Predator vs Boruto

This is a tribute to “The Predator” Aside from getting wrecked by the new model, you always feel like it’s just taking too much effort for this guy to take down a bunch of humans. Boruto meanwhile has vastly improved as a character in recent years and will have absolutely no trouble taking this creature down. A quick Rasengan should definitely end things in a flash. That’s just the kind of power Boruto has. Boruto wins.

Shaggy vs Boruto

This is a tribute to the Sword and the Scoob. Shaggy isn’t the bravest guy around and unfortunately that has never really changed except for very brief periods and then he ends up reverting back to his old self before long. When you want a good character arc you should look to Boruto instead and this will be a very easy win for the kid. One Rasengan and it’s all over. Boruto wins.

Isshiki Otsutsuki vs Boruto

Suggested by Anonymous Boruto has his spiral Rasengan, but it just won’t be enough in this round. Isshiki still completely dominates him in both pure power, speed, and every other kind of ability. I don’t see Boruto ever quite being able to match him either, the gap is just too much. At this point Boruto would need some kind of DBZ sequel in order to win. Isshiki Otsutsuki wins.

Boruto vs Bass

Boruto may not feel like losing, but that won’t stop it from happening. You have to keep in mind that while Boruto will eventually become very powerful, he hasn’t reached that level yet. At the moment, he’s still Genin level in terms of ability although his equipment would level him up to Chunin. Give him a few more films or 3 seasons of a show and then he’ll really start to make some waves. Bass wins.

Boruto vs Tyrion Lannister

This is a tribute to the Boruto film. Boruto was actually written quite well (The character, but the film as well) and he looked better than I would have guessed. He wasn’t whining the whole time and he wasn’t being rebellious just for the lolz. The trailers would have you think otherwise, but he’s actually a good character with solid character development. I can’t say the same for Tyrion and a single one of Boruto’s ninjutsu techniques would take him down for the count. So much for Tyrion’s debut eh? He’s but a mortal, while Boruto will likely transcend such things one day. Boruto wins.