Dark Schneider vs Megaman

Dark Schneider has faced some pretty tough opponents and it seems like he is destined to keep fighting high ranked opponents. As you know from the Megaman vs Goku match, I place his skills in high regard. Megaman’s speed is out of this world and his power is basically limitless. Megaman has a large variety of super forms and special abilities at his disposal.

Dark Schneider has a lot of abilities of his own and his power/speed are some of the best in media. He has regeneration and barriers that would stop most attacks. In this round, Megaman’s best option is to ditch his tricks and just engage Dark Schneider in a close range combat fight. Megaman’s speed may be the (2nd) greatest in all of media and I don’t think anyone could keep up. As long as he has his Cyber Sword out, he can do some major slashing while speed blitzing. Of course, if he enters Hubstyle, then it’s all over. Megaman wins.

4 thoughts on “Dark Schneider vs Megaman

  1. That’s funny, In Bastard!! Arshes Nei thought the same thing you did. She decided to not try to have a magic battle with him, so she created a kind of magic vortex that canceled out all magic, because she had a sword with a lightning elemental inside, and figured she was better at close quarters than he was. I don’t think she knew that he had conquered an elemental sword of his own, though, so that was exciting.

    • Yeah, it was a good strategy, but I guess she just couldn’t match up to him in close quarters either. Dark Schneider is definitely an immensely powerful being and his abilities are great. Definitely not an opponent to be underestimated, that’s for sure

      • Maybe… I think she could have matched up, but but they were both holding back, because of their old romantic relationship. They really didn’t want to kill each other. It was very sad.
        It was said around this time that they couldn’t hold back when using spells, and once they were cast, they just kind of did their thing when cast.

      • Definitely sounds tricky. Romance has always been a big weakness for most heroes. Megaman stayed strong in the manga version, but not really in the anime adaption

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