Superman vs Saitama

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Superman is incredibly powerful to the point where I would say he is the strongest comic book character of all time. That being said, he just isn’t ready for someone on Saitama’s level. This guy is known as the One Punch Man for good reason after all. His stats are in a different dimension and there’s no way for Superman to land any hits. Even if Superman were to get a good hit in, it’s very unlikely that the attack would deal any kind of damage. That’s the kind of difference in power we are talking about here. Saitama wins.

8 thoughts on “Superman vs Saitama

  1. I definitely agree. Saitama never displays his true level of power and won’t really need to go serious against Superman.

    Also I think Death Battle did this fight and Saitama won.

  2. Tbh For this fight there really is no clear winner

    If were focusing on feats alone then superman has the edge

    However the problem with this is that saitama’s power has never been truly shown.

    And we cant exactly calculate his theoretical strength cause its likely below then what he is actually capable of.

    Saitama in all his fights has not struggled while superman has.

    But superman has a more better resume on feats then what saitama currently has.

    People have said saitama could destroy a planet but we never have seen it just yet so its unclear.

    The thing with saitama is that he is a gag character, and his gag is that he can never lose.

    Of course the thing is he is still technically a human. and we know he has a limit cause he has said so himself that his power stopped growing.
    This mainly would be the cause of not having a strong challanger to face him, meaning that he cant get any stronger.

    Its like if a body builder was lifting a 5 pound dumbell. he would not get any stronger form it, and even if he did it would be just by a slight difference.

    Overall the winner for this fight is VERY unclear.

    Superman on paper has better feats then what saitama has shown

    But saitama has never shown his full strength so we cant say superman can beat him just yet

    Things we do know is superman has a weakness and so far saitama does not.

    besides from comedy purpose plot.

    All in all
    The winner is legit unknown until saitama’s full power is seen

    • For fighters where their full power hasn’t been shown yet I always think you gotta go with the top level that we’ve seen and I’d say that Saitama definitely has the big edge over Superman right now. Whether we’re talking about attack, defense, or speed, Saitama wins in all of those. He just has more abilities than we’ve seen from Superman plus Saitama has no weaknesses either so that really makes this a slam dunk for our protagonist. He won’t be getting defeated so easily this time. That’s why they call him the man with a plan!!

      • Dude once agian, this fight is unclear, ik saitama is meant not to lose but we cant know for sure unless we know his full strength, if i were to calculate his strength it would be innacurate.

        Superman’s feats so far have outmatched saitama’s.
        But superman has struggled agiants foes before,
        while saitama has never even bled a single drop of blood in a fight yet.
        Nor even struggled.

        Like i said before, this fight is unclear, But i do be rooting for saitama though

        And no nobody calls saitama the man with a plan

        Legit nobody has.
        Hell saitama has never had a plan in a fight.
        Its just either these 2 things
        either immediantly punch the enemy resulting in the enemys death
        Or drag out the fight by dodging and letting the enemy hit him several times before killing the enemy within an instant.

      • I suppose I can agree with you on the title part. Saitama usually just does go for the big punch here. For Superman it just feels like he has long since been surpassed in that verse by guys like Boros and the S ranks. Still, I do like Superman so I would like to see him have a proper fight

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