Michael Myers vs Dracula

Suggested by Sonic Michael Myers may have more durability on his corner than most horror villains but Dracula isn’t a stranger to regeneration either. He can also turn into a bat although that’s not very helpful in this fight. No, Dracula’s main advantage here is that he’s rather powerful and his super strength is far greater than anything Myers has shown. Michael Myers doesn’t have the benefit of Dracula freezing in place at the worst possible time so he will be vanquished here. Dracula wins.

4 thoughts on “Michael Myers vs Dracula

  1. All of you, bad critiques and worse replies. Michael is a never ending death walk, what is Dracula ? Dies by a wooden stake but so called powerful, he cannot lift or kill without the victim being unconscious, he cannot battle without escaping for regeneration, he cannot resist as much as Michael does. Michael can shove him into a stake into the hard and kill him. Probably decapitate him. Michael is not human, and Dracula isn’t either, however, Michael has the skills and immortality, Dracula has di- i meant blood sucking scary stuff and perhaps demonic regeneration.

    • You underestimate Dracula. He’s still way faster than Myers and has enough strength to at least go even. Myers doesn’t have the experience or weapons needed to go up against Dracula. Their stats just aren’t comprable and Dracula has had to take on more powerful threats in his day

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