Spawn vs Goku

Spawn has had a good run, but it’s time for a loss. He can’t take on the vast power of Goku. Goku is a super saiyan and his power is unrivaled. Goku gets another win and goes higher up the blog rankings. Goku wins.

148 thoughts on “Spawn vs Goku

  1. Only goku fanboys would say that he beats an immortal as spawn, plus q can stop time and gets to have omnipotence … typical q goku fanboys saying everybody wins and nobody compares to having many other fictional beings q much stronger both in the comics and manga:
    lord of nightmare, gurren lagan tegen, Demonbane, antiespiral, the gentleman kamei q are millions of times faster than light q, haruhi susumiya, sakaki, Dark Schneider, zeed millenium, kyrie Illunis, Yuki Nagato, the demon king … and I can only mention to more and talking comics anime … have a rune king thor, thanos, beyonder, fenix, galactus, hulk, gladiator, precrisis superman, superman prime, superman one million, Dr. Manhattan, lucifer morning star, ion (complete), Antimonitor, sentry, molecule Man, man atom, zeus, odin … I mentioned you want q? I’m running short chaos king, Surtur, Kubik, Kosmos, Akhenaten, King, parallax … ptm bores me enumerate many, muxos of these galaxies have not only destroyed if not universes, unlike q dragonball limited only to destroy planets dragonball = hyperbole …. …

    I’ve used google translate to turn this message into english:DReager1

    • Well, one kamehameha would destroy Spawn. Those guys that you mentioned are definitely tough, and there are beings who can beat Goku (Like Megaman and Bass) but there are very few. DBZ guys are solar system busters and more

  2. yeah divine spawn beat god not a god the god where as hell lord is basically spawn with unlimited necroplasm

  3. his cape can heal itself and spawn if he has enough necroplasm now connect this post with a previous one

  4. since his cape can create anything spawn can mimic the kamehameha with demonic energy instead of ki

    • Yeah, but it wouldn’t be nearly as powerful. Krillin can also use the kamehameha, but Goku’s would burst right through it. His blast should still end the match

  5. or spawn can teleport right next to him while he is charging it, it takes really long to charge, and shoot him with his own energy blast

    • Goku can fire it in an instant. Spawn wouldn’t have time to teleport and if he does teleport, Goku can quickly teleport behind him and fire the kamehameha

    • Do what? He did get a lot of shots in on Goku, but that guy was also pretty powerful. Though either way my money would definitely be on Goku. GT just did stuff like that sometimes

  6. and goku always has to charge it and it took about 5 seconds to reach the sun in the cooler movie though its fast it is not instant like teleportation

    • It’s extremely fast though. Goku’s massively faster than light so he can fire before Spawn can think to teleport. Even if Spawn escapes, Goku will catch him and take the win

  7. the problem with that is goku is faster than light not his thinking if hell lord spawn wanted to he could create another goku as powerful as normal spawn to distract him normal spawn can who who in a fight against the devil

    • It would only distract Goku for a second though and then Goku would be ready to roll with an onslaught of kamehameha after kamehameha. Spawn would n’t make it through all of that

  8. spawn in his divine form is powerful enough to erase every one on earth and bring back anyone who he thought pure enough divine spawn erases gogeta for the win

  9. like you said gt just did stuff like that anyway ss4 gogeta fusion only lasts 10 minutes all the invinceable divine spawn has to do is survive for that long

  10. if divine spawns will is strong enough anything he wants will happen the other person’s will doesnt matter

  11. spawn had the will to erase all of earths population im sure they didnt want to be erased there for spawns will = more than entire human race

  12. divine spawn is on superman primes level for they do about the same feats but give me real gogeta feats

    • Yeah, he’s tough like Superman Prime, but Goku without Super Saiyan can beat prime. Gogeta is a casual solar system buster and probably a reality buster

  13. no offence but that statement was awful nothing can happen in no amount of time since time is frozen goku cant do anything

  14. dude listen to logic and stop being a fanboy spawn can stop time by thinking and since he is trained in battle tactics his reaction time is at its peak human ability goku would warm up at the begining that is normal behavior and spawn never holds back time stops as soon as fight starts

    • Dude, peak human isn’t good. Or not compared to Goku’s speed anyway. Goku could destroy him in an instant before he uses his powers. This is a fight to win so Goku’s going all out. One punch and the match is over

  15. dude you need to include character personalities when doing things like this now gogeta is a prankster that messes around right

  16. but first he has to realize it before then spawn can freeze time by thinking it he is trained to take any threat out as fast as possible due to the c.i.a. at the beginning he’ll freeze time

    • He can freeze time, but I don’t think that he would freeze Goku. Goku’s immensely powerful and I don’t think that the concepts of time and space would stop him. Goku would just keep on moving

  17. Hmm really this matchup depends on the Spawn used vs Goku. If its the earlier ones Goku could win vs that one, but I suppose if you’re talking about the Angel Spawn I believe Goku would lose vs him.

