Sonic vs Bass

Suggested by Anonymous Sonic has shown time and time again that speed is very important. That is all well and good, but I have to admit that he is still thoroughly outclassed when faced off with someone like Bass. I’d make the case that Bass is actually faster than Sonic and he is clearly more powerful. A single shot is all that he would need to take the hedgehog down. That’s the problem for Sonic. Bass wins.


17 thoughts on “Sonic vs Bass

  1. If We Use Archie Sonic (Pre Super Genisis Wave) Feats, Sonic Could Put Up A Decent Fight. Given That He Could Tank Hits From Enerjak, Who Was Stated To Be Able To Destroy Multiverses, That Means Sonic Is At Least Multiverse Level Or Higher In Durability. Also, Enerjak Was Stated To Be Invincible, But Super Sonic Could Still Harm Him. Just My Thoughts.
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

    • That’s true. Sonic is incredibly powerful and virtually indestructible. At his best he is far stronger than most give him credit for. That being said, I still don’t think it would be enough to compete with the intense speed and abilities that Bass has at his disposal.

      • I’d Say Sonic Is At Least Equal To Characters Like Goku, Superman, Thor, The Hulk, Shazam, The Sentry, The Flash, Silver Surfer, Maybe Even Slightly Stronger.
        Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

  2. Sonic Fought Evenly With Mammoth Mogul Too, Who Destroyed A Universe At Least. ( But Was Stated To Be Multiverses )
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

  3. Sonic Ran Across The Multiverse To Find 1000 Sonics In The Story “Night Of 1000 Sonics” In Under A Day. So That Means Sonic Can Run At Least 16 Trillion Times The Speed Of Light, If My Math Is Right.
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

  4. Random Question: Do You Main Ryu In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U And 3DS? Ryu Is My Favorite Character In The Whole Game. (Not To Mention Overpowered) My Second Favorite Would Be Diddy Kong.
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

    • No, I main Sheik. I have tons of secondaries though like Cloud and Lucina. I personally think Cloud is probably the best character in the game, but Sheik is just fun to play. Still, I play just about every character competitively including Diddy Kong and to a lesser extent Ryu. The game’s just so fun that you want to play everybody.

      • You…Didn’t….Say…..Cloud….Did You….?
        Nah, Im Just Kidding, Cloud Is Pretty Cool. So You Main Everyone? That’s Impressive If You Ask Me. Diddy Kong Is A Character I Will Main As Long As He Is In The Game.
        Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

      • Hey, I paid a good 5.99 for him. It was worth missing one day of Starbucks. Yeah, at this point I basically play everyone. I’ve put in way over 1000 hours into the game and have just gotten good with them all over time. The characters are a blast

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