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Giorno Giovanna vs Kirito

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Suggested by Random Giorno is back once again, but now he will have to face off against Kirito. Giorno’s stand has some reasonable speed and attack power, but Kirito is still far quicker. Giorno won’t be able to hit him and Kirito’s sword will be slicing through all of his defenses. Kirito also has a passive regeneration ability which will match Giorno’s. Nothing can stop Kirito’s drive once he gets going and Giorno just won’t be able to think his way out of this one. Kirito wins.

21 thoughts on “Giorno Giovanna vs Kirito”

      1. He’d use his force abilities from Alicization to just blow right through the stand. Even with its reality warping abilities of cause and effect it would eventually go down for the count

  1. Giorno should take this one if he has Requiem. First off, based on what I remember about it, Golden experience Requiem is above the power of the requiem arrow as stated by Trish, and as stated by polnareff the power of the requiem arrow has the to control every aspect of the world, and Polnarteff even planned to use it to send Diavolo to another dimension (Sadly, that’s not what really happened, his stand just made everyone sleep tho). But if that’s not convincing, Giorno’s stand could even be unaffected by time skipping, so he wouldn’t forget whatever he witnessed even if he’ll be forced to, with time skip, he could also moved in erased time, basically in erased time, everything but Diavolo (the user of the time skipping/erasure thing), will be erased from existence, but regrdless of that, Golden experience requiem managed to act and move. Golden experience Requiem also has the ability called Return to Zero, it can revert anything back to its state of “zero’ that being a standstill, the effect of the ability extends to even time manipulators, he reverted the effect of time skip to a point where it never happened and reverted the action’s of Diavolo to a state where he never did anything. So, if there’s some other things about Kirito that I don’t know and could counter Golden Experience Requiem, just tell me, and we’ll see if the victor would change.

    1. I’d say that with all the time resets Giorno could stall for quite a while, but it’s like getting infinite attempts to try a really tough boss battle. No matter how many times you go back victory just seems out of reach. Kirito got a huge power up in Alicization where he is able to materialize his will into unlimited power. It works similar to a GL Power Ring. Kirito’s power is only limited by his imagination and the aura alone is enough to keep most foes back. His physical stats also become unrivaled. I don’t believe Giorno would be physically strong enough to keep up for very long

  2. Ok, i believe that giorno giovanna can beat kirito with regular gold experience and gold experience requiem. First off, giorno can think this through and make up an attack to stop kirito, do not forget that even if kirito may manage to hit giorno, he can pull a trick from his sleeve and create life using a object nearby to reflect the damage to kirito. For example when giorno faced against leaky eye luca (a villain from part 5), he used his stand gold experience to make a frog, leaky eye luca hits giorno along with the frog with a shovel. Giorno is unaffected, the frog is unaffected but leaky eye luca’s whole head is smashed. Giorno can also use his muda barrage to counter kirito. Kirito may be faster than giorno but he is definitely not as fast as gold experience; gold experience is the fastest puncher in all of jojo, i do not know his exact speed but an example of gold experiences speed is when he punches his fury into cioccolatta (a minor villain from part 5), he had punched so fast during that rush that it sounded like a gun firing. Gold experience also has the ability to stimulate kirito’s senses (so does 5 gum but this is not a advert) in doing so will trick kirito into thinking that he has the upper hand on giorno and then giorno could just demolish him at that point. Now, gold experience requiem on the other hand… it would be one sided either way, though kirito has admin commands, the buff from alicization, etc. gold experience requiem’s return to zero is absolute, it can not be dealt with at all and even if kirito gets close to attacking… well he’ll end up like the main villain of jojo, diavolo. Diavolo had blinded both giorno and gold experience requiem with his blood but as soon as he was about to attack, return to zero had kicked in, everything went back and gold experience requiem had… well… to put it bluntly, he rewrote fate itself. About the death loop, kirito absolutely can not stop this, when the death loop activates kirito is already dead, his soul is just being killed over and over. Kirito, even with all his strength can not break free from this death loop because he has already been defeated and fate has decided this for him… well gold experience requiem did but whatever. I do not think kirito would even be able to one shot giorno either, if he does hit giorno, well giorno can heal himself with his life ability. I would like to say that kirito… is not really a good thinker, he is a good fighter but when challenging the brains and brawns of giorno, he could not match with him despite great combat skill

    1. A lot of good points there, but I think it all comes down to whether or not Giorno could even get Kirito into that scenario. To start the death loop Giorno would still need to get the hit on Kirito and that’ll be tough. His gold experience stand can punch extremely fast, but even with the whole gun shot speed comparison I don’t think that would be fast enough. In Mother’s Rosario Kirito was shown to be able to react to a magical blast at close range with his sword and he also did the same against anti material gun blasts in Gun Gale. That’s all before his huge buffs in Alicization where he can now block multiple attacks at once and all of his physical abilities are extremely enhanced.

      Giorno can keep nulling Kirito’s attacks to 0 so he can really stall this match for an incredibly long amount of time, but eventually he would need to go on the offensive and Kirito’s reaction times are one of his best strengths. He’d be able to react in time and land a decisive blow

      1. As for that, I think Requiem should be able to return all of his actions to zero and land a hit on him. For instance, Golden experience requiem attempts to land a hit but misses due to Kirito’s overwhelming speed, but Return to Zero automatically activates and Kirito will return to a standstill, watching GER (Golden Experience Requiem) launch his fist onto his face. Return to Zero is a passive ability that activates when needed, and can be activated without command so I don’t think speed matters anymore. If you’ve watched Part 5 of Jojo, and have reached the final arc, you’ll notice that within Erased time, GER didn’t say anything in order to activate RTZ (Return to Zero), when Diavolo suffered in the death loops, he gets resurrected by RTZ, you’ll notice Giorno nor GER wasn’t even saying anything to resurrect Diavolo for him to suffer. So RTZ would pretty much null Kirito’s every action whether it be Attacking or blocking, and put Kirito in an eternal standstill allowing GER to land his barrage of punches and Send Kirito into the infinite death loops.

      2. So in Short, Kirito does nothing for the entire fight because he can’t go on the offensive nor defensive which leaves a big opening. And in that state, Golden Experience Requiem is sends Kirito to the infinite death loop.

      3. That’s definitely a real troublesome ability to deal with. Kirito’s overwrite ability seems like a perfect counter though. He developed that ability to defend against system orders that were supposed to be impossible to stop. For example, he could use it to keep himself alive even in a deleted state or move his body when it wasn’t actually active. Since the infinite death cycle mixed with the gold ability would keep nullifying his actions, Kirito could “overwrite” that nullification to keep his action. He’s never had to overwrite a previous nullification, but it should work under the same principals so that would break the loop. With the loop broken then his superior physical stats should be enough to keep him in the lead

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