Dragon Ball FighterZ Stats and Records

Stats time!

Play Time 27h 01m
20/36 PS4 Trophies
Zeni 92021

Story Clears
Super Warrior Arc Normal
Enemy Warrior Arc Normal
Android 21 Arc Normal

Snake Way Course S
Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course S
Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course A
Snake Way Course (Hard) C
Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course (Hard) –
Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course (Hard) –

Local Battles 1
Training Play Time 11m
Battle Tutorial Missions Completed 12
Combo Challenges Completed 230
Times Shop Used 335
Zeni Acquired 422021

Story Stats

Skills 35/80

Character Levels

Goku Level 40
Android 21 Level 40
Frieza Level 32
Cell Level 32
Android 18 Level 39
Android 16 Level 29
Vegeta Level 20
Gohan Level 19
Ginyu Level 19
Nappa Level 18
Gotenks Level 12
Piccolo Level 10
Buu Level 6
Tien Level 4
Krillin Level 3
Yamcha Level 3

Super Warrior Arc
Battle Record 44-0
Completion 70%
Play Time 3h 5m

Enemy Warrior Arc
Battle Record 37-0
Completion 57%
Play Time 2h 46m

Android 21 Arc
Battle Record 39-0
Completion 85%
Play Time 2h 21m


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