Chi Chi vs Despero

Suggested by iKnowledge Chi Chi used to be quite the fighter when she was a kid. Unfortunately she basically stopped fighting as she grew up and so she unfortunately never got much of a power level. Meanwhile Despero is a very strong villain who has gone up against Superman in the past. I actually think Chi Chi won’t be able to match his power and I’m not even sure if she can outspeed him. If only she had gone Super Saiyan at some point. Despero wins.

2 thoughts on “Chi Chi vs Despero

  1. I agree with this. Chi-Chi has no chance. Even if Despero could bench-press Tanzania’s Mount Meru, there’s his mind control and affecting abilities to consider. As I recall, Chi-Chi got mind-controlled during the Garlic Jr Saga/Movie, and Despero has put the Justice League under his control more than once. So, Despero could replicate the Black Mist Water effect, and have Goku’s wife fight him and his friends.

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