Nintendo Switch 2022 Year in Review

It’s always nice to see recaps at the end of the year to see how the console experience went. It’s no surprise to see Fortnite and Tetris 99 up at the top. Those two games are really timeless. Tetris captures the classic free to play model where the game has a ton of replay value and you can just keep on playing it over and over. Then Fortnite always has massive updates and is still the definitive online shooter game. The Switch Online service has a ton of games too so I suppose they all just really added up.

Most played game by Month

Jan – Paper Mario
Feb – Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Mar- Kirby
Jun – SNES Online
Jul – Tetris
Aug – Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Oct – NES Online
Nov – Fortnite

I didn’t take snapshots of each month. Some months were missing so does that mean the Switch wasn’t turned on at all for April and May? I dunno about this but it’s better to have some stats than none I suppose. It’s fun to get the breakdown of different games here. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 brings back memories, the greatest RPG of all time and it completely changed the way that I viewed the gaming industry in general. Most impressive I gotta say.

I’m not sure how they really calculated this. Wouldn’t Fortnite be Multiplayer so that would be more like 70%? Or online shooters? I was a little suspect about this stat in particular is all I’m saying. Pretty fun to see the breakdown though. Hope they keep doing this and we’ll see how things changed next year in comparison. I always like seeing some quick stats like this.


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