Flash (Barry) vs Ichigo

This is a tribute to Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox. Flash is known as one of the fastest characters in DC. His speed is legendary and there are very few who can prevent him from just ending the match via speedblitz. Ichigo is a Captain level Soul Reaper (And Beyond!) and he could take down the Flash. The Flash is very fast, but Ichigo can outspeed him, not to mention that Ichigo has the massive advantage in raw power. Ichigo wins.

18 thoughts on “Flash (Barry) vs Ichigo

  1. I can agree that ichigo is stronger, but there is no way that ichigo will outspeed the flash. Ichigo, at most, can go a bit fast than light. The flash, on the other hand, has reached speeds that not even goku can. He has past the speed of sound, light, the time barrier, and even the quantum barrier. Even with ichigos flash step, he will be nowhere near flash’s speed.

    • Ichigo’s speed feat in the latest chapter was insane, but I’ve always believed that he was faster than the Flash. The Flash is FTl, but Ichigo is massively FTL. I believed this ever since I saw his fight with Byakuya. Nobody can really move that fast until you enter series like DBZ. It was awesome! They never actually said it, but those short bursts and epic scenes are typically all the proof that I need

  2. That was one of the most bias statement I’ve ever read. You can still be massively faster than light without having to be connected to dbz or any anime for that matter. The only difference is that ichigo makes it look fancy. That means nothing for actual speed. When has ichigo ever went back or forward in time. Flash sure has. When has ichigo ever been in a fight where he and his opponent went around the world twice in under a second. Flash has done that before. No one will ever outspeed the flash. Not goku, ichigo, Naruto, luffy, or any other anime character. Oh, you’ve always that ichigo was faster. That is a completely wrong and bias opinion. When will you stop using opinions and actually use facts for once. Funfact, light speed is 670,616,629 mph, time barrier is 5,000x that. Dimensional barrier is 5,000 times the time barrier. And the speed force barrier is 5,000x the dimensional barrier.

    • You can be really fast, but without anime there’s a limit to how fast you can really go. The fastest comic book character still pales in comparison to guys like Ichigo and Cell. The reason is that anime tends to be a bit more exaggerated than american forms of media. Speed facts don’t help because authors don’t have to follow them. Kubo could have Ichigo break a random barrier at lightspeed and it was faster than the speed force one. It really depends on how they want to go with this. Either way, the Flash is fast, but I’ve never found him to be at Ichigo level. I would definitely say that he is the fastest comic book character (Except for Superman, but it’s debatable) and his speed is impressive. In the latest Bleach chapter, he broke two barriers I believe and then he also used super speed to speedblitz light speed opponents. Those are some epic feats right there

  3. Those feats aren’t impressive since comic book characters like the flash and superman have already done the same way before bleach.

    • Yes, but they rarely look impressive as they’re accomplishing these feats. For them, the author usually has to explicitly say that they are fighting at light speed while the Ichigo scenes are definitely light speed from a glance

  4. That is the complete opposite. Comic book characters are already light speed and their feats prove that. Anime heavily abuses cinematic time to make the fight scenes look good. That’s just quality. And there is no limit for anything in any form of media. Comic characters, cartoons, movies, all can be as fast and strong as they want to. All the creator needs to do is say so, which is the same for everything. Akira Toriyama can say that krillen is the strongest and provide proof in the manga or in the anime and make it true. Same thing if Stan lee wants to make spider man stronger than Thor by saying so and making a comic in which he is. Hell, I can make my own character and say that he is a trillion times faster than light and make a story in which he does so and it will be true.

    • I’d say that there’s a limit. After a while, characters that are approaching infinity can’t go any faster. Say a character blows up the omniverse, how can anyone top that? Make something bigger than the Omniverse? It still won’t be any more impressive. I don’t believe that authors have that much control. Toriyama could do that and if he adds the feats, then he could possibly back it up as long as it isn’t toonforce or parody. Those feats can definitely be legitamite, but it’s rare. Luckily, Kubo makes sure to give Ichigo loads of feats along the way

    • True true. I did agree that he is essentially the fastest comic book character of all time (Yes, Barry>>>>>Wally in speed) and I acknowledge that he’s massively FTL. It’s why he has such a solid record on the blog

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