Game Records

Pokemon Black Stats and Records

Stats time!

Play Time 14h 8m
Pokedex 120

Pokemon Stats

Patrat Level 7
Blitzle Level 8
Deerling Level 24
Pansage Level 11
Lillipup Level 13
Timburr Level 16
Darumaka Level 17
Cottonee Level 15
Foongus Level 27
Tympole Level 12
Swadloon Level 24
Karrablast Level 29
Tranquill Level 21
Golett Level 33
Menfoo Level 34
Durant Level 40
Reshiram Level 50
Boldore Level 46
Woobat Level 41
Emboar Level 64
Sawsbuck Level 47
Vanillish Level 41

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