Giorno Giovanna vs Kirito

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Suggested by Random Giorno is back once again, but now he will have to face off against Kirito. Giorno’s stand has some reasonable speed and attack power, but Kirito is still far quicker. Giorno won’t be able to hit him and Kirito’s sword will be slicing through all of his defenses. Kirito also has a passive regeneration ability which will match Giorno’s. Nothing can stop Kirito’s drive once he gets going and Giorno just won’t be able to think his way out of this one. Kirito wins.


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      • No, kirito CANNOT break through the loops. Even if he turns into star king, Still won’t work. Nothing can break through the loops, Not even the most op character in anime. He can also nullify kirito’s attacks. Thus, He can also make him lose all of his will, No matter what. What’s even dumber of you is KIRITO CAN’T SEE STANDS BECAUSE HE ISN’T A STAND USER. Even if kirito has strong will power, The lose all will will still work on him. So most likely, giorno giovanna wins the game.
        Can you like, Watch the whole of golden wind or something? Giorno can still beat up kirito.

      • Kirito will be able to see just because of how good he is at sensing aura and killer intent. No loop can hold Kirito. He’s just way too skilled for any of that and right from the start he’s always shown just how talented he is. With a single blast he can rend the lands asunder and his speed is out of this world. Giorno just won’t be able to keep up or cause Kirito to lose his will to fight

  1. Giorno should take this one if he has Requiem. First off, based on what I remember about it, Golden experience Requiem is above the power of the requiem arrow as stated by Trish, and as stated by polnareff the power of the requiem arrow has the to control every aspect of the world, and Polnarteff even planned to use it to send Diavolo to another dimension (Sadly, that’s not what really happened, his stand just made everyone sleep tho). But if that’s not convincing, Giorno’s stand could even be unaffected by time skipping, so he wouldn’t forget whatever he witnessed even if he’ll be forced to, with time skip, he could also moved in erased time, basically in erased time, everything but Diavolo (the user of the time skipping/erasure thing), will be erased from existence, but regrdless of that, Golden experience requiem managed to act and move. Golden experience Requiem also has the ability called Return to Zero, it can revert anything back to its state of “zero’ that being a standstill, the effect of the ability extends to even time manipulators, he reverted the effect of time skip to a point where it never happened and reverted the action’s of Diavolo to a state where he never did anything. So, if there’s some other things about Kirito that I don’t know and could counter Golden Experience Requiem, just tell me, and we’ll see if the victor would change.

    • I’d say that with all the time resets Giorno could stall for quite a while, but it’s like getting infinite attempts to try a really tough boss battle. No matter how many times you go back victory just seems out of reach. Kirito got a huge power up in Alicization where he is able to materialize his will into unlimited power. It works similar to a GL Power Ring. Kirito’s power is only limited by his imagination and the aura alone is enough to keep most foes back. His physical stats also become unrivaled. I don’t believe Giorno would be physically strong enough to keep up for very long

      • No matter what how powerful or fast the attack is reset to zero will still activate and Miri to can’t do anything about that

      • Resetting to 0 is definitely a great attack, but it’s not something that can be maintained forever and that’s what’s going to catch up to Giorno sooner than later since Kirito does have the better physical stats

      • If RTZ can’t be used forever, can you explain how Diavolo is in an INFINITE DEATH LOOP?

      • It’s because he’s not in an infinite death loop. It’s a loop that he just hasn’t figured out how to escape but tricks like that don’t work on an Uchiha

    • Giorno never moved in erased time, Diavolo intended to attack Giorno, therefore G.E.R put a stop to his time erase. Giorno is NEVER shown moving in erased time or timestop, his movement in timestop would make 0 sense too, considering he can’t move to return in it, nor can he see in it. Clearly Giorno stomps Kirito, with Gold Experience Requiems strength and reality warping ability Kirito would die in a matter of seconds.

