Shaggy vs Madara

This is a tribute to Scoob! Madara Uchiha is a legendary shining with abilities that most can only dream of. Shaggy is already afraid of the world so you can imagine how he would not react well to genjutsu and would probably throw in the towel as soon as the battle has begun. This just isn’t the arena that he wants to be in. Madara wins.

2 thoughts on “Shaggy vs Madara

  1. A tribute to scoob?
    so you proceed to put scoob’s friend in a death match agiants one of the greatest gods to irbute scoob?
    just why
    im gonna do this debate only cause im bored

    first off this depends on what shaggy it is,
    if its ultra instinct shaggy which is a meme, then shaggy would win, but every other shaggy, there dead, i dont need to scale these 2 characters feats to show how much of a fucking power gap this is. shaggy is a normal guy while madara has killed an army all by himself and has done more,
    now if its ultra instinct shaggy then shaggy slaps, and no im not talking about the shaggy that fought the biker gang, im talking full on dragon ball z shaggy ultra insinct.
    Shaggy has always fought foes at excatly 1 or 2 % of his power, and he has defeated foes that are just way beyond madara, plus its been stated that ultra instinc shaggy is stronger then goku,
    keep in mind this is a meme though technically its canon, but its confusing

    if its any version of shaggy, madara wins
    ultra instinct shaggy, then shaggy wins

    • So the way the tributes work is after watching a film that’s part of a franchise or has a big character, I’ll do a match featuring that character. That said, whether they win or lose their tribute depends on how good they looked in the film. I thought Shaggy didn’t look very good so he had to lose.

      As for Ultra Instinct Shaggy, yeah it’s one of those interesting things since it’s an actual form in the games now. I would consider it to be a pretty decent super form but not a huge buff. Essentially it makes him stronger than before with speed and strength but I don’t think it suddenly makes him a DBZ character. To me he would still be lagging behind the other characters because his body can’t keep up.

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