Predator vs Boruto

This is a tribute to “The Predator” Aside from getting wrecked by the new model, you always feel like it’s just taking too much effort for this guy to take down a bunch of humans. Boruto meanwhile has vastly improved as a character in recent years and will have absolutely no trouble taking this creature down. A quick Rasengan should definitely end things in a flash. That’s just the kind of power Boruto has. Boruto wins.

2 thoughts on “Predator vs Boruto

  1. Whatever is next, Clayman (That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime) vs. Superman? Cackletta (Mario) vs. The Beast (Disney?), Opie (The Andy Griffith Show) vs. Dutch from Black Lagoon? The Predator stands no chance. I also do not want those battles above.

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