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Dante vs Bass

Dante is back, but not for a win. This time he’s fighting Bass, the strongest of the strong. None have ever been able to take down Bass and none ever will. He’s pretty much invincible in every meaning of the word. Dante may be fast, but in the end he’s not FTL like Bass is! Bass wins.

176 thoughts on “Dante vs Bass”

      1. Those two are rather close. Technically, LT is supposed to be stronger than the Beyonder though. After all, Beyonder was nerfed hard.

    1. That’s definitely good to hear. Glad to see that the world is realizing this now! It has been a while since I’ve done any fights, I’ll be sure to quickly get some of your up today!

      1. I don’t think you get it.

        Tier 0 is TRUE Infinity. It’s only for people who may be Omnipotent.

        Bass isn’t Omnipotent so he’s only High 1-A (I think he’s far lower)

      2. That’s not true. If I went on a site like Comicvine,reddit.OBD,etc and made TOAA vs Bass everybody would say TOAA stomps and the Moderators would lock it,

        If you go here then Bass stomps

      3. True, we have different standards and matches will end differently. So if you are asking where they would place Bass, then probably in the B ranks. If you are asking where I would put him, then definitely Tier 0

  1. Lol, IIRC, Galactus is multiversal with the Ultimate Nullifer. If you want to go by the goddamn VS Battles wiki, his destructive capacity is multiverse level. Bass at best is universe level.

    1. Yes, but Galactus also gets wrecked by the Fantastic Four casually and Ghost Rider took him down once. The main problem is that Bass can run rings around Galactus and he could deal massive damage with the Dark Arm Blade. Galactus just wouldn’t be able to retaliate.

  2. Lol, it will not for Galactus. If Galactus is fully-fed, he is universe level in durability. The Dark Arm Blade won’t take out Galactus. Especially if he has the Ultimate Nullifer. He can also release a planet shattering blast.

    1. Bass can block all blasts and send them back so that would just speed up the demise of Galactus. The being’s only hope is to beat Bass in a hand to hand fight, but he’s not fast enough to land any blows and I think you’re overestimating his durability. It’s like how Wonder Woman is durable, but she can still be stabbed. Galactus won’t have any defense against that.

      1. Lol, what if Galactus grew larger than the planet? Bass shaking it up by powering up will not help. He’s just shaking it up not damaging it. Don’t underestimate Galactus. He also pilots a world ship the size of the Solar System.

  3. Lol (sigh)* The Ultimate Nullifer can erase entire timelines and universes if it is in the hands of an extremely powerful being. Bass may be fast and agile, but he cannot dodge every attack. His only hope of winning is to escape fast enough in time before Galactus destroys him.

    1. Don’t forget that Bass has erased whole armies. While Galactus is aiming the Nullifier at him, the match will already be over. Bass could just punch Galactus in the stomach and while the air has left him, Bass would finish the guy off with the Dark Arm Blade. Galactus is way too slow to land a single hit so Bass could drag this out as well.

      1. A lot of people have casually pwned Armies.

        Also Galactus doesn’t need air to live. He’s pure energy

        And he’s not That slow. It’s because of him that Silver Surfer is fast

      2. He gave the Surfer speed, but it doesn’t prove that he is indeed fast. Also, please keep in mind that Bass defeated the army in .01 seconds or something crazy like that.

  4. So your saying an army>universe? No. Absolutely not. Universe=Timeline>>>>>>>>>>>>>Army. Dark Arm Blade is not taking him out. That’s like saying it can deal more than planet damage (unless you have any proof if the Dark Arm Blade doing planetary damage) it doesn’t.

    1. There’s no proof for Dark Arm Blade being planetary unfortunately. That being said, Galactus can be injured by direct attacks with great force and we know that Bass is incredibly powerful. He’s not the kind of guy to have any weak attacks at his disposal. Also, I’m not trying to say that armies are better than universes…but it is impressive.

      1. When has Bass been stronger than the entire multiverse? Destroyed universes? Been on a destroy all existence level? Exactly. Never.

      2. Fair point, but when has anyone else been able to fight and overpower Hubstyle Megaman or move at FTL speeds so fast that even Protoman was shocked? Bass is simply beyond reason.

