Frieza vs Cell

Suggested by Destroyer Golden Frieza has really helped the character achieve new heights. If you consider the fact that Frieza may be getting even stronger then this is quite scary for all of the other antagonists in the DBZ franchise. Cell did get to Super Saiyan 2 level, but compared to god mode and Super Saiyan Blue, it just isn’t enough nowadays. Frieza would be able to speed blitz him. Frieza wins.


8 thoughts on “Frieza vs Cell

  1. See I know you judge these fights based on actual demonstrated abilities (and wild exaggeration thereof, but I digress…), but I’ve been thinking – hypothetically, if Cell came bac and actually put some training in, what do you think he could accomplish? He’s got DNA from both Saiyans and Frieza’s race, do you think he could attain something akin to Frieza’s Gold Form? What about Super Saiyan Blue? What if he could combine the two? The possibilities are intriguing to say the least…

    • Well, I personally don’t even think Frieza should have gotten this strong. Instead of reaching Super Saiyan Blue, Frieza should have only been able to reach Super Saiyan 2 at best. Still, since he did make it, I’d say that Cell should be able to match that feat and get quite a bit stronger as well. I don’t think he’d match Goku, but he should be above Gold Frieza

      • Except he did, and they gave us an explanation. “Should have” is a very odd statement here. Under what logic?

        (Plus, if he didn’t get that strong, his revival would have been an anticlimactic, trivial and pointless event)

      • Right, but it should have been anticlimactic and pointless. I didn’t think it was a good explanation. He just trained and suddenly got from a power level of 1 million to well over 1 billion. There’s no possible way he could do that, especially not in 4 months.

      • His race is just naturally powerful, and Goku was the first opponent he couldn’t beat on raw natural power. I actually rather like that explanation, it fits with his character and everything. Four months of training goes a long way when you’ve never put that much effort in in your life.

        Also, power levels are nonsense. Everyone knows it

      • Nah, power levels are real. It’s just that the writer started messing them up after a while. I still don’t buy the explanation. Sure, Frieza could get stronger, but not millions of times stronger in 4 months through a bit of training . That was just overboard.

      • Right, Frieza getting a thousand times stronger through training is is unbelievable and “overboard”, but totally ignoring what lightspeed actually means? Totally excusable!

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