Goku vs Grimmjow

This is a tribute to DBZ Battle of Gods! Goku is definitely a strong character, but the movie didn’t do him justice. Goku’s power far exceeds that of most characters, but can he take on Grimmjow? Grimmjow has super speed which he could use to give Goku a solid fight. One would think that Goku could take a win, but we can’t count Grimmjow out. Grimmjow wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Grimmjow has lost his high above status and no longer has the power to defeat Goku. Goku wins.

22 thoughts on “Goku vs Grimmjow

  1. I think you are clearly underestimating Goku here. That movie of DragonballZ should be treated as cannon. First and foremost, everyone seemed tuned down immensely, secondly, it does not make sense for Videl to be already pregnant with Pan. When Goku as an SSJ3 first fought against Majin Buu, the entire planet was shaking. Show any feat of Grimmjaw that matches this. I don’t even think Grimmjaw can beat Goku in the Saiyan Saga where people could already destroy entire planets.

    • Oh, I agree that Battle of Gods is cannon, but I wasn’t thrilled with Goku or Vegeta’s depictions. They both didn’t look as good as they usually do. Goku is definitely a powerful fighter and while Grimmjow hasn’t shaken a planet, I do believe that he could quickly destroy one in a single blow. Grimmjow’s most potent skill could be his speed. Still, you may want to check out the link below for this match…


      • Grimmjow has never shaken a planet meaning he is no where near the league of Saiyans even in the Saiyan Saga where planets were being shaken. I think people often forget that DBZ fighters grow infetisemally stronger with each new saga. The thing is we do not notice the difference because the creators do not really elaborate on it. For example people were already moving past light speed in the Saiyan saga (recall Vegeta vs. Goku’s first battle on earth) In even regular Dragonball when Krillin was a child fighting against Master Roshi, no one could see their movements. I reiterate, you can not compare Goku to Grimmjow, completely two different leagues. Heck I would even say Saint Seiya Gold saints would destroy Grimmjow with relative ease.

      • Saiyans are not lightspeed. I don’t care if they say it’s lightspeed in-series, if they were actually going faster than lightspeed, time dilation would ensure they would be going backwards in time, to say nothing of the fact they would occupy no space and… yeah, I know physics has nothing to do with this, but I’m not one to take people’s word on complete physical impossibilities without some proof

        Ok, rant over…

        But besides that, the guy has a point. There has never been any proof half the characters you think of as able to destroy planets are capable of that – it’s no easy feat

      • Physics has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with fictional characters. Their Ki beams move faster than light speed, When Raditz landed on Earth, Piccolo was surprised at how Raditz could move faster than the speed of light. Z fighters have been faster than light speed for quite a while.

  2. Whoa, I see you two have been busy while I was gone. All right, let’s get started!

    @Adrogoz Physics really don’t apply to fiction. Each author uses bits and pieces that he or she wants to, but has creative liberty over the rest. Saint Seiya, One Piece (Kizaru), Dark Schneider’s manga, (Refuse to say the name) DBZ, and many other series have characters that can go faster than light. That doesn’t mean that they won’t take up any space or are forced to go backwards in time. Just look at the Flash or Superman. That may apply to real life, but not in fiction. Many authors probably don’t even know about that and others may just disregard it. DBZ fighters have been lightspeed for a loooooong time and they are massively ftl at this point.

    @Fulaman Bringing in the Gold Saints is pretty bold. That aside, you saw the High Aboves rule that is on the blog right? I really do think that Grimmjow could take down a planet. He just needs a blast strong enough to shake the core and destabilize the planet. Speedwise, he’s definitely lightspeed, but Goku level……well it all goes back to the High Above Rule

    • Can you please link me to the High Above Rule again, I remember reading it, but I don’t remember it thoroughly. Thanks! that said, when I mention the Gold saints, I mean the ones renowned for their power. (Virgo saints, Gemini Saga/Kanon/Astiros/forget his name, Sagittarius Seiya, Libra Dohko/Shiryu, Aries Shion/Mu, etc. etc.)

      • Sure


        It’s near the top of the post.

        True, the Gold Saints are very tough and I don’t mean to belittle them. Gemini Saga and Virgo Shaka are definitely very high ranked and so are a lot of the other members. Taking on Grimmjow though….it would definitely be an epic match. (Of course, I haven’t actually read Saint Seiya yet so this could change for me)

    • I know some laws are less followed than others, but people expect most laws of physics to be the same in fiction as in ours unless stated otherwise. I suppose more in-depth stuff like that isn’t as well-documented as the stuff we’re all used to since we’ve experienced them our whole lives

      Don’t Flash and Superman go back in time when they run/fly at lightspeed?

      • Superman and Flash go at lightspeeds a lot. They travel through time when they want to, but they don’t have to do so. Especially when they’re fighting guys like the Anti Monitor and have to dodge many attacks by going faster than light.

        They try to follow the laws for the most part, but not laws that would limit a character’s abilities or facts that may be unknown to the casual observer. They do a good job for the most part

  3. R u forgetting something? Goku can just turn into Super Sayan God and name the 5 strongest say and in the universe, but before that go into Super Sayan 4 which increases his power 6,000 times. Then he can go into Grand Kai O Ken x100 and then he would probably be powerful enough to kill Grimmjow by just powering up. If you don’t know how Super Sayan God works, he names up to 5 Sayans in the universe who are dead and there power gets added to there own.

      • Here is my problem here goku punched through a planet in BoG grimjoww’s punches break pillars true Grimmjow is fast but you can usually see him when goku punches at full speed he once made lightning if you want a bleach character who can touch goku look at aizen or ichigo

      • True, but keep in mind the “High Above Rule” I have it near the top in the blog rules section. It should illuminate the outcome of this match. That being said, Goku’s feats are extremely impressive!

      • That guy did a great job and I agree with him that Death Battle made a mistake. Being a high above isn’t a matter of power, it just means that the character has been granted the fight to be unbeatable on the blog. It’s a bit of a dicey rule I suppose, but it has helped the high above fighters a lot.

  4. If we’re going by Battle of Gods movie logic, I feel like Goku would win still. He’s strong and was able to match up to Beerus barely. However, he isn’t a killer unlike Grimmjow. Grimmjow wouldn’t fight for fun. He fights to kill. If these two balanced and were in equal terms in power, Grimmjow definitely would kill Goku.

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