      • Kirito wouldn’t lose here. Remember that he can also alter reality with his very will like he did in Aincrad and later on in Alicization. Don’t underestimate the man, the myth, the legend known as Kirito. He isn’t going to go down like that, not by a long shot. Giorno better start running because Kirito’s about to start hunting. That’s why you don’t want to mess with him

  2. Ok, i believe that giorno giovanna can beat kirito with regular gold experience and gold experience requiem. First off, giorno can think this through and make up an attack to stop kirito, do not forget that even if kirito may manage to hit giorno, he can pull a trick from his sleeve and create life using a object nearby to reflect the damage to kirito. For example when giorno faced against leaky eye luca (a villain from part 5), he used his stand gold experience to make a frog, leaky eye luca hits giorno along with the frog with a shovel. Giorno is unaffected, the frog is unaffected but leaky eye luca’s whole head is smashed. Giorno can also use his muda barrage to counter kirito. Kirito may be faster than giorno but he is definitely not as fast as gold experience; gold experience is the fastest puncher in all of jojo, i do not know his exact speed but an example of gold experiences speed is when he punches his fury into cioccolatta (a minor villain from part 5), he had punched so fast during that rush that it sounded like a gun firing. Gold experience also has the ability to stimulate kirito’s senses (so does 5 gum but this is not a advert) in doing so will trick kirito into thinking that he has the upper hand on giorno and then giorno could just demolish him at that point. Now, gold experience requiem on the other hand… it would be one sided either way, though kirito has admin commands, the buff from alicization, etc. gold experience requiem’s return to zero is absolute, it can not be dealt with at all and even if kirito gets close to attacking… well he’ll end up like the main villain of jojo, diavolo. Diavolo had blinded both giorno and gold experience requiem with his blood but as soon as he was about to attack, return to zero had kicked in, everything went back and gold experience requiem had… well… to put it bluntly, he rewrote fate itself. About the death loop, kirito absolutely can not stop this, when the death loop activates kirito is already dead, his soul is just being killed over and over. Kirito, even with all his strength can not break free from this death loop because he has already been defeated and fate has decided this for him… well gold experience requiem did but whatever. I do not think kirito would even be able to one shot giorno either, if he does hit giorno, well giorno can heal himself with his life ability. I would like to say that kirito… is not really a good thinker, he is a good fighter but when challenging the brains and brawns of giorno, he could not match with him despite great combat skill

    • A lot of good points there, but I think it all comes down to whether or not Giorno could even get Kirito into that scenario. To start the death loop Giorno would still need to get the hit on Kirito and that’ll be tough. His gold experience stand can punch extremely fast, but even with the whole gun shot speed comparison I don’t think that would be fast enough. In Mother’s Rosario Kirito was shown to be able to react to a magical blast at close range with his sword and he also did the same against anti material gun blasts in Gun Gale. That’s all before his huge buffs in Alicization where he can now block multiple attacks at once and all of his physical abilities are extremely enhanced.

      Giorno can keep nulling Kirito’s attacks to 0 so he can really stall this match for an incredibly long amount of time, but eventually he would need to go on the offensive and Kirito’s reaction times are one of his best strengths. He’d be able to react in time and land a decisive blow

      • As for that, I think Requiem should be able to return all of his actions to zero and land a hit on him. For instance, Golden experience requiem attempts to land a hit but misses due to Kirito’s overwhelming speed, but Return to Zero automatically activates and Kirito will return to a standstill, watching GER (Golden Experience Requiem) launch his fist onto his face. Return to Zero is a passive ability that activates when needed, and can be activated without command so I don’t think speed matters anymore. If you’ve watched Part 5 of Jojo, and have reached the final arc, you’ll notice that within Erased time, GER didn’t say anything in order to activate RTZ (Return to Zero), when Diavolo suffered in the death loops, he gets resurrected by RTZ, you’ll notice Giorno nor GER wasn’t even saying anything to resurrect Diavolo for him to suffer. So RTZ would pretty much null Kirito’s every action whether it be Attacking or blocking, and put Kirito in an eternal standstill allowing GER to land his barrage of punches and Send Kirito into the infinite death loops.

