Attack on Titan Season 3 Review

Well, it’s time to quickly talk about season 3 of Attack on Titan. The season isn’t quite over as it’s on the mid-season break but my journey with it likely is. This season finally crossed the TV-14 threshold and Toonami bumped it up to TV-MA. Now, this might not be for all episodes, possibly just one or two here and there, but it was still a pretty solid jumping off point. TV ratings have always been a little all over the place as sometimes shows just keep whatever rating they got for a while even if the individual episodes don’t deserve it. You see this frequently with many shows on Toonami. There’s less effort put into the ratings than if it were a movie as I suppose they think the fans will just keep on watching anyway. If you know that lets say one episode of Black Clover coming up will be TV-14 you might as well give the rating to all of the episodes or a good chunk of them. Sometimes they’ll update the rating other times they won’t. So for Titan it may end up sticking to TV-14 most of the time or once they go to MA they may not bother switching it back for a while. The ratings can be a bit arbitrary but either way I don’t watch any TV-MA episodes on principle. It’s a guideline that I’ve always stuck to. Anyway I doubt I’m missing much since this show was never all that good.

From the few episodes I did see the show was off to a terrible start anyway. The heroes are torturing their prisoners now to get information. Their desperation to come out on top has ultimately made them into the villains they were trying to stop. That’s a common theme within the series as the characters constantly justify their actions or throw themselves a pity party. None of them stay heroic by the end so you probably end up rooting for the ones who are less corrupt than the others. As most of the characters know what the others are doing and still do nothing, there aren’t too many innocents around. It’s a shame but the character cast certainly isn’t going to be holding you on to the hype.

This arc deals with the political struggles within the walls for the majority of the season. The government is trying to regain control while the Survey Corps are starting to wonder if they should be in charge. Then of course you’ve got the Titan shifters who have some kind of plan in mind to recapture Eren once more and of course Kenny has been hired to help get Eren for the government. With nobody to trust and everyone showing up as villains it’s a pretty sticky situation for all parties involved. If you enjoyed the Titan battles of previous seasons then you’ll be disappointed as there isn’t much fighting here. You have the huge oversized titan but that’s barely even a fight. No worries as part 2 of season 3 will bring the action back if you’ve made it that long.

The negatives are basically the same as in all of the other seasons. The violence is still wildly over the top. The series thrives on being as depressing and dark as possible with everyone not wanting to die before they finally do. The characters are constantly whining and collateral damage to the civilians is always to be expected. Whole towns will be used as bait by the “heroes.” I don’t recall as much animal violence here as in season 2 which is nice even if it’s not enough to save the series. Historia’s backstory is definitely pretty dark and it makes her decision to listen to the father seem rather terrible even from the start. Sometimes it really does seem like Eren is the only reasonable character in the series.

I will give the series props for its tight animation and soundtrack as always though. A lot of budget is clearly put into this series and it always delivers time after time. It’s just a shame since the series could do so much more with itself. Put this creative team in front of another big title like a Black Cat reboot and it would be nice to see. On a technical level you just can’t fault this series. I dare say that they increased the speed even more on the zip lining through the city scenes like when Levi tries to escape the government agents. I’m sure those scenes took a lot of work to create.

Naturally this review is a little on the shorter side since I didn’t watch much. The episodes I did see didn’t have much going on so it’s not like there is too much new content to discuss. I do have to say that seeing Eren get kidnapped is always iffy since with his titan powers I’d like to see him be more prepared for these attempts. Summon a little armor at all times or something like that. I think with enough practice he would be able to use such a skill and then he’s really be nice and overpowered. The government agents would stop messing with him at that point.

Overall, By this point you will likely know if you like Attack on Titan or not. It’s not as if the series has changed since season 1. It’s still the same characters fighting Titans even if their situations have grown more complicated. The writing style has not changed nor has the animation or the soundtrack. It’s a very familiar series that you’ll have nostalgia for as soon as you watch the first episode. Whether good or bad memories surface from this is another question entirely. I fully expect that we will get a season 4 once season 3 ends and the series isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With the manga possibly ending relatively soon (2 years or so) the anime will probably have a finishing point by around season 5 but you really never know. In the meantime I’ll be content with my quality action shows like Dragon Ball Super and RWBY.

