excitement in your psyche when the One Above All if facing off against a real brawler?

    No. No they don’t.

    Because, from your end, there couldn’t even be an exchange in blows because of how quickly the One Above All would be injured or placed into a comatose state. It would so one-sided that the result would be the equivalent of throwing an elderly man diagnosed with arthritis into a ring with a professional martial artist where no remorse is involved. Would you allow that old man do battle when both the opponent and the referee lack the righteousness to disqualify that man before he sustains any brutal injuries? If people requested that, would you give it to them? Would you create a battle so unbalanced that it would only serve to humiliate the weaker fighter?

    That is what is happening here.

    So, don’t lie about doing it for that fans. At this point, you know what their reaction will be. They will attack you aggressively and spend days, weeks, or even months trying to expel their rage towards the injustice you have designed. They would REJOICE at the idea of you leaving him out of future battles. It eventually gets boring watching the same desperate character lose repeatedly.

    So… why keep going?

    If you know he can’t win, letting him fight is meaningless is it not? Why add insult to injury when almost no one has any desire to dignify these battles with positive feedback? Why feature a character you do not believe in and continue to make this evident by forcing him to fail due to your disbelief in his godhood when others see otherwise? Why make a character continuously fail when there is nothing to be gained?

    Besides, the battle requests you receive for the One Above All are spite requests too. All his fans view him as the all-powerful god of the “Omniverse”.
    Do you honestly think they GENUINELY want a decent fight? They obviously just want to see a popular character get annihilated.
    Obviously, they want to make one-sided battles that fall in the favor of a boundless and unstoppable entity for the sake of releasing THEIR angst. Others just know you’ll have him lose and merely wish to create a exceeding long page comments dedicated to proving you wrong.
    The latter group consists of the “trolls” you hear of so much.

    It’s been done before hundreds of times and, knowing the internet, it will happen thousands of times more.
    Then, the cycle continues for years to come and nothing is learned or gained. Time is wasted and idiocy prevails.

    But… if you want to keep including him… that’s fine.

    If you want to keep making him fight, that’s fine.

    If you want to keep watching him lose, that’s fine too.

    Just keep him in his league.

    You can’t keep making him fight characters with power he cannot compete with. Every martial artist, supernatural entity, and even basic brawlers will beat him every time. We all know who you’ll give the victory to. It’s been the same trend repeated continuously without end. At this point, there is nothing to look forward to. The only successful battles he’ll be a part of are only against foes that are practically unaware or incapable of performing anything pertaining to combat.

    Those aren’t victories. They’re handouts.
    Handouts that only add insult to injury to the fact that he is completely unreliable to you. By giving him such a weak victory, you are insulting his fans and bolstering the idea that his strength amounts to nothing in your eyes. It shows that you don’t care.

    It’s getting old and it’s not funny.

    It’s just boring…

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