    • Well, both are at the height of their power. So Divine Spawn vs SSJ4 Gogeta or if you think another form’s stronger than you would use that one. Both of them are incredibly strong so it’d be a cool match

      • The height of Goku power is SSJ4 by himself, so unless you want the matchup to be actually be SSJ4 Gogeta vs Spawn the page would have to say that.

        That would confuse people if you bring in more than Goku since it suppose to be 1vs1.

      • I do count fusions on the blog as a form

        It would just be Gogeta with Goku’s mind. Vegeta wouldn’t be a part of it. So it’s still 1 vs 1 and fusions won’t always guarantee a win. Goku has been defeated before after all. Of course I’d still pick Goku with his SSJ4 form

      • He is the strongest being in media so it’s not biased, but there really is nobody who can beat him. That’s why he keeps on getting so many wins.

      • Alright I’m not going to argue about Bass and what I actually think of him lol.

        I don’t know much about him anyway other then him being in that Megaman game I played on Super Nintendo.

      • Alright, but one thing you should know is the Bass in the Super Nintendo game is a different character. That’s (Kid) Bass while I’m talking about Bass (Exe) Trust me, powerwise they are on completely different universes

      • Yeah, the fights are cool, but I can’t say I always agree with them. (Especially the last one) They definitely have great animated fights though!

      • I like them too. It has plenty of interesting matchups, and dumb sounding ones.

        Rainbow Dash vs Starstream lol.

        Goku vs Superman lol heck it was obvious a lot of people weren’t going to like it regardless of how it ended.

        When I heard Superman won I started laughing.

      • Yeah, that match was definitely unique. Who would have thought that Rainbow Dash was such a fighter!

        Yeah, Superman shouldn’t have won. I’m definitely on Goku’s side in that match, but like you said, there are a lot of people on both sides so I guess you couldn’t please everybody

  18. though i despise him i agree with why superman won he has limitless power from the sun though they didnt have goku’s full power it wouldn’t have changed the outcome

    • True goku was seriously downplayed (i mean 160,000 tons, really?) an they should have used after his fight with frieza. However i agree the outcome would be the same. Superman has lifted quadtrillion and sex tillions of tons while goku has not been shown to have such strength. Speed i would say they’re about even (intstan transmission evens it up but will it work even though supes can fly multiple times the speed of light, maybe goku can do the same?). Durability, I’m giving it to supes while goku is pretty tough and has taken some crazy blast, i doubt he’d take a.million nuclear warhead blast and live to tell about it. Plus supes can heal. Can someone tell me some of ss4 gogeta feats (it’s the only form with a chance with supes prime)?

      • I think Goku could definitely out muscle Superman. It’s just that he’s never had the chance to show it. Plus, that feat where Superman lifted all of that was when he was amped up (Since he was dying in All Star) his power was a lot greater than usual. On the blog this counts of course due to composite, but in Death Battle they never should have used it. He wasn’t amped up for the whole fight.

        I think Goku’s also got the edge in speed. With his Super Saiyan 4 and Zenkai Boosts it’s probably 1 followed by so many zeros that our eyes would get tired of reading them. Likewise I’d go with Goku in durability. He did survive after getting belted with his own super kamehameha after all!

        That’s part of the problem though, SSJ4 Gogeta doesn’t really have many feats. He never got a chance to show off his power

  19. Wait, you can’t be serious right? Supes beats goku guys, the battle was pretty accurate. He has him in strength (millions upon millions of tons, and that’s being nice as he has more than lifted 24 quadrillion tons and bench pressed the weight of the earth, for 5 days 🙂 ), speed (can surpass the speed of light, and flight speed multiple *speed of light, goku is not speedblitzing anyone, and durability(multiple supernovas folks and a blast =million nucler warheads nuff said). Not to mention his heat vision rivals the heat of a star (only ss4 can take that) and has been stated to be higher. Supes takes this.

    • Heh, well remember, don’t believe everything you watch. Not saying that the Superman feats were inaccurate because they are true, but Goku was seriously downplayed. They calced his speed by using his flying across snakeway, but that was during Pre Arc 1. He’s gotten many, many times faster since then so all of the calcs were off by thousands upon thousands. Remember, in Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta his speed and power are multiplied just about infinitely. Of course even without counting fusion, I think SSJ4 would take this. One Kamehameha X10 should send Superman away and out of the fight

  20. actually now that i think about it supes got lucky when goku absorbed the spirit bomb it powered all his attacks so he could only harm anything that is evil (such as super android 13)

    • Yeah, i agree it still would have affected superman, it think it was more of the concept you had to think about. I see your premise (because it is meant for evil) but if that were the case it would not have been used in the battle, so they must have made an exception this time. Or when he absorbed it, the spirit bombs ki mixed with the normal key therefore negating the evil principle. Either way it was going to “hurt” supes.

