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Yami Yugi vs Hulk

Suggested by Super Dark Shadow Hulk may not be the bravest Marvel hero, but he is still one of their stronger fighters. When it comes to raw power few can beat him, but Yami Yugi still has a quality monster army at his disposal that will prove to be too much for him. The best part is that he can also use run and gun tactics to chip away at Hulk’s health and his spell and trap cards will at least slow down the Green Goliath down a bit. Yami Yugi wins.

2 thoughts on “Yami Yugi vs Hulk”

  1. I think Yami Yugi still has a great chance of losing. The Hulk is amazingly strong. What’s to stop Hulk from squeezing him like a bottle of Mustard, and crushing him in the process? Even if the monsters could fight him, Yugi’s body could be broken before line.

    1. Hulk would have to catch Yami Yugi first and that would be really difficult. Yugi’s monsters form an almost unbreakable wall in front of him and his spells/traps would also keep the Hulk at bay. Yugi’s a formidable foe because of how many options he has at his disposal

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