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Jin vs Sylar

Devil Jin T5DR (1)
Sylar has a lot of abilities up his sleeve and he would likely be able to defeat Jin while Jin was in his base form. Jin is an expert at hand to hand combat, but it would be tough to get near Sylar. That’s where his devil form comes in. Jin can spam lasers from a long distance and his speed is also drastically improved. (As well as his strength) Sylar’s regeneration won’t be able to overcome Jin’s monstrous strength and none of his abilities will give him enough speed to dodge the lasers for long. Jin wins.

2 thoughts on “Jin vs Sylar”

  1. This would be a tough one because in most physical characteristics, Jin has the edge, but Sylar’s many powers are not to be trifled with either. In a ranged fight, Jin can use his laser eyes, but I don’t know if that could match up to Sylar’s electricity, telekinesis and nuclear powers. In melee, Jin has the advantage in speed, strength and technique but I can’t think of anything he can do that Sylar can’t regenerate from, and he could always telekinetically throw Jin away from him. He could also theoretically copy Jin’s fighting style, as, on a base level, his power is to understand “how things work”. I think this fight would START with Jin beating the heck out of Sylar, but I doubt he actually has anything to finish him off, and eventually he could get the upper hand. Good fight anyway 🙂

    1. Jin’s laser eyes are incredibly destructive and he got a big power boost in the Blood Vengeance film. He can now go at supersonic speeds and his lasers can easily destroy large buildings and a good chunk of the city. I don’t believe that electricity would be a good counter and Sylar’s telekinesis wouldn’t be strong enough to stop the blast or hold Jin in one place. If he tried to hold Jin with the telekinesis, then he would be blasted by the laser. Nuking himself would be risky because Sylar could regenerate, but on the chance that Jin gets out of the area with supersonic speed; he can quickly head back to Sylar and finish off the job. Copying Jin’s fighting style wouldn’t help much for hand to hand, but if he could copy the laser, then that would be a good power up. I believe that Jin’s big speed advantage would allow him to end things though. (He also got his amped up Dark Devil form in Tekken 6, which increased his power to unknown proportions) Definitely a fun request and your next one is now up!

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