Touma vs Asta

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of anti magic users. Asta has his twin swords which nullify all magic and can also repel it while Touma does this by hand. The main difference here though is that Touma’s only real power is in his hand so Asta can ditch his swords and just make this a hand to hand brawl. At that point there really isn’t anything that Touma can do to keep up. Asta is a whole lot stronger and faster not to mention the fact that he can also read ki. Asta wins.

Saten Ruiko vs Touma

Touma is pretty tough for a level 0. His power is matched only by his ability to destroy all magic and science. Saten may have some decent hand to hand skills for when the going gets tough, but Touma is superior in this area. He cannot be defeated here and that means that Saten will have to settle for a loss. Touma wins.

One Above All vs Touma

The One Above All is a guy to be feared, but there’s no way that he can hope to defeat Touma. Touma has his right arm of justice and as you can packs a punch! The One Above All would definitely go down in a single swing. He just can’t hope to match up against such power! Touma wins.

Touma vs Accelerator

Accelerator is back and now he’s up against Touma! Touma has always had an incredibly powerful right hook, but that won’t be enough to stop Accelerator. Accelerator’s far too fast and he’s also much stronger than Touma. Touma can try and land a solid hit against him, but it won’t be enough. Accelerator definitely outranks him at this point and if they ever have a rematch I know who I’m going for. Accelerator wins.