      • Well, you can argue that Superman’s not 100% pure as well, but either way the main point I’d say is that it would have hurt (destroyed) Superman. I’ve always preferred the Kamehameha though

    • Well, that’s usually a good tactic, but on this rare occasion I think we have to assume that it would hurt him. Either way Goku has the kamehameha so it’s all good

  21. this is a moot point he won for the reason i hate him is that he’s too over powered even on goku’s standards by the way divine spawn wins with difficulty

      • I didnt want to stray from the original battle but i had to straighten this out. I disagree, supes is way stronger than goku, both at about the same speed, and no one is completely pure, but if there was such a being it’d be supes. I think the spirit ball/spirit bomb hurts those with bad intentions, so if it didn’t hurt goku it wouldn’t hurt supes.

      • I’d say Goku’s nicer than Superman. Superman definitely enters rage mode a lot easier and makes more human mistakes. Powerwise I’d definitely go with Goku, he was able to match up against Cell after all!

      • But if him getting mad is what makes him unpure then no one is (even goku can get angry if you press the right buttons). He has a pure heart and is pretty darn nice too, he just believes in taking care of buisness. But back to my original point he almost always has good intentions and that is pure of him. He would not be hurt by the S.B. supes is beyond cell and be is more powerful overall (his power is in yhe sextillions) goku’s no slouch either, but he can’t hang with supes.

      • Well getting mad doesn’t make you unpure, but I still wouldn’t say that he’s as pure as Goku and I think the Spirit Bomb would do some serious damage if Goku wished it. I’d still take Goku or Cell over Superman. He’s strong, but knocked out quickly. (Got taken out in one shot in the very first episode of Justice League in his first battle) Goku always managed to put up a good fight

      • Hes’s the purest person in dc (besides barry) and I’m pretty sure the spirit bomb would have the same effect on him as goku. Cell is not even close to supes in speed, durability, or power and would be creamed…… rather badly. When cell can lift an excess of 24 quadtrillion tons, please let me know. Also the show isis not cannon, and we don’t want a nom cannon battle, because then things get tricky.

      • Whoa, the 2nd purest character in DC eh? I definitely wouldn’t go that far. I think others like Saintwalker may be purer. Superman’s just too big of a character so thanks too all of the writers that keep on changing him..he’s a good person, but I wouldn’t call him one of the best. I dunno, Superman was knocked out by a train…..and Cheetah beat him…(albeit in a show he lost to cheetah but the train was in the comics) Cell can probably lift that much but he never needed to do so

      • Oh god! I forgot saint walker *face palms*! Well he’s definetly in the top 20 and his pureness is why is is unchanging in an everchanging world (even batman said it). As far as cheetah beating him (who is no slouch herself and tangles with the likes of wonderwoman) it is what we like to call P.I.S. or plot induced stupidity.

      • Yeah, I agree that Superman’s still up there in pureness. It’s hard to find such a nice guy in today’s comics. Yeah, Cheetah fighting him was pretty funny, but completely inaccurate. Their fight was in Brave and the Bold in case you want to youtube it. In a real fight I’d expect Superman to win easily

      • I agree he’s definetely up.there in pureness and yeah you’re right everybody wants bad boy superheroes *cough shadow cough*, it’s a shame. Yeah i bet it was and thanks, ill check it out (though it will probably just make me mad lol).

      • Agreed, i will be interesting to watch them make up an excuse as to why she beats him :-D.

  22. ok i’m in a debate with some friends can u make a forum with mario vs crash vs sonic (dare you to guess who i thought would win) i just want to debate with others

  23. Spawn loses because Goku has a pure heart. Ectoplasm feeds off negative NRG. If he made the mistake of going into Gogeta form, he would have so much negative NRG from Vegeta it would be like a repeat of that scene where Goku had a heart attack. He would be like “Why is my power draining like crazy??” Since Goku isn’t smart, he wouldn’t realize that going out of the Fusion would make the affect go away. He would go from SSJ4 to 3, then to 2, to 1, and then just normal fused Gogeta. He would be getting drained so there’s not a slight chance in hell that he could leap at Spawn. Then he would get drained and Spawn would get the added power of SSJ4 Vegeta. Then he would turn into Angelic or Divine form and kill Goku like he would a normal person. In Angelic form he has the power to ressurect, warp, create and destroy Universes, superstrenth, superspeed, ecetera…
    So yeah. IMO, Goku creams Spawn, so long as he doesn’t go into Gogeta form.

    • Going into Gogeta form would definitely not be advisable! Normalized Goku in Super Saiyan mode should be enough to take Spawn down for the count. Spawn is powerful, but he wasn’t counting on having to go up against a super saiyan. Goku outranks him in speed and power

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