      • So in Short, Kirito does nothing for the entire fight because he can’t go on the offensive nor defensive which leaves a big opening. And in that state, Golden Experience Requiem is sends Kirito to the infinite death loop.

      • That’s definitely a real troublesome ability to deal with. Kirito’s overwrite ability seems like a perfect counter though. He developed that ability to defend against system orders that were supposed to be impossible to stop. For example, he could use it to keep himself alive even in a deleted state or move his body when it wasn’t actually active. Since the infinite death cycle mixed with the gold ability would keep nullifying his actions, Kirito could “overwrite” that nullification to keep his action. He’s never had to overwrite a previous nullification, but it should work under the same principals so that would break the loop. With the loop broken then his superior physical stats should be enough to keep him in the lead

  3. I see, But as for Kirito’s reality warping ability. On what scale could he bend Reality? If it’s Universal or Dimensional, GER would still defy the new laws Kirito has made after Altering Reality. For instance, If Kirito attempts to overwrite RTZ (Return to Zero) to keep his actions, These alterations of reality will be reverted to a state where it never happened or overwrite was never used. If overwrite was used to keep Kirito alive in a deleted state or move his body even if it was not active, RTZ automatically activates and sends Overwrite to its state where it was never used. If GER is forced in a situation to use his physical abilities, I don’t think he’ll be in a mega disadvantage. First off, he’s faster than before. When GER was still standard Golden Experience, we could say he could react and move at speeds faster than light, given how polnareff’s silver chariot moved along a light beam, then was blitzed by Diavolo, who was blitzed by Bucciarati, then Blitzed by Golden Experience. Then Golden experience got boosted by a requiem arrow rendering his Physical stats (Strength, Speed, etc) as none which represents how GER could bypass infinity in a illogical way. As for his strength, GE (Golden Experience) could pummel 4 cars, then was boosted by the arrow making his strength skyrocket. Although, he has shown to break down a pillar with a rock imbued with GER’s life giving abilities. If his strength would not be enough, GER could most likely go on the defensive. Maybe he could give life to Kirito’s blades. And the life that will grow from Kirito’s blades would go against him

    • It’s definitely an interesting question on how it works. Since it resets the workings of that world it’s hard to say if it’s just a planetary level technique or if it’s universal because it’s rewriting the laws of reality there. We haven’t had a real arc since then so Kirito hasn’t had a chance to do much since then. Assuming it stalemates Giorno’s ability it would come down to physical stats.

      It sounds like Giorno would have the edge in speed since Kirito’s really had hypersonic feats, but not FTL stuff. His reactions may be on that level since he’s been shown to casually block all kinds of lasers, but he wouldn’t win a foot race. His strength sounds superior though thanks to his incarnate aura amping up all of his physical attacks. He can block hits from giant monsters and create large impacts with his fist.

      Kirito’s blades are created through his will and imagination so it’s hard to say if they could be turned against him. Since they aren’t really dead and just extensions of his soul I don’t think another soul could be put into them

      • So, yeah Kirito may have shown to have better physical feats than Giorno. Yeah, Giorno’s feats until the end would be Small Building level based on some people’s calculations. However, whenever Giorno Creates an organism, an attack towards it would be an attack on oneself. Giorno, in the series has shown to be a smart tactician, so in the fight, he could use his organisms to block Kirito’s attacks. Maybe Giorno could imbue his entire body with GER’s Life ability so whenever Kirito manages to land a blow on Giorno, Kirito would be damaged instead with the same amount of damage he intentionally built. Also, when Giorno actually lands a blow to kirito, Giorno supercharges Kirito’s senses to the point where Kirito’s body is unable to react. In Kirito’s perspective, Giorno may be moving slowly, so he dodges, but Kirito finds his real body, unable to move, allowing Giorno to actually send a barrage of punches. This effect will not cease until Giorno wishes it to.

      • If Giorno can imbue his body with GER that would definitely be a useful ability. Has he ever been able to do that before? Redirecting damage back to Kirito definitely sounds pretty OP but I guess it would also depend on how long he could keep it up before running out of energy.

