Digimon World Next Order Stats and Records

Stats time!

Play Time 45h 21m
PS4 Trophies 33/45
Character Level 29
Skills 30/71
Bits 1078661
Floatia Prosperity 122
Digimon 1 Generation 12
Digimon 2 Generation 13
Item Space 20
Digimon Field Guide 79/231

Town Levels
Jijimon’s House Level 2
Square Level 1
Warehouse Level 4
Sender Level 2
Builder Level 2
Item Shop Level 3
Hospital Level 2
Restaurant Level 3
Stock Market Level Max
Advanced Item Shop Level 2
Field Level 3
Lab Level Max
Digievolution Dojo Level 2
Training Hall Level 1
fishing Hole Level 3
Colosseum Level 2
Arena Level 1
Museum Level 1
Treasure Hunter Level 1
Spacetime Transporter Level 1


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