2022 Sony Recap

Time for the big Sony recap!

Honestly 8 Platinums in a year is pretty good. I think these numbers especially got better towards the end of the year when I was really going at it. Always feels good getting more trophies.

Around 300 hours is pretty good on the PS4. Apparently my favorite genre is Platformer based on our games and we got quite a few of those that’s for sure. Platformers are timeless after all.

Multiversus has really withstood the test of time. Keeping the characters locked behind currency is a good way to keep people playing and the fact that you can earn it in game is pretty cool. Having Sonic Forces and Sonic Frontiers there is great though. Goes to show that Sonic is still an absolutely legendary series!

Not too much stats in the Sony recap but it was still pretty fun to see.


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