Snake vs ROB

Suggested by Sonic Time for Snake to go up against a robot. ROB may look fairly unimpressive, but don’t let his design fool you. This guy’s a fighter through and through. He’s got lasers for days and will very quickly begin to take the advantage here against Snake. Snake has more guns on his side, but he just doesn’t have anything durable enough to withstand ROB’s counter attacks. Throw in the fact that ROB can effectively fly through his hover boosts and Snake will have a hard time staying out of the line of fire. ROB wins.

3 thoughts on “Snake vs ROB

    • Yeah this was a pretty interesting fight. As the Ancient Minister ROB really looked super impressive, but he’s definitely been beaten in the past. If Snake has a big enough bazooka he could definitely do some real heavy damage

      • Yeah I don’t know much about Metal Gear Solid, I thought Snake would at least have some experience with combating with robots.

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