        The organisms could definitely buy time as well although I don’t imagine it would take too long for Kirito to blast through them with his aura/speed.

  4. Well, I don’t think Giorno needs energy in order to create organisms or use his Life based abilities, I don’t think I’ve seen Giorno say that he had a limit on how much organisms he could produce. Although he has a limit for that organism ability, the target requires physical contact from either Giorno or his stand in order for his ability to work. If kirito were to slice through GE’s Organisms, the growth of the organisms wouldn’t be hindered one bit, nor would it be affected, and the damage would be redirected to Kirito, so the organisms still have the Damage reflection property, even during growth.

    • The organisms definitely sound dangerous. Even with Kirito’s healing regeneration it’s not a good idea for him to take a lot of those shots. He’ll need to mainly avoid them and go directly for Giorno then. It’ll be difficult to dodge them all, but Kirito can fly which helps with mobility and coupled with his speed it should be fine. I don’t believe the Organisms would have the speed to catch him the way that Giorno could

  5. Giorno is OP and all, but people give his Stand, Golden Experience Requiem way too much hype as Kirito’s raw ability would simply be too much for Giorno to handle! What people don’t get about Kirito is that he can pretty much block, dodge, and hit pretty much anything with 100% effort. Giorno does not have stats that high, and Kirito has defeated far more people in SAO than Giorno!

    • Yeah, Kirito’s stats are totally maxed out so it’s really hard to be able to do anything against him. Giorno has its limits and Kirito will keep him busy from start to finish. He’ll ensure Giorno never has a spare moment to try and make a proper counter attack

  6. you played jojos all star battles … in the game ay a stand user named pucci with his made in heaven, the speed of that stand is infinitely more veils than light, giorno when he activates his GER equals the speed of pucci, taking that In mind Kirito could not even see Giorno being unable to attack or try to block the attacks: 3

    • That sounds pretty good but I’d say it’s probably the characters engaging in a bit of hyperbole there. It’s not like you can get infinitely faster than light as it is. Kirito gets fairly close though with blocking a magic energy blast with just a sword

      • It’s true that our guys are OP, but don’t forget, all the praise Kirito will do to giorno will be reverted to zero, but when Kirito attaches that loop in the loop, everyone will. Being secreted as a normal person and will die like that endlessly. Hahahaha.

      • First I do want to underscore that I think Giorno is a pretty tough guy. At the same time, I don’t see him being able to do a whole lot against someone like Kirito. Kirito has got some pretty crazy sword skills at his disposal and his power is limited only by his imagination by the end of the big arc. His speed and power are absolutely crazy so I don’t see Giorno being able to catch him to use these abilities.

      • And besides, you are going to argue like this, stop. Whoever thinks which one will win will be your will, but I think giorno will win, but if you say Kirito won me, you will not be fooled.

      • I’d say Kirito would win this one pretty easily though. Think about it, the guy moves super fast to the point where it’s hard for anyone to even see him. Giorno just wouldn’t be able to keep up

      • Again, I’ll tell you, you’re the one who posts your pages, you only read comments from other people, don’t use them to argue with others, and, on the other hand, you write for Kirito to be too smart instead of making it look equal because. Like this, people curse you, I know you think Kirito is so damn good, OP, no one can fight it, but don’t post anything that looks different than that. Yes sir

      • Nah, don’t worry I read through all of the comments. I debate with quite a few of them as we go back and forth on which characters will win. I will admit that Kirito is smarter and faster and even stronger than Giorno but it’s not like the guy has no shot. I’d just say that Kirito beats him 99% of the time because his skills are the real deal. It’s just hard to beat someone like that

      • Think about it, Kirito’s so good that he basically completed a game that he only played the beta levels of. Now that takes skill and technique

  7. I’ll tell you, if there are people arguing, you just tell them we have different ideas, which ones do you think will win? hahaha.

