Sonic and Hedgehog and Mega Man Worlds Unite Prelude Review

It’s time for a double comic! Sonic and Mega Man seem like perfect choices for a double comic since it feels like they are always crossovering into each other’s universe. Technically, it’s only happened once, but the event was so big that it felt like more than one adventure. The thought of seeing them team up again is already epic and the fact that more guest stars will also be present is epic. Just think of it…soon, they could make this a Super Smash Bros comic! Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The Sonic comic is where all of the action is and it’s a great issue. Sonic and Silver team up to defeat the Ifrit. It hasn’t been around since Sonic Rivals 2, but portals have been opening up across the planet, which is leading all sorts of monsters to Sonic’s home world. Silver has been tasked with closing them all, but this is far from a simple mission. The heroes dispatch Ifrit rather easily and I would expect no less from the blue blur.

Sonic’s portrayal here is dynamite and there’s also something that I was thrilled about. His design is finally back to his Sonic Adventure 2 Battle one! Now, I don’t mind the “Big Hair” Sonic depiction that you see in a lot of the Sonic Universe titles among others, but this is the best design for Sonic. It’s not even close if you ask me and Sonic really seems like a seasoned pro here. Yeah, you really can’t top this comic and Mega Man wasn’t able to keep up. After all, who can keep up with Sonic right? He may have gotten the raw end of the deal in the last crossover, but I’m sure that he’s coming back with a vengeance this time!

In Mega Man’s comic, the anti robot guy is going crazy in prison. He recently got a glimpse of the future and witnessed Mavericks destroying the city. Now he believes that he was right all along about the robots and he won’t stop until all of them are destroyed. There’s not much that he can do about it though so he must wait for an opportunity. Most of the comic is simply recapping what has happened to him over the course of the series and he has definitely had a lot of unfortunate events.

I would have liked some more Mega Man action here to be sure. It’s decent set up for the crossover of course, but considering how many interesting concepts there are in Mega Man, we could have gotten something a little more breath taking. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing Bass and Proto Man help out in the crossover and seeing Mega Man X is always a treat. I’m not crazy about the mad bomber being the big villain from the Mega Man side of things though and I would actually prefer to see the return of Dr Wily!

The art for the Sonic comic is dynamite and it really can’t be beat. Everything looks flawless and Sonic continues to prove why it is easily one of the best comics out there. The Mega Man comic’s art is solid as well and I definitely know it well from previous volumes of his series. It’s certainly no Sonic, but it gets the job done and you’ll always know what’s happening on the screen. It’s a simplistic style that allows you to focus on the action.

Overall, This was a fun double comic. Mega Man’s comic was good, but it certainly wasn’t as exciting as Sonic’s. Sonic’s had the action and scope that we’ve come to expect from the Hedgehog and Silver gets his props as a powerful telekinetic. Sonic’s inventive use of the time puns is also to be commended and he certainly never backs down even when Silver tells him to stop. Sonic’s a free spirit and this is what makes him so cool. I’m definitely hyped for the big crossover event when the Worlds Unite once more. You can bet that I’ll check it out as soon as the library snags it.

Overall 8/10

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