Overall 1/10

105 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 3 Review

  1. I just love how armin was one of three main characters in the beginning but we are way passed that now πŸ˜‚he doesn’t even exist and the political nonsense is just crazy filler I never thought would even happen lol

    • True, Armin really got thrown to the shaft. It’s almost odd since you’d think that he would adapt the best to a more political themed season. Ah well, at least the political stuff should basically be over now so the series can actually get back to the Titan part.

  2. I like that you gave it a 1 review. It wasn’t the best season at all. Not enough titans for me. Too many secrets that still are not revealed.

      • How about Slayers TRY ? It also has strong reference of Evangelion. Especially for Filia and Valgarv, as both are Shinji and Kaworu , respectively

      • Valgarv is actually kind and loving “villain”. He loves Filia unconditionally and selflessly. Even her races, Golden Dragon killed so many human (especially in one episode where “dragon” kills some city, but I believed it’s Golden Dragon who did that, since human doesn’t know Golden Dragon’s . That’s why Filia hide it from them) and his, Ancient Dragon or even ended “killed” by her (indirectly, since Lina killed him with Dragon Slave, but failed, because of being mazoku), he still believed that Filia is just innocent dragon and deserved to be loved, even if it cost his life or even destroy the world (since he thinks that world hates her for being despicable dragon)

      • He even feels sympathy to her, until it leds his tears falls down (Especially in ep 14 in *Japanese version, for exact*, where he uses telekinesis (via Ragudo Mezegis) and Filia has a hard time talking

      • Starting to enter tricky territory here so lets keep the comments PG. I can’t say that I noticed any of that although I remember you commenting on that in the past. I’d say that they were just enemies who could have been friends

      • hahaha. It’s from my deleted account. riasstuff. I’m sorry for my suggestive comment. But, Slayers TRY is actually mature, even by Slayers Standard :”) :’)

      • True, on the surface Slayers is a happy comedy but I guess it’s more intense beyond that. It was definitely a fun franchise while it lasted

      • I’m not sure if I’d go that far though. I’d probably put it at TV-PG. It can have some suggestive themes, but stays classy for the most part

      • Because I think slayers try actually has character with Blue and orange morality (such as Valgarv and Xellos)

      • Xellos’s action maybe horrible (as betraying Lina and co. is normal to him *he’s mazoku afterall*), but his intentions is actually honorable, because he takes Filia as hostage to Golden Dragon is, of course, to save her from “dark path” of her races and Valgarv’s sake

      • I think even with those intentions it doesn’t excuse Xellos though. At the end of the day it’s basically all just a bunch of justifications. He’s still being corrupt and morally bankrupt the whole time. His end goals do coincide with the heroes at times though

      • It was good that Valgarv could see past the species and accept Filia for who she was. It’s part of why he has such a strong character. Villains who have a sense of honor/pride are always the best

      • He’s gentle hearted half mazoku. Filia deserved to be loved by him. And she sees him as good parent, too.

      • Because It’s Valgarv who is able to hear Filia’s deep wish (namely real love, not world saving) and what she’s actually feel (exp. In ep 13, Valgarv’s dragon hand feels trembling when Filia is bad mouthed by Xellos)

      • Right, he’ll never admit that he’s here to defend her and go for the team up but if someone tries to attack her he’ll be there right away. With enough training they could be one of the stronger duos in Slayers

      • Plus he knows Filia is not a monster who kills his races. She’s just mentally and emotionally wounded little dragon who’s troubled by her duty as priestess

      • They definitely gotta stick together to fight off the enemies. After all, what’s the point of being the best if nobody else is there to appreciate it?

      • That’s right. Everyone else will helping each other, even the best can’t be the best if there’s anyone who help them

      • He’s also breakdown, to the point he shed tears when he knows it’s not Filia he knows (which means she’s drunk into “dark side” of her races, Golden Dragons who worship Vrabazzard

      • Since Valgarv doesn’t care such as common human sense, such as “good” or “evil”, he thinks when he made Filia hold Ragudo Mezegis to destroy the world and summon Dark will cure her pain and darkness in her mind

      • Valgarv will do anything in order to achieve his objectives. Now, what his objectives are has certainly changed over the years considerably.

