Mario vs Luigi

The start of The Two Plumbers and their Counterparts Arc. Luigi and Mario have worked side by side for a long time. They know how each other thinks, which is why they’d make dangerous opponents. They each know how to counter their opponent’s skills.

Mario is an all around fighter who has been fighting for years. He knows how to fight just about every kind of enemy. He has also attained many different super forms over the years. In terms of battle experience Luigi will never catch up to Mario.

Of course that is Luigi’s slight edge. Because he hasn’t fought as much as Mario, Mario won’t be able to predict his moves as well as Luigi will predict his. Luigi can also tap into Mr L power. Of course in the end for all of his power Luigi just won’t be able to defeat Mario. The Arc is young and Luigi will be back. Mario wins.

Fanfic version below

14 thoughts on “Mario vs Luigi

  1. this is pretty hard to say who would win in a fight to the death. mario is good in super smash bros. for wii U, but i like Luigi more. so i think i will go with luigi, but i guess im a little biased. mario is good for staking up damage, but luigi is better for smash attacks. also, luigi has a one hit KO move, except it doesn’t always work. it’s his up special by the way.

    • In Super Smash I personally prefer Mario for his punishing combos, but I can definitely see the appeal for Luigi. He’s a solid all around fighter and that up special is great!

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