  8. infinity death does not care about your existence

    Go back to zero

    Kirito doesn’t get to move, and he can’t use overwrite because his mind gets reset, there fore he’s reset to the point where he hasn’t thought of using overwrite yet. He gets hit once, pain shock, he gets a Requiem rush, and then he enters infinity die

    Basically, if he did an action, no he didn’t, he gets reset, and he just stands still as he gets infinity die, just ask diavolo

    • That’s not going to work on Kirito. The reset assumes that he can’t remember but he’s been working with characters trying to reset his memories for a while now. He’s pretty used to this and can operate on will alone. Trying to take him down just isn’t going to go over very well. He can still overwhelm Giorno with pure speed that will put fear in the guy


  10. nah fam, Giorino can rtz before he speedblitz, i guess its kinda automatic since diavolo was using time erase and he reverted it back to 0 even though he couldn’t see inside of TE.

      • okay look Giorno well never become tired. Even with dual wielding, flying,etc nothing can overcome fate or reality that can only be manipulated by GER(Gold Experience Requiem). Whenever Giorno stands at a disadvantage Return to Zero kicks in automaticaly anytime, anywhere, always, no energy depletion. So basically, if giorno got trapped in sao too, sao would be completed in 1 day and no one would die. GER is literally the most powerful thing in the anime universe. Even if Kirito manages to hit him, he can make a new part and replace it with the part the got damage and with GER basically even if you cat his head he can regrow it. That’s how powerful it is. This stand can defeat people like Saitama or Goku with his return to zero attack and basically if he punches kirito, well you know what happen “Tutorial : How to make a kirito farm in minecraft”, Kirito will literally respawn only to die in another way infinitely. Even if he dodges the punch barrage from GER, RTZ (return to zero) will kick in (and remeber none of this affects GER or Giorno). Kirito literally cant dodge the punch barrage now and then infinite death loop (Even Superman cant break through this). What do you think, can a crappy VR console overcome reality (obviously no). Giorno can literally repel a multiversal bomb from goku by saying NO. Dude, watch Jojo part 5: Golden Wind again, watch it carefully and understand it.

      • Right but Kirito has overcome reality when he learned about incantation. GER is basically unblockable and all because that’s what fate decrees, but Kirito can reshape his own reality. As a result I don’t see Giorno being able to stop him. Kirito will always have the advantage here and that’s by design. He is a character built to always be at the top and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. He’s just far too skilled.

        I haven’t seen any of the JoJo seasons yet but I made sure to read through his abilities. Lets face it though, Giorno is not stopping any attack from Goku, that’s above his paygrade

  11. Well obviously giorno wins

    The first reason being is that for one kirito’s powers, are not real and his powers only exist in the video game sword art online. But giorno’s powers are real and he is in the real world while kirito’s powers only exist in the virtual world.
    So realistically, your pitting a normal kid againts a mafia boss leader with a punching ghost.
    obviously giorno takes it

    But ya know lets say that the fight took place in the virtual world. Giorno had put on the nervegear to fight kirito in the game, Giorno’s stand would not be transfered to the game and since giorno assuming would only be a beginner in the game, while kirito is a literal admin with all kinds of hax, would he win?
    The answer
    Still no
    While ger cant go inside the game, he is outside the game and rtz is still an automatic ability, while ger the stand itself is manual, rtz is automatic, so any attempt to harm giorno would still be useless regardless if ger is in the game or not

    Now yes kirito does have access to many ability’s like admin commands, all his swords, regeneration etc
    And normally something like this would be dangerous “normally” but for kirito’s case
    Its actually really weak.

    Like i said earlier, its a game that kirito’s powers come from, So while it does look like kirito’s admin commands, swords and all his other shit are dangerous
    In reality its really just a bunch of manipulating electrical signals and inducing harm through the nervegear.
    And since ger is still in the real world, he can keep these electrical signals from frying giorno’s brain like a home cooked dinner. Or well rtz does.

    Kirito’s so called reality warping, admin commands and physical strength are a bunch of eletrical signals.

    Kirito’s ability to imagine, reshape reality and bend Sao to his will is just a bunch of wiring and electricity signals being sent through a vr headset.

