Touma vs Asta

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of anti magic users. Asta has his twin swords which nullify all magic and can also repel it while Touma does this by hand. The main difference here though is that Touma’s only real power is in his hand so Asta can ditch his swords and just make this a hand to hand brawl. At that point there really isn’t anything that Touma can do to keep up. Asta is a whole lot stronger and faster not to mention the fact that he can also read ki. Asta wins.

8 thoughts on “Touma vs Asta

  1. I’m 2 year’s late but WHAT Asta can go hand to hand LMAO Touma can easily beat Asta in hand to hand and Touma has fought stronger and faster enemies than Asta, what’s behind Imagine Breaker is even more worse it has stopped a freaking planet busting attack what did Asta do? Touma has Precognition better than that Ki stuff which Asta Learned just by listening to Yami, and do you even know anything about Touma

    • Touma’s not great at speed or hand to hand combat so I don’t see him matching Asta in close quarters combat. At the end of the day Touma’s a super glass cannon. He can tank just about any hit with his arm and he can also obliterate most opponents in the same tact. The issue is that physically he’s not all that powerful though. I’ve completed the whole Index series and by the end he never got as strong as Misaka or Accelerator

      • have you ever seen asta do hand to hand combat ?, plus Touma has precognition if I remember correctly

      • I’d count swordplay in close quarter combat though. In a fist fight he should still win though just due to being too fast and strong

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