  5. Any of those guys will beat Megaman. If they can crossover. Or if you put Megaman in a fight with Beyonder. Beyonder will probably be shocked by Megaman’s speed, but he will lose eventually.

    1. Nah, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with his speed or Megaman’s raw power output. Beyonder would be shocked, I can agree to that. He just wouldn’t be able to do anything about it in the end.

  6. Bass is NOWHERE near any of those guy’s power. He is unable to do any of those things any if those guys did. Physical attacks, Dark Arm Blade, etc would do NOTHING to Beyonder.

  7. Your acting like Bass is unbeatable and he can destroy a universe. Beyonder’s battle alone with Molecule Man shook up the multiverse. And he is the Beyond Realm itself. Are you going to tell me what I don’t know because of what is being stipulated here?

    1. Bass probably could destroy a universe and I do think that he is unbeatable. The Molecule Man fight was intriguing back in the day….but I think it hurt Beyonder as much as it helped the Molecule Man. Beyonder is strong, I won’t deny that…but he is certainly not at Goku level yet, much less Bass.

  8. Beyonder is MILLIONS of times greater than the Multiverse. He tanked an attack capable of destroying several billion dimensions. He could grow as large as the Beyond Realm, a realm where the Marvel Multiverse is just a drop of water in the ocean when compared to Beyond Realm. Has Goku done any of it? No. Exactly.

  9. Woah, first off quit saying the Kamehameha wave. It’s utterly pointless here. Your insisting it can destroy universes. It cannot. You don’t have any proof to back you up. We’ve never seen the Kamehameha wave destroy universes. People insist Goku is a galaxy buster. But some say they’ve never seen him do it. Your like pitting Galactus against a flea. Beyonder is in Galactus’s place while Goku is in the flea’s.

    1. I can’t quite buy that. We’ve never seen the Kamehameha destroy a galaxy, but who’s to say that it cannot? The author just never went around using exposition and throwing in crazy feats the way that Marvel does.

  10. So? Bass is not that powerful dude. Neither is Goku. Both their feats are below universe level. You were banned on VS Battles Wiki for being a massive Bass wanker.

    1. Eh, when was I banned? I was quasi banned on Factpile for spamming the rolling eyes emote, but not on any other site as far as I am aware. It was also very quasi since I self banned myself even though the admin said I could keep posting, but to be better about it. Factpile no longer exists though so maybe they should have had some more fun debating. Bass and Goku are ultra powerful.

  11. Factpile wiki does exist. On the VS Battles Wiki IP block list your name is listed. It says your a sockpuppet account for being a massive Bass wanker.

    1. Could you link that post then? As for the wiki, I’ve been to Factpile Topia a lot, but the main site is no longer around. It makes sense though, without me debating and adding a little fire to the conversation…it’s not the same.

    1. No. Bass would godstomp Halo-verse.

      He’s universe level and would beat standard Galactus with high diff.

      That being said however, he’s still nowhere close to the beyonders and neither is Goku

  12. For some reason, I don’t see it either anymore, but anyways Bass dies HORRIBLY. And for the last god sake of time quit relying on speed. Flash was fast but Grodd manage to stop his hand from hitting him. (I’m ashamed I keep on posting this.)

    1. Let me post this then.

      The guy at the beginning who is posing? That’s basically Bass compared to everyone else. Speed isn’t everything, but it helps a lot. Grodd should never be able to stop Flash’s fist by the way.

      1. Dam, there are almost a hundred comments because of us, yet you just can’t accept the fact Dante wins? lol. I mean seriously, beings like Gan, Pennywise, and beings from Stephen Kings novels can destroy Bass.

  13. I’ll explain this slower.

    1) Quit bringing up speed for the 10000th time. It’s completely useless in these fights. Why don’t we use some characters in notable fiction besides Flash and Zoom. Like Godzilla and Rodan. Rodan flys at insanely fast speeds yet Godzilla owned him pretty badly still. Or Quicksilver and Hawkeye. Hawker later owned Quicksilver although this was after Quicksilver managed to use his speed to beat Hawkeye.