    Let that sink in
    Kirito’s reality warping is almost non existent due to his powers and all his abilities being in a game.
    Meanwhile, giorno’s rtz broke through fate and a 4th dimensional space.
    And you have the NERVE to think that a vr headset is gonna bypass that matter?

    Now before someone hits me with the “But kirito was capable of shaking the universe”
    Ah yes, shaking the universe in a video game is such an impressive feat, too bad its just a video game and its not even real, and has no actual effect on rtz in any way.

    but ya know, for blog purposes, lets say both of these two were in final destination map like dreager wants and they both have their powers
    Would kirito win?
    The answer is still no because nothing that kirito has was capable of outright changing fate and negating 4th dimensional space.

    Giorno 3-0 Kirito

    I aint surprised dreger chose kirito, bro has never watched a full season of jojo to understand how broken most of the characters are
    On paper they dont seem broken, but when you look deeper you see some shit that can solo your most of your favourite series
    And just wait till you get to the novels

    • I haven’t watched Jojo’s yet but I’ve done my research and I’m not convinced. Now for Kirito he may not be able to change fate but he does have better abilities. He keeps the game abilities in here so he’s got his full alicization toolkit and that’s where it gets rough for Giorno. Put it this way, Kirito can speedbiltz him lightning fast from all sides and there wouldn’t be much of anything that Giorno could do about it. His loops couldn’t keep up and Kirito’s attacks surpass even that of the system so when they hit this guy he will be completely obliterated. That’s why I lean on Kirito here.

      He has the edge in pure speed and destructive power. Giorno can’t stop what he can’t catch after all

      • Alright time to debunk alicization and star king kirito for the amount of wank that sao fans put into it

        A lot of Sao fans overwank how powerful kirito is in alicization and star king so its time i end this stupid banter

        Let me go over kirito’s so called strength feat of shaking the universe

        its this
        That has caused sao fans to believe kirito is universal

        Lets analyze this shall we
        First the kanji Uchuu is translated into space because of the context around it and the pure fact it’s talking about things happening in outer space. Space is basically something around us and thats what was shaken by kirito he didn’t shook the universe since the word “As though” used when we explain something that is not happening basically a comparesent.

        Take it like that you got hit in the Head and you fell like earth is shaking. It’s not really happening you are just telling how you fell. As for stars. You can see it is said “seemed to waver” which again is just telling what she sees seemed to is directly used when you say you see something that is not happening. And in Unital ring 4 (which is jap only for now) We get to know that planet Cardina which was right next to the even didn’t fell, saw or noticed anything happening in space. So yeah that throws away universal kirito.

        the same goes with kirito lighting up a galaxy

        We used the word nothing short of when we Try to imply how great or spectaculer something is or in other words comparesent. Kirito basically compare Gabriel (the being who devour everything) to a Black whole and himself to a galaxy. This comparesent is also shown in Alcizion op where 2 blood like things fall on ground one Black (Gabriel) and other White (kirito) it’s Just a comparesent and not atcual fact from omnipresent narrotor. So this is goodbye for Galaxy-multi-galaxy kirito)

        Now we come to Kirito absorbing stars. This time the prayers are called stars since they resemble star by there look.

        So here we see it goes from Alice hand into kirito sword. FROM HER HAND and later on Asuna cries it out. Really star like right. Yeah but seriously those are not stars.

        As for night sky many people say it’s infinite and that it covered the universe but no, it only covered the Bloodred sky of underworld.

        Again main Point as if colliding with Sun. As if Means it’s not really happening and then it says. SKY WAS COVERED and BLOODRED SKY WAS PAINTED OVER. Which basically means that only sky was covered. Night sky only went over the bloodred sky not above it thats also why there is a night it basically covered the sky so there was no shine to come to underworld. Infinite night is Just a name like OPM or big bang attack.

