Michael Myers vs Tohya Ebata

This is a tribute to Halloween 4. Myers managed to take down quite a lot of his enemies but at the end of the day he just couldn’t seal the deal. That’s why he won’t stand a chance against Tohya. Tohya’s cards are more than a match for anything that Myers has at his disposal. Myers may have some decent speed at times but he has no long range options which is not a great matchup when one of Tohya’s cards can split the sky itself. This will be over in a flash. Tohya Ebata wins.

2 thoughts on “Michael Myers vs Tohya Ebata

  1. Meanwhile, at The Iron Splinter, or Bad Guy Lounge/Bar#1009;
    Morgoth: (Surveying the match-tables) Allow me to arm-wrestle the one they call…Gaston.
    Goldar: Can I fight Dorothy The Dinosaur?
    Darth Bandon: I think a Lynx would be a good victim of my blade!
    Chucky the Doll: I can’t wait to carve up Madeleine!
    (The following above is sarcasm, in case you didn’t know).

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