Space Godzilla vs Red Skull

Suggested by Destroyer Space Godzilla is a powerful Kaiju and one to be feared. A single punch from that guy would take out most opponents. That said, it won’t be enough to stop the Red Skull. At one point the Red Skull was so powerful he actually became the Cosmic Skull. In that form he absolutely can’t be stopped or deterred. His power is just on a different level and he’s fast enough to dodge every attack. Skull will wear Space Godzilla down with a few punches and then it’s game over. Red Skull wins.

2 thoughts on “Space Godzilla vs Red Skull

  1. Most of the time, Schmidt is just a very, very, very hateful nut who wants to restore a lost government. Considering all of Space Godzilla’s abilities, I see little way for him to win.

    • Red Skull got the Power Cosmic at one point which made him close to Silver Surfer level. That said, without such a power up he would have gone down really quick in this fight

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