        Underworld also don’t poses universe. Underworld is made by Seed and Cardinal and we know how they work since the beaginig of Aincard. Those two create content where is needed. And till now only content that was made are Solus, Admina and Cardina. The other stars you see are only illustration to make it Look infinite. Both endless universe things came from characters POV looking at that skybox. So basically underworld universe is 1 Sun and 2 planets big.

        And now for kirito speed. Firstly no Abyssal Horror don’t travel to the ends of the universe. Firstly beacuse it has an orbit (Just like some moon) and secondly People can’t track the full orbit of it so how could they track it going to end of the universe? Simply they can’t. This is also told in Unital ring 4.

        As for mechadragons they need 3h to travel from Admina to cardina and those two are companion planets which means that by calc kirito TRAVEL speed is relatevistic. I say travel speed since Abyssal horror couldn’t Dodge a Light beam that was 1000 meters away from it but was able to clash with Kirito.

        Abyssal Horror only outspeed mechadragon beacuse it was stealing resoures mechadragon uses to travel. And not beacuse it is faster.

        Now lets go over kirito’s strongest abilities and lets see just how much bullshit the sao fans have covered it with

        First his reality warping, it isn’t reality warping it’s overwriting the system. By believe and willpower it is also very limited they can’t change land scale or and bigger stuff. His Best incarnation we saw was him emberesing blackswordman persona and that was that no OP hax or anything.

        Next his law and probabiltiy manipulation- also not his thing those are basically memories of People and how underworld works. During battle when they lose a limb there subconscious made them think IRL i lose limb I am weak and this is what happens. Those who understand incarnation can bypass that by absolutely beliving they can still fight and so system don’t give them disadvantage. Thats all of it. Just a bunch of bullshit where the game is ass

        Razer in heart- i lt can be only used when the heart is outside the body. And thats it plus kirito created it with his heart inside of it and that was why he Got out of Gabriel ability. Not beacuse he has immunity or mind shit. Only because Gabriel Lost Focus since the blade Got stuck in his mouth. I mean who wouldn’t be.

        So to summerize
        No kirito did not shake the universe, its just that the girl felt like it was

        Kirito did not absorb stars because he only absorb People hopes and incarnation’s that were in shape of stars so once again wrong.

        Mechadragon never traveld instaler distance People of underworld refers to planets as stars. So when they say Between 2 stars they mean planets Admina and Cardina. Those are the only two planet with there only sun Solus and mechadragon needs 3–6h to travel from one planet to another. The 10 minutes thing is them patruling in the sky.

        Underworld don’t even have a universe underworld is a seed that expend when New part’s are found. So for now underworld size is 2 planets and 1 Sun everything else is empty skybox.

        Another thing is that Kirito ability are not what People say they are his freezing ability is not 4D or absolute zero. All that is stated is that freezes colder then outer space. And is stated by eugeo that this ability can’t kill it only imobilize.

        In short kirito is not FTL, not planetary or universal

        So what is kirito’s real stats if its not universal or FTL


        Kirito’s strongets output at best is around city level
        And his speed feat is around hyper or supersonic level

        Those feats put him in the same ballpark as ger
        Well not really since actually GER actually outspeeds him with his FTL speed
        Like legitamently FTL speed and not some bullshit speed that sao fans wank him too

        But ya know
        lets say the dude is multi solar system level and his speed is FTL
        and all his previous abilities are true

        Sadly they all cant get passed Return to zero.

        None of his reality warping or manipulations or strength and speed can bypass ger’s rtz
        which nullified both fate and a 4-D space
        something that kirito never countered against

        So star king or allicazation kirito at best is like building or large building realisticly so scaling around ger’s level of detsruction
        and his speed is like hypersonic

        While ger is FTL

        Even when taking all of kirito’s so called star and universal feats and all his reality warping and law and probability manipulation along with all his other so called abilities as 100% legit

        Rtz negs all of this shit easily

        And then when you consider the fact that all of kirito’s abilities are not legitimately real
        well then its looking bad for kirito here

        and ya know the basic spiel
        Rtz cant run out of juice
        is always able to revert any action that may harm giorno
        Giorno is way smarter

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