Lightning Lynx vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Lightning Lynx is a pretty quick guy. He is effectively a ninja and has good all around abilities so he won’t just roll over once Sonic shows up. That being said, he is definitely out of his league here. Sonic is simply a lot faster than Lynx and I dare say that he is a better fighter as well. Nobody’s stopping this hedgehog. Sonic wins.

4 thoughts on “Lightning Lynx vs Sonic

      • I don’t think there’s a single Archie Sonic character I don’t know of, and the Destructix happen to be one of my favorite teams from the comic. If you want to read a great story involving Lightning Lynx, I’d suggest the Iron Dominion arc. That arc had a great plot with Espio and Monkey Khan as two major players.

        Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

      • That sounds good, Espio used to be one of my favorite Sonic characters. I like the whole ninja gimmick so this arc definitely sounds like it would be pretty fun

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