    2) I’m hoping your trolling in all your other posts. Bass has never destroyed a universe. Yet VS Battles wiki places his Attack Potency and Durability at it. His Attack Potency and Durability is nowhere near universe level. Has he demonstrated a universe busting attack? Nope. So the answer is simple. He can’t bust a universe. Don’t ever rely on fan assumptions either.

    I hope your listening to me, because your forcing me to repeat myself.

    1. Let me explain this faster then.


      Fast enough? As for the second half, I don’t troll when it comes to Bass. He is virtually invincible and has enough power to wipe out the universe..twice! We just don’t get to see it as much as we should, but give it some time. I am listening to you, but I think slowing down the conversation made it harder to read through. Explainingquicklyisfunthough

  14. First off, post the scan were it says Bass destroyed a universe twice.

    Second off, okay. When has Bass been invulnerable to all forms of attack? Never.

    Now, third off, I think a god who could kick Bass’s ass is Tzeentch.

      1. Ugh. *sigh* These arguments are getting old. We don’t even know if there’ll be a sequel series. But for now, the answer is simple. He CANNOT. Your arguments are seriously lacking, constantly bringing up speed and copy ability.

        And explaining quickly is fun, but it’s doing it too much often results in not getting your facts right.

        I’m getting tired of refuting this crap.

      2. Of course he can. Why? Because he is Bass! He took Megaman Hubstyle down and has been shown to fight many powerful foes throughout the years. Should I bring up his limitless speed again? I always get my facts right, it’s not my fault that there are so few examples for me to use so I have to keep repeating myself.

      3. Wally is way faster than Bass.

        I’d put Bass.EXE’s speed in the dozens of quadrillions for being not terribly far below Bug Style MegaMan.EXE, personally.

      1. It ends up being an endless mind game since we can’t calc any of them, let alone all of them. That’s why it is still essentially limitless though, we just don’t know the specifics.

      2. No it isn’t

        Bass is at least MFTL but we can’t calc by how much. It’s not because it’s too much it’s because we don’t know how much the amps boosted it’s speed

      3. We do know that it is very drastic though thanks to all of the different characters getting speedblitzed. I don’t think it is out of the question to say that it is quite extreme.

      4. I disagree. I like the term Planck Time because it reminds me of Spongebob, but Bass is fast enough where there is no level above him. He is truly the fastest being in all of media.

      5. Hm, sounds interesting, but also super vague to the point where it seemed like speculation. Nonetheless, Bass could reach such a speed, assuming it exists.

      1. Definitely, that’s why I’d say that Bass is the fastest of all time. Once we shelve the feats, we have to look at the battles and the visual evidence to decide.

      2. Being FTL in his first appearance with Powerups we can’t scale doesn’t mean he’s faster than Wally West ho ran 23 Tredecillion times the Speed of light

      3. Via Actual Powers Wally Blitzes and Phases Through Megaman 999 times per Attosecond.

        Oh and Megaman can’t do anything because Wally took his Kinetic Energy

    1. Absolutely! Megaman’s punches were able to damage Bass and that is an incredible feat which few characters in media could accomplish. It goes without saying that he had to catch Bass in order to do this as well so he has the speed necessary.

      1. Aside from fighting Megaman right? Well, his FTL feat where he broke Protoman’s sword is his best speed feat. If we power scale that with his other forms, it gets quite ridiculous by the end. As for strength, he broke a black hole in his fused state and for durability, he was able to take blows from Hubstyle for quite some time and was able to keep on fighting. At a near death state, he also survived being impaled and shot by a Disruption Laser.

      2. That is true, but if you count unquantifiable speed feats, then it is a whole different ball game. Bass, Megaman, and even Goku are suddenly thrown back into the competition.

      1. Because when you add all of the power ups together, it’s just an insane level of speed. Even better than Wally if you ask me. At least in combat, Wally may have better travel speed moments.

  15. @Dreager1 It’s not intense. It shows how much you love Bass and anime and how much you overrate these characters. Your wankery is heavy in these posts such as when you said for the durability gauntlet Bass would be 20. Bass at best is barely universe level. You even believe Bass would make it to 18 in the destructive capacity gauntlet on the other post. Hell, and even Goku’s Kamehameha wave would destroy STTGL’s drill. Goku’s wave even isn’t planet level. Lol.

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