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Young Justice Legacy Review

It’s time to take a look at the Young Justice game that came out a while back. It was a decently big deal at the time since the show was basically over so this was the last chance for the franchise. It’s cool to see the classic characters once again, but I’m afraid that the game is a little disappointing. Mainly because just about any random superhero game can easily snag a 7, but this one makes it quite the struggle thanks to a large array of glitches that simply aren’t fun. It’s a shame since the game is a 7 no questions asked otherwise.

The plot is a little odd. So, The Light is after some stones or artifacts or some nature. They kidnap a scientist along the way and we free her. The Light is using these artifacts to try and resurrect something so the Young Justice members are called in to halt their ambitions. The Justice League would help, but they’re busy dealing with some other crisis. Ah well, the young heroes can handle this I suppose. Still, the plan just doesn’t seem like something that the Light would be after. The game hints at something grander the entire time, but nothing ever comes of it. Ultimately, you fight and defeat the giant monster and that’s about it. There still is a big moment here though as one of the team members dies towards the end. No worries, I won’t spoil who bites the big one here.

The gameplay is similar to Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance. It takes a overhead view as you attack wave upon wave of enemies. You can just spam the normal attack button and you’ll be able to win. This game is extremely easy in co-op mode and still decently easy with one player. You only die if all of your members die at once so you just have to hope that the A.I. isn’t too bad. Unfortunately, they fall into every trap that is laid out so they aren’t really dependable allies. They nearly cost me a trophy and they did cost me a few levels. That leads to a big complaint coming up. Still, the gameplay isn’t terrible. This overhead style just isn’t all that engaging though and it could have been handled better. Ultimate Alliance had better gameplay than Legacy.

Let’s talk about the glitches since that is what really hurt the game. There are glitches everywhere. Most of the cutscenes have no actual sound effects so they can be oddly quiet. The character models don’t move at times when they are talking and the actual gameplay is glitchy. There will be enemies that suddenly become intangible so you have to exit the level or you may fall through a wall. The amount of glitches that are in this game is crazy and it makes Sonic Boom look like the most well crafted game imaginable. For most games, even if they have a history of being glitchy, you may never notice. That’s not the case with Legacy and I can certainly assure you that having to go back and replay a level is not something that I tend to enjoy. Especially if it’s a long one and some of these levels can be a bit long since you have to defeat the enemies in many situations. I skipped all of the enemies that I could though which helped trim the length of the game quite a bit.

Legacy isn’t all that long, but it’s not extremely short either. That’s due in part to the fact that you’ll want to grind a little in the game so that the boss battles won’t be exceptionally long. I grinded quite a bit to grab some extra boosts to my armor and special attacks along the way. That helps for replay value I suppose and there are a lot of trophies to nab. They seem to be a little difficult and time consuming so I’m not planning on getting them all right now, but dedicated trophy hunters should still find them manageable. There are a lot of collectibles to consider as well so you can be kept busy here for a bit. Not for a long while, but a decent enough time I suppose.

Graphically, the game looks pretty bad as you would expect. I rarely find graphics to be all that bad, but this is definitely not a PS3 game. I wouldn’t be bashing the graphics if this was on the PS2 since it would be roughly par for the course there, but these graphics simply don’t look so good. They are decently blurry and while the character models look accurate, that’s about all that I can say for them. They’re not horrendous or indie level as this game still got a decent budget, but that’s partially why it is bad. For the budget that this game got, this level of graphics is pretty unacceptable.

The soundtrack is pretty bad even without the lack of sound. I appreciate the voice acting, but the soundtrack is really just not there. Good music can always bring a game to the next level so not having it is really not doing the game any favors. The deck was really stacked against Legacy from the get go with the glitches so adding on these other issues is really not helping all that much. Some of the level designs were also not so good either. For example, just about every level where a Justice League member would appear. The game would take advantage of stock footage and you would have to beat the same wave of enemies up to 5 times. Those levels got old fast since you had to wait for the JL member and you would just be beating enemies over and over until the level finally ended.

Overall, Young Justice Legacy is not that good. It is a decent enough way to spend an afternoon I guess, but there are better options. Still, this is one of the only ways for you to expand your knowledge on the Young Justice universe and the game is canon so hardcore fans will enjoy it. It is also one of the few games to have the Justice League in it which is pretty big in its own right. I just wish the gameplay was more fun since that is and always will be the most important factor in a game anyway. It could also be a little more helpful with showing you what you are supposed to do. The final boss took me a very long time to beat because I didn’t know that the only way to beat him was with a team attack. That’s due to the fact that I didn’t know what a team attack was. Apparently you have to activate your rage mode with all members at the same time in order to do it, but I just figured that out through trial and error at the very end. Now the boss is super easy as a result. (Also a glitch kept him pretty much frozen which helped out a lot) You should never need trial and error for a boss fight though. So, Legacy isn’t a bad game and it goes for a fairly low price so you probably won’t regret the buy, but I’d sooner recommend the Superman Returns game. Yes…..that game was actually more fun.

Overall 6/10

7 thoughts on “Young Justice Legacy Review”

  1. Sounds like an average sort of game. Actually, I didn’t even know there’s been a game featuring Young Justice. Still, I guess its a game worth a look if you are a fan, shame it has a few glitches though, as the concept gave this the potential to be a great game

    1. Yes, a true fan will still enjoy it, but the glitches are quite sad. Having to redo a level is one of the worst offenses a game glitch can do imo. Of course, it’s still not quite as bad as the famous game breaking glitches that erase your data.

    1. I just barely missed it. I believe I finished the series a little before I started the review section. I would probably need to give it a proper rewatch before reviewing so it could be a while. I still do have Batman Beyond and Justice League on the backburner though so I’ll definitely have some DC reviews coming up. Only 20 reviews left on the backlog so I’m trying to get through most of them before Spring Break ends.

      1. Life can definitely be busy at times man, but I look forward to reading that review when it comes out! Spectacular Spider-Man is probably one of the only big superhero cartoons that I have not watched yet

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