      • I guess so, but it’s his first intentions, to venge Lina for Garv’s death. His purpose now is Filia’s happiness and well-being (as he discovered that mazoku actually kills his master, Garv, but this is not the point anymore)

      • I think his main purpose is still just to get into a lot of fights though right? He’s a nice guy, but I’m not sure if he really cares beyond that.

      • He loves fight afterall. As mazoku, fighting is their natural instinct, which is carries from his master, Garv

      • By earlier episode, he orders Jillas and Gravos to take care her, while trying to take Gorun Nova. Here, he knows Filia and accept her at first as innocent, but frail hearted dragon who deserved to be loved

      • Pretty impressive there. I mostly just remember Tri having a lot of hype battles with Valgarv and the gang. He could really fight with the best of em

      • Yeah… In the end, Valgarv’s is de agged into egg (but his body gets back into his real age by some Japanese source. It’s even before Slayers season 4 here) and Filia plus his fellows take care their “de agged” parent figure

      • Getting deaged is always pretty unfortunate for the character in question, but I look forward to seeing him grow up again. Who knows, he may be even stronger when he returns in that case

      • It’s from official source of Slayers Try (but in Japanese only, see valgarv dramata but with all Japanese text) that Valgarv returned to his real age. That’s great. In the end, Valgarv and Filia are together and being couple 😍😍😍 (Valgarv and Filia is actually favorite Slayers couple in Japanese, after Zelgadis and Amelia)

      • Ah, interesting. I’m hoping we get to see Valgarv team up with Lina and friends against the cosmic enemies then. Having someone like him on their side will be an immense help

      • Hahaha 🀣🀣🀣 I must be funny too, when Valgarv interact with Lina again

      • Since Valgarv and Filia doesn’t have common sense, which is even more naive than Gourry, it must be funny when Lina interact with them again

      • Hahaha πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can’t help it

      • Filia actually good at fighting. At physical fight, Filia could be win against Lina, since she has good teleportation ability, which Xellos and Valgarv have (both in human and dragon form)

      • While I don’t think she can beat Lina, I’d definitely agree that Filia can fight. She shouldn’t be underestimated by any means

      • I think she’s just good at holy magic (even a her healing magic is holy magic type), unlike Lina, who is good at all magic (but black magic is her Trump card)

      • Black magic usually beats holy magic though so that would help her case. Of course, Lina can rarely control her abilities so I think a big part of the fight will revolve around how long Lina’s endurance will last

      • Filia is also good example of the innocent , but traumatized children who lost their “humanity” and “faith” due to the dark circumstances. Of course, as story progress, Valgarv’s purpose to destroy the world is not to revenge his master, Garv anymore, but to heal Filia’s pain and her lost “humanity”

      • It’s good that he stopped trying to destroy the world because he would have become a pretty big target for Lina and the others. Sometimes it’s definitely best not to attract so much attention

      • Filia has emotion, but her “humanity”, such as feel lost her beloved one was begone, since she’s worked as Vrabazzard’s dragon priestess (her circumstances is dark and the most evil temple one)

      • Yeah, she usually did feel pretty emotional throughout the series. I remember wanting her to harness that emotion into a big power up

      • Slayers Try itself is actually not a show which always shown who is “good” or “evil”. This is about humanity and faith. Strangely, main antagonist, Valgarv, is actually good character which shows Filia, the innocent who lost “humanity” a selfless and unconditional love

      • Yeah calling Slayers Try a show about good and evil would be simplifying it. It’s really a story about Lina and the gang going around on their adventures and stumbling onto some really big plots. Ultimately they stop whoever is getting into trouble and then continue on their merry way

  3. Filia is actually cute and nice, but due to being emotionally unstable (justified, she has bad parent figure, Supreme Elder and her life and past must be horrible, as well. It doesn’t help she had post traumatic stress disorder to mazoku), Lina and others feels annoyed and jerk. Even Xellos, who himself is a bit annoying, doesn’t like her so much, since she bad mouth his master, Xellas Metallium, who is an old, decrepit mazoku lord (It’s clear. Filia actually has parental issue to Supreme Elder here).

    • Yeah it’s definitely tough for Filia. She needs more supportive characters with her. Otherwise her only option is to be like Yusuke Urameshi or something where she can just talk tough to everyone and make them back down. It’s always tough putting up such a front though

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