Bowser Jr vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic Bowser Jr is an interesting Mario character. He has appeared quite a lot over the years and continues to get more popular, but we still don’t know much about him. He’s got a robot suit though and a whole arsenal of other support vehicles. This will make it difficult for Snake to pin him down. While his conventional weaponry could do the job if he lands enough hits, I think Bowser Jr is resourceful enough to dodge and land the finishing blows. Bowser Jr wins.

3 thoughts on “Bowser Jr vs Snake

  1. I think Bowser Jr would win too. He has so many gadgets to use and he will most likely play dirty against Snake. If Bowser Jr was to fight without his toys, Snake might win.

    • Without his toys Bowser Jr’s best bet would definitely be to try and get out of there. At that point Snake’s military training should kick in and he could land some great combos

      • Yeah Snake is good at combat and with Bowser Jr had to fight fair, he is better off calling it quits and call